Hello there!

Welcome to our tiny digital corner of the universe. We are so happy to have you here! ‘’But where am I?’’, you might wonder... well let us tell you our story:

 It all started when three girls met up at the botanical gardens of Helsinki on an autumny rainy Sunday afternoon. The tropical atmosphere got our creative thoughts flowing and soon the idea of Inlace Media was born.

 Inlace is a youthful transparent media, that aspires to open people to see the world from new angles. Here you can find nutritious articles on sustainable fashion, zero waste lifestyle, green travels, creative souls, the holy femininity and everything in between.

 We are passionate about caring for mother earth, and all of its creatures. Our mission is to spread awareness and to help people shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle, that will both benefit themselves as well as this shared planet of ours. We are on this journey ourselves, and continue to develop constantly. We hope you will join our adventure and together we can make a difference, even if it's just a little.

Let’s spark people’s minds to think a little outside of the box and to discover new solutions. We truly believe that in tiny steps and bit by bit, our generation can make the shift towards a more mother earth loving world.

Stay tuned for positive vibrations.


Ona, Catarina and Emma