a little guide to copenhagen

(travel guide)

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Apollo Bar, Copenhagen

I spent four days in Copenhagen, and now I’m in love – I put together a tiny guide based on my travel diary to introduce you to one of my new favourite cities.


  • The many neighbourhoods of the city. We stayed in Nørrebro which is a trendy but laid back neighbourhood only a 20 min walk away from the city center. Colourful houses, cute cafes, creative concept stores and lots of very stylish cyclists (like everywhere in this city) - If you like the north you should also check out the similar but a little more grown up Vesterbro. Want to see something completely different from the pretty city streets? Head over for a walk through Christiania, the free town in the middle of the city, to absorb the atmosphere of homemade houses, bohemian eateries and vibrant street art.

  • Glyptoteket - think of a beautiful old building where a magical botanical garden meets a museum for antique statues. Wander around the past eras and enjoy a post time travel -coffee in the dreamy jungle like indoor gardens. (* free on Tuesdays)

  • Kinfolk - pop in at the office of Kinfolk (located in the city centre) to have a look at their tiny gallery and take in the inspiring aesthetics. If you want to buy their books/ magazines this is the place for you.

  • Design dreams at Frama - an old pharmacy turned into a design shop. Quite possibly the prettiest shop I’ve ever entered. If you like me have a weak spot for pretty spaces be sure to also check out the new boutique of Aure Studio - hmmm… still dreaming of their white painter’s jacket which would be the perfect summer uniform for 2019 - high quality organic cotton (the kind that will last a life time ) sourced ethically from India and sewn in Europe.

  • Arken - a gallery for modern art a 20 minute traintrip away from the city. Easy to get to and a great way to see some more of Danmark. In the summer be sure to check the beach too after having your culture trip through the museum.

  • Design Museum - lots of Danish design in a beautiful old building. Another plus side is it’s free for people under 26 (always a nice surprise if you’re traveling on a student budget).

apollo bar copenhagen - copenhagen cafes

food + drinks:

  • Apollo Bar - perfect for coffee or weekend brunch. Their menu isn’t exactly vegan friendly but they’re happy to veganize dishes.

  • Kalaset - cosy laid back dinner, their brunch menu looks amazing too.

  • Kaf - a vegan cake bakery, no need to explain this one more. Oh my.

  • Atelier September - if I could pick a cafe to move in at, this one would be high up on my list.

  • Pompette - a cosy natural wine bar, wish there were more places like this here in Finland

  • Mirabelle - the best (and possibly most expensive) bread I’ve ever had. Such a treat. So worth it.

a bonus list of things I had to safe for the next time:

kombucha talk

writer: Ona Rihu
Pictures: Ona rihu

I believe at this point we’ve all heard of kombucha and it’s health benefits. It’s believed to be originated from the north-eastern region of China, anywhere from 2,000 to 200 years ago. I like the idea of brewing my own, antioxidant and delicious kombucha, so I’ve been practising for a few months now.

At first, my batches of kombucha were flat, but fermented. There was not much flavor, and I had trouble finding ways to make it better. However, with the warm weather my kombucha has elevated to a whole other level! I added a second fermentation, where I add fruit juice and let the kombucha ferment in airtight bottles, opening them daily to avoid too much pressure building up. Now my kombucha is bubbly, flavorful and perfect to drink on it’s own or in cocktails or mocktails.

Now, as you can probably tell, i’m no expert. I’m here as an example of someone who is not very careful with measurements or fermentation times, but still made it work! So if you’ve been thinking about starting a little kombucha brewery in your kitchen, i’m here to encourage you.

Recipe: (3l)

Ingredients: Black tea, organic sugar, & fruit juice of your choice.
You’ll also need a large glass container (3-5l), a scoby, a breathable cloth, some yarn and a bit of patience!

step 1: Boil water and brew some strong tea. I use loose leaf tea, but if you’re using tea bags i’d say 3-8 teabags is good, depending on how strong you want it. Using flavoured black tea is also a good option since it gives the kombucha a deeper flavor profile. While the water is still hot, add your sugar. Honestly, I’m very bad at measuring ingredients but I use about 3dl of sugar in a 3l batch. And don’t worry, the scoby uses the sugar as “fuel” to ferment the drink so once it’s finished, the amount of sugar is not as high as 3dl/3l.

step 2: Important! Let your tea cool down before pouring it into your glass jar, since glass and boiling water are not a good mix (I’ve managed to make one explode, learn from me)

step 3: Pour your room temperature tea into a large (and very clean!) glass container, and add your scoby, along with a bit of kombucha from the previous batch it came with. (If you don’t have a scoby, i think you can order one online, there are also some starter kits sold in health food stores! ) I got mine from a friend. The thing about kombucha is that the scoby multiplies itself so every batch also creates another scoby, which you can use to make even more kombucha or gift it to a friend! Feel free to dm me and ask if i have any loose scoby’s in my fridge if you’re in Helsinki!

step 4: Cover the container with a breathable cloth, and tie some yarn around it to hold it in place. Place the kombucha somewhere where it’s not in the way and leave it for 2-3 weeks!

step 5: Once you feel like the kombucha has fermented enough (you can taste it!) pour it into glass or plastic bottles (a funnel is a friend here) and add your fresh fruit juice. I love to use citrus fruits and add ginger, but there really is no limits here. You can add herbs, berries, and make up the wildest combinations you can imagine! Again, I don’t really measure the fruit juice but i’d say i add about 1/2 dl per 0,5l bottle. I use glass bottles since I don’t like plastic, but here you have to be careful with the fizziness so your bottles don’t explode. Open them daily to let out the pressure and you should be fine! You can also use plastic if you want. Let the kombucha sit for 4-7 days, and once it’s ready, place it in the fridge and enjoy! There might be bits of scoby floating in the final product, so don’t hesitate to strain it before drinking.

The scoby can be stored in the fridge in a container that has some kombucha. It’ll stay good for maybe a week or two, until you’re ready to make a new batch!
If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. There’s also tons of information online, in case I left something out (which I probably did). Good luck!

louisa schwartz - meet the illustrator

Writer: Emma Ranne
Picture: Louisa Schwartz, @ectomorphe_

Every month we introduce you to one of the young creatives behind our Inlace Calendar for 2019. Last month went by so quickly that this month you’ll be treated with 2 interviews. Happy days!

Louisa is someone who’s work I’ve been admiring for years. I first run into her illustrations a couple of years ago when following my friend Miia’s adventures with her on Instagram. I was captivated by her unique style and use of bright colours. When Louisa agreed to make a drawing for our calendar, I was beyond the moon.

Louisa is a 24-year-old French illustrator, who would define herself as an illustrator but in reality sees herself as just someone who likes to create stuff related to illustration. She like to draw, to take pictures, to create products for her Etsy shop and to make videos for her YouTube channel. She also has a Patreon where she gives tips and advice to people who want to get into freelancing. ‘‘I’m a creative mind and I always need to create’’, she says.

I hope you like our interview with her as much as I do. Be sure to check out Louisas beautiful illustrations and collages on her instagram!

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration.
Who is she and how does she inspire you?

I’ve drawn Simone Veil who is a role-model and a powerful woman. She was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp and she fights her whole life to protect and defend women. As a politician she legalized abortion in France back in 1975. She was a determined and courageous woman and her fight for equality is still highly topical and current even 45 years later.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

I got into drawing like everyone, when I was a kid at school. But when other kids grew up and started to follow new hobbies and passions, I sticked with drawing and 20 years later, this is still my passion. More than a passion actually, I would describe drawing like a need. I need to be creative, I need to draw to feel happy and to be myself.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Last year I went to Los Angeles to the Adobe Max Event with Adobe. I met people who had been working in the industry for years, which made me super shy and I felt like I lost all my confidence. I thought that because I was a newbie in the freelancing world, I wasn’t legitimate. But then someone told me that being a creative is not about your years as a freelancer, instead it’s about years as a creative. I’ve been drawing since I was 4 years old, so I have 20 years of experience in the creative world.

People don’t want to know for how long you’ve been into freelancing or how much money you earn. They want to see your creative soul, they want to see the different experiences and the styles you’ve tried before becoming the artist you are now. And this is what makes you legitimate as an artist.

What would your dream job be like?

I’m living my dream life because I’m having my dream job :)

List 10 single things that make you happy:

- My friends, family and my boyfriend

- Hot almond chai lattes

- Traveling

- The golden hour in the summer

- Late night talks with creative pals

- Japanese food (and especially a good ramen)

- Flowering trees during spring

- Starting a new sketchbook

- Flea markets and thrift shops

- Petting random cats on the streets

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

I like to go into the city and observe people. Different personalities and behaviours are something that inspire me a lot. I love people.

What is a weird habit you have?

I talk to myself when I’m alone :)

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

I couldn’t find an English version of it but in French it’s called : Les clés du Secret by Daniel Sévigny. (The keys of The Secret) It’s basically a book about the law of attraction, how to apply it, how to be grateful and more positive. It definitely changed my life.

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

- Daryl Hall & John Oates - You Make My Dreams

- Around the World - Daft Punk

- Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

New Zealand in 2017. A must-see !

Be sure to explore Louisa’s work:
Instagram: @ectomorphe_, Youtube: ectomorphe, Patreon: ectomorphe and Etsy: ectomorphe

pamper time

(FIN & collaboration)


Kreikan kristalliNKIRKKAAT vedet, vilvoittavat tuulet ja paahtavat auringon säteet ovat vallanneet elämäni. Saavuin Serifos-saarelle noin viikko sitten ja olen täynnä iloa pelkästä olemisesta. Olen täynnä sitä oloa mikä täyttää meidät kun kuuntelemme sydäntämme, ja elämme näiden hentojen kuiskauksien mukaisesti

Tämän onnen myötä ihoni on myös alkanut löytää tasapainonsa. Kuumuuden keskellä ihoni kuitenkin ajoittain tukkeutuu kaiken tämän hikoilun myötä ja ekstra-apu on ajoittain hyvin tervetullutta. Sain käteeni kuukausi takaperin Ilona Luonkos öljypuhdistuskakun aka-palasaippuan ja tämä pieni suklaantuoksuinen kaveri on ollut matkani pelastaja. Olen kokeillut zero-waste huumassa joskus aikaisemminkin kasvoille tarkoitettuja palasaippuoita, mutta ne ovat olleet oikkuilevalle iholleni liian kuivattavia. Ilona Luonkos palasaippuan kanssa on kuitenkin käynyt toisin. Tämä kamu onkin täysin öljypohjainen, joka oli se puuttuva palanen jota ihoni kaipasi (joka aluksi ei käynyt järkeen ollenkaan). Mutta mitä enemmän sain tuntumaa tämän käyttöön, ihoni alkoi rakastaa tätä suklaapalleroa. Jos olet kosmetiikka trendien aktiivinen seuraaja kuten minä, saatat muistaa öljypuhdistus-menetelmän. Mutta jos et, anna minun avata tätä konseptia hieman. Öljypuhdistuksessa käytetään erilaisia hoitavia öljyjä kasvonpuhdistuksessa epäpuhtauksista. Öljy on tarpeeksi hellävarainen aine, jolloin puhdistus päivän stressistä onnistuu ilman että loisimme lisää stressiä iholle kovilla kemikaaleilla tai liialla kuivattamisella. Toinen plussa tälle kaverille tulee sen monipuolisuudesta. Voisin matkustaa vain tämän kanssa ilman muita kosmetiikkoja, sillä rasvan käyttö etenkin kesällä puhdistuksen jälkeen on aivan tarpeetonta. Joten rakas lukija, jos kaipaat jotain uutta, suklaan tuoksuista (tai tyrnin / moringan), zero-waste approved, monikäyttöistä, matkoja helpottavaa tuotetta, tässä linkki öljypuhdistuskakkujen maailmaan.

viki - meet the illustrator

writer: Emma Ranne
photo: from Viki


It might be June but we still want you to meet our lovely calendar illustrator of May. Viki is an incredibly talented illustrator. Se also inspires us with her creative Insta content that’s focused on sustainability and veganism (also, her recipe posts always make us hungry!). We we’re over the moon with this girl wanting to join our calendar project and are super excited for you to meet her too. Without further rambling, here is Viki:

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers.
Who are you and what do you like to do?
I’m Viki, an artist and content creator currently based in Scotland but originally from Luxembourg. I love going on long walks in the forest, in the mountains and around the beach - Scotland is perfect for this. The stereotype that it’s always raining here is definitely not true and today is even quite a hot day. I love coming up with ideas for making art, creating recipes, and I have a true passion and dedication for sustainability. To switch off from the realities of our nearing extinction, I eat peanut butter, mediate, listen to music, do yoga and recently started bouldering. 

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?
This is no other than Virginia Woolf (1882 – 1941). One of the big names in modernist literature, she was incredibly powerful and influential for the female empowerment in her times. If you haven’t read A Room of One’s Own, I highly recommend it. It’s an important feminist piece. I find Woolf fascinating in so many ways! She was so provocative for her time, not only within literature, or for women, but also for the LGBT community. Woolf’s views on sexuality were very liberal, which is especially reflected in Orlando where the main character undergoes sex changes and the lines between gender and sex are blurred. I could go on for ages about my love for Woolf and her writings! But I guess you get what I mean and why I love her writing so I’ll stop here.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?
I have been drawing since I existed probably. I honestly can’t remember when I wasn’t holding colours and drawing my time away as a child. My mum showed me how to draw humans, houses, flowers, and all the other basic things and I always had lots of colours that I could use.

Every time I draw or paint, I just feel like myself. I feel like I do exactly what I want to be doing in life. I don’t know how to describe that feeling but it just feels natural. When I don’t draw for a while, it feels like I’m really hungry and need food and when I start drawing it’s like I finally get to eat something that I craved and I feel totally satisfied and happy. Maybe that sounds odd but it’s the best I can do to describe it.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Life isn’t as serious.
And: ’It’s all about the balance.’ 

What would your dream job be like?
Making my living full-time with my art and passion projects. I only work with likeminded people who have a love for genuinely wanting to do good for the world. 

List 10 single things that make you happy.

  1. the sun

  2. my life partner

  3. tea

  4. cacao nibs 

  5. plants

  6. the sea

  7. dancing

  8. drawing

  9. cosy blanket days 

  10. eating pancakes and cake in the morning

  11. and the smell of roses

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?
In nature I feel the most inspired. But it depends, sometimes I feel inspired by just sitting in a cafe and watching people or lately I’ve been trying out different activities and places that I wouldn’t usually do or go to. It’s fun, you should try it too! Like I went to this science museum today and had so much fun there which left me with a wonderful feeling. 

What is a weird habit you have?
I had to think about this one for a while. In my childhood room I got this mirror that I always need to cover before I go to bed otherwise I can’t sleep. I started doing this because I had really bad nightmares as a child and then I read somewhere that mirrors can take away your good dreams and bring you bad ones instead, like they can catch you or your soul which makes you having nightmares. Since then I have the habit of putting a blanket over my mirror. 

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?
That’s a hard one but it has to be To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. It’s is my all-time favourite book and you should read it. A book that I recently read and totally love is Norwegian Wood by Murakami. This guy knows what he’s doing, I couldn’t put the book down, it was that good! And I haven’t had that feeling in ages. 

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

Lying Has to Stop - Soft Hair

Venus in Fur - Velvet Underground

Not Your Kind of People - Garbage

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:
The cliffs in Arbroath here in Scotland - it’s so incredibly peaceful there. But that’s just one beautiful place, there are so many more places that I love and that I’ll explore in my life time. I just think it’s important to look around and see what surrounds you already because there’s so much beauty everywhere if you just open your eyes. 

Be sure to check out Viki’s insta and her art account. Viki also writes lovely articles on her blog www.blissfoodflower.com

Aromaterapia kuunkiertoon


(FIN & sponsored post)

Kuu ja aromaterapia, parivaljakko joka saa sydämeni lämpimäksi. Näissä kahdessa on niin paljon voimaa, ja niiden yhdistämisellä vielä enemmän. Kuu kiertää rataansa, tuoden meille eri energiaa eri kuukauden vaiheissa. Jos kuun eri vaiheet ovat vielä vieraita, käy lukemassa artikkelimme jossa käyn läpi nämä eri vaiheet.

Kuten tiedämme nyt, kuun eri vaiheet kantavat tiettyä teemaa/energiaa/viboja, ja kun tiedämme missä vaiheessa olemme, tiedämme miten tukea itseämme parhaiten. Ja aromaterapia on suuri tukija näissä eri vaiheissa.


Uusikuu - Istuta unelmat

Anna Patchoulin irrottaa itsesi kaikesta mikä pidättelee itseäsi aloillaan, ja tuo maadoitusta sekä vanhojen uskomuksien rikkomista Inkiväärin eteerisellä öljyllä.

Kasvava puolikuu - Helli & luota

Istuttamasi unelmat sekä intetiot tarvitsevat nyt kaiken hellimisesi sekä luottamisen itseesi sekä universumiin. Anna rosmariinin täyttää sinut luottamuksella sekä rohkeudella. Ja laventelin tuoda luottamista universumin täydelliseen ajoitukseen.

Täyskuu - KUKOISTA

Täydenkuun aikaan kaikki kukoistaa, kaikki korostuu, niin miellyttävät sekä epämiellyttävät tunteet. Seetri sekä piparminttu eteerinen öljy auttaa meitä maadoittumaan ja puhdistamaan kaiken epämiellyttävän mikä nousee pintaa kuun valon mukana. Ylang ylang sekä ruusu taas auttavat meitä avaaman sydäntämme kukoistukselle, sekä vastaanottamaan rakkautta niin itseltämme kuin maailmaltakin. Nämä eteeriset öljyt luovat syvempää yhteyttä itseemme, sekä aktivoivat seksuaalisuuttamme.

Vähenevä puolikuu - Irti päästäminen

Kaiken kukoistuksen, ja voimakkaan energian jälkeen on aika palata ulko maailmasta itseemme. Tässä kuun vaiheessa on aika kyseenalaista mitä teemme, ja kuu tuokin kaiken sen pinnalle mikä ei ole sopusoinnussa itsemme kanssa. Frankinsensi auttaa meitä päästämään tavoista sekä ajatusmalleista, jotka eivät tue meitä elämässä. Geranium taas tukee meitä tässä irti päästämisessä sekä lievittää masennuksen oireita, mitkä nousevat voimakkaammin tässä vaiheessa kuuta.


Tämä artikkeli on tehty yhteistyössä Bulba diffuusereiden kanssa, ja he hakusivatkin antaa lukijoillemme 10% alennuksen koodilla inlace10, kaikista heidän diffusereistaan. Joten kun seuraavan kerran kaipaat tukea kuun eri vaiheissa, tiputa 2-6 tippaa eteerisiä öljyä diffuuseriisi ja anna eteeristen öljyn tuoda sinulle juuri sen mitä tarvitset sillä hetkellä. Anna diffuuserin olla maksimissaan noin puoli tuntia päällä päivän aikana, jotta vältämme näiden upeiden mutta erittäin vahvojen eteerisien öljyjen ylikuormittumisen. Anna eteerisien öljyjen tukea, voimaannuttaa sekä tasapainottaa sinua aina kun sitä tarvitset.


illustration: harleyandj


Me elämme kuun kierrossa. Joka kuukausi kuu kasvaa ja vähenee. Joka kuukausi me elämme kuunkierron vaiheiden mukaisesti, vaikka emme siihen kiinnittäisi huomiota. Kuu on tullut monen kulman kautta elämääni vahvasti osaksi. Henkilökohtaisen menkkakiertoni aka. kuukiertoni ongelmien kautta se ensimmäisen kerran sai kaiken huomioni. Yhtäkkiä huomasin lukevani kirjoja kuun kierroista ja kuinka ne vaikuttavat meihin. Ja kun huomasin kuinka läsnä nämä eri vaiheet kuun kierrosta ovat koko ajan elämässäni, sillä kun tiedän että nyt on tietyn energian aika, tiedän miten tuen itseäni. Tästä kaikesta saikin podcastini alkunsa, my new baby Pimppi podi. Ja kuut ovatkin heti kolmannessa jaksossa aiheena, joten jos kuut puhuttelee sua, tästä voit uppotua mun mukuun kuun upeuteen. Ja ennen kuin uppoudut täysin kanssani, tässä hieman viittaa siitä mitä eri kuu vaiheet tarkoittavat.


Uudelleen syntymisen aikaa. On aika kääntyä sisäänpäin ja kysyä mitä haluan uudelle kuukaudelle, syklille istuttaa. Mitä unelmia haluan manifestoida, mitä haluan elämääni lisää, entä mitä vähemmän.

Kasvava puolikuu

On aika hoivata ja vahvistaa itseämme sekä intentioita, jotka uudella kuulla istutimme. On aika vahvistaa itsevarmuuttamme, ja fokustamme. Luottaa elämän täydelliseen ajoitukseen ja siihen että pystymme luomaan elämästämme juuri sellaisen kuin unelmoimme. Antaa uuden kuun istutukselle ravintoa ja rakkautta, luottaa elämään, itseemme.


Täydellä kuulla kaikki kasvaa, niin hyvät kuin huonot tunteemme. Osa unelmastamme on löytänyt jo kukoistuksensa, ja nyt on aika nauttia, nauttia tästä kasvavasta energiasta. On aika avata sydäntämme, päästää irti, ja ylistää elämän nautintoja.

Vähenevä puolikuu

Tämä kuun vaihe on irti päästäminen vaihetta. Kaikki huonot tapamme, negatiivinen energia korostuvat, jotta voimme päästää niistä irti. On aika löytää yhteys itseemme taas kerran, ja valmistautua uuteenkuuhun, ‘uudelleen syntymiseen’.

emilia voltti - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: from emilia

emilia voltti - an interview with the young graphic designer

May is around the corner (*like literally, it’s tomorrow*) so it’s about time for me to introduce you to this sparkling creative talent who happens to be our illustrator for April: let’s get to know Emilia Voltti!

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Emilia and I’m originally from Northern Finland but my interest in art (and cheap beer) took me to Czech Republic and from there to Barcelona. Then love to a Spaniard took me to Switzerland where I’m currently living and working with graphic design. In my spare time I drink lots of coffee and watch Netflix.

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?

I drew a French-American artist, Niki de Saint Phalle (1930–2002). I saw her works in an exhibition couple of years ago, and it had a huge impact on me. Her art is about feminism, politics, colours and crazy, playful shapes. I love it so much! Her courage to do things differently and to stand up for her believes inspire me. I keep running into her works where ever I go, and it always feels like meeting an old friend.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

We used to draw stories with my sister when we were little. We used to do that for hours. Unfortunately, that habit didn’t last through my teen years, but I rediscovered drawing in my early twenties. It took me a while to find my own style. Nowadays, I use drawing as a way to express myself.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“ You can always come back home if things don’t work out”. This advice has given me the courage to move abroad and to try new things.

What would your dream job be like?

In my dream job I would: make my own schedules, get to work with inspiring people and interesting projects and maybe make the world a bit better place. 

List 10 single things that make you happy:

staying at our summer cabin,
red lipstick,
my favourite Spaniard,
dad jokes,
being alone and
reality TV.

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

I like going out and observing people, but if it’s raining I’ll settle for a deep dive into Pinterest.

What is a weird habit you have?

I have a special mop for cleaning walls and ceilings. 

Be sure to check out Emilia on instagram: @evoltti and @vosumedia she creates with
a bunch of trés cool and creative girls.



PICTURE: Catarina Böckerman
Writer: Catarina Böckerman

Kun tulin takaisin Suomeen matkoiltani, olin täynnä inspiraatiota mutta hukassa siinä miten täällä toimitaan. Miten voin päästä täällä eteenpäin, maksaa perus kuluni, entä saanko tukia, miten haen niitä ja voinko kenties saada starttirahaa yrityksen aloittamiseen? 

Olin täynnä kysymyksiä, ja monen solmun kautta löysin tieni tänne. Tähän hetkeen, missä olen oppinut pyytämään apua. Ensimmäinen kuukausi yrittäjänä starttirahan avustuksella on vierähtänyt. Hyväksytty päätös kelan tukemasta terapiasta saapui muutama päivä sitten. Viimein elämäni Suomessa on alkanut rullaaman eteenpäin, positiivisella vireellä. 

Ohjaamoon tutustuin kun päädyimme Onan kanssa heidän tarjoamalle päivän kestävälle keramiikkakursille. Siinä keramiikkaa väsäillen, ohjaamo avautui minulle. Kaiken sen minkä tein ja ähersin yksin, olisin voinut tehdä ohjaamon tuella. Ja siksi haluankin levittää tietoisuutta Ohjaamosta. Minunkaan ei olisi tarvinnut ähertää yksin, olisin voinut saada apua. 


Tapasin Päivin sekä Siisin, jotka ovat näitä upeita avun antajia Helsingin ohjaamon pisteellä. He avasivat minulle, että Oohjaamo on alle 30 vuotiaille suunnattu, valtion tukema palvelu jonne voi mennä ihan vain uteliaisuuttaan, tuen tarpeessa, hukassa, pullollaan kysymyksiä sekä ohjauksen tarpeessa. Palvelu on luotu nuorille, nuorille kuten sinä ja minä. Nuorille jotka ovat täysin hukassa, tai ehkä vain hieman hukassa.

‘Eli mitä jos meidän ei tarvitsisi märehtiä yksin kysymystemme kanssa, vaan voimme hakea tukea, apua ja ottaa sitä vastaan.’

Avun pyytäminen, sen vastaan ottaminen on urheaa, ja opin siinä itse koko ajan paremmaksi. Opin ettei asioiden tarvitse olla vaikeaa, kaikkea ei tarvitse tehdä yksin. Mitä jos voisimme vain tukeutua, saada apua ja mennä kohti unelmaamme?

Päivi ja Siisi sekä koko ohjaamon tiimi toivoo jokaisen nuoren tietävän, että ohjaamoon voi tulla missä vain asiassa. Kela-asioista ura kysymyksiin, yrittäjä asioissa, terveys kysymyksissä tai ihan vain tuen tarpeesa. 

Joten mitä jos muutamme kynnyksen, kynnyksettömäksi. Haemme apua varhaisessa vaiheessa, tai ihan vain tukea. Jos olisin tiennyt ohjaamosta, kun itse olin täynnä miljoonia kysymyksiä olisin marssinut heidän luokseen heti. Muutetaan meidän kulttuuria itsemme kautta, ja uskalletaan pyytää apua. Uskalletaan ottaa vastaan apua. <3

Joten jos askarruttaa, on hukassa oleva olo näin loppu keväästä, käy ohjaamossa hakemassa tukea, tukea minkä kaikki meistä ansaitsee.

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honest department - spring feelings

pictures: ona rihu
clothes: honest department

“Honest Department comes from a love for fashion and a desire to raise the environmental and ethical standards of the industry.”

Honest Department is an online store that focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion, so you can browse their shop filled with amazing brands with a clear conscience. Their four core values are the following:


Fast fashion uses materials and production practices which are harmful for the environment. We bring you sustainable alternatives such as Tencel and items made from deadstock fabrics, in cute designs to fall in love with.


Globally, wages in the fashion industry are only half of what could be considered a living wage. There are an average of 5.6 accidents per 100 workers - nearly double compared to similar industries. Our brands ensure their workers are paid a living wage in a safe environment. 


Our extra soft natural fabrics such as linen and ethical wool are kind to your skin and our planet. We also stock a range of GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified materials so you know you never touch any harmful chemicals.


Artisanal  items are unique. They are the contemporary expression of    millennia of craftwork and traditions passed down through generations. Small batch, handmade items are the perfect alternative to fast fashion's mass produced lines.

All of the brands on Honest Department’s site must fill atleast one of their values.

Personally I enjoy these kind of curated online stores because it makes it so simple to find brands that align with your values. You can just focus on finding the right garment. Right now I’m loving linen so this blouse by Arkitaip was love at first sight! I also love how comfortable and cute these shorts by Sitting Pretty are.

I’m wearing

Anna Blouse - Arkitaip

Cascais Shorts - Sitting Pretty

This post was sponsored by Honest Department.

march favorites

Writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Ona Rihu

march favorites

March - for me has been a month of self-care, slow awakening towards the spring and excitement of the first sunrays in my apartment. March feels like a transformational period from the coldest months towards sunnier days. I’m feeling more energized, motivated and inspired daily as the snow and ice is melting away from the streets. Taking care of my skin, nourishing my body and preparing for the months ahead where I’m not wearing a turtleneck daily. Here are some products I’ve loved recently for self-care.

Mádara infinity drops & infinity mist *

This unique set is based on a lactobacillus strain and the madara plant. The combination of the serum and mist always leave my skin velvety smooth and protects it against the dry weather, it has made a huge difference in my skin care routine.
“Probiotic lactobacillus strain normalises the skin’s microbiome, protects the skin’s moisture barrier and prevents transepidermal water loss, while the polyphenols from the madara plant ward off environmental aggressors.”

EcoDenta Black whitening toothpaste*

I’m so happy to have finally found a natural toothpaste that is strong enough to leave an incredibly fresh feeling after brushing my teeth. This charcoal-based black whitening toothpaste contains ingredients of 96% natural origin and is ofcourse fluoride-free. <3

Zuii Gradual tan body lotion*

As the turtlenecks get left in the closet, I’m exposing my skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months. Luckily there’s a little magic trick for getting a natural glow effortlessly. Zuii’s range of organic tan products is a lifesaver for anyone like me that feels a bit of glow makes all the difference. Using these products also helps me stay on top of my exfoliate - moisturize game, so it’s a win-win.

Lily Lolo big lash mascara*

Finding a good natural mascara has been a project of mine for a long time now, and I’m happy to say I’ve found it! This mascara helps keep my lashes curled and voluminous. It’s really easy to rinse off and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes at all.


Drawing inspiration from pinterest, I’m finding new ways to wear my thrifted men’s dress-shirt. Tying a thin DIY- scarf around my neck and pairing it with another thrifted treasure - small gold hoop earrings. Easy, simple & multifunctional is what it’s all about! Unfortunately I’ve had to layer this look with some knits on top because it’s been too chilly here in Helsinki, but I’m looking forward to wearing this look the following months as well.

*=pr sample

gooey tahini dreams

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne


Who doesn’t love creamy gooey tahini? The perfect pair to drizzle over your morning oats, mixed with lemon into a dreamy salad dressing or as the secret key to velvetiness in your hummus.

Besides its tastiness tahini is also a pretty great food from the perspective of nutrition. 2 tbsp of tahini (from unhulled seeds) counts for 195mg calcium of your daily (in Finland) recommended 800 mg. Tahini is also a source of calium and magnesium and the protein content isn’t looking too bad either. Most of all it’s of course a very yummy source of healthy fats.

This was my first go at making tahini myself and it was so easy and quick to do that I feel pretty silly for having waited so many years consuming jars of store bought tahini before giving this one a go. The end product was tastier, way more budget friendly and since I bought the sesame seeds from a bulk store it was zero waste too. Win, win, win I’d say.

I really hope you’ll give this one a go!


  • 240g sesame seeds (I used unhulled, for the extra calcium)

  • 40g sesame oil (could be skipped if you were to have an extra powerful food processor

  • a pinch of sea salt


  1. Toast the seeds in a hot skillet for about 5 min until lightly browned. Be sure to stay close and keep an eye on the process, the seeds burn super easily. Take off the heat and let cool down for about 30 min or longer

  2. Pop all the ingredients in your blender and blizz it together. It might take a few rounds of scraping the sides of the blender with a wooden spoon to get it all nicely mixed. Also keep the oil handy and add more if you feel like it needs it.

  3. Check the taste and keep in a sterilized jar.

Can’t wait to get experimenting with other nut and seed butters! Do you have a fave?


Calcium intake of vegans (http://vegaaniliitto.fi/www/fi/tietoa/vitamiinit-ja-kivennaisaineet/kalsium-vegaaniruokavaliossa)

valentina - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: from valentina


It’s March. The days are finally getting longer and the sun rays are coming out a little more frequently week by week. For me it’s officially spring when our days in Helsinki are longer than the days in Holland (where I used to live, thus the landmark). We’re really really close now and it’s only a matter of days and we’ve made it again. Still however waiting for the warmth, but until then I’ll just keep my face in the sun and try to soak in every beam.

A new month also means a new interview with one of the talents behind our calendar. Are you ready to meet our illustrator for March? Let’s get to know the lovely Valentina:

heya lovely, Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Valentina, a 19-year old girl from Germany, currently in a phase of my life characterized by lots and lots of questions. What I know is that I love creating things, learning and growing. The next months are going to be highly exciting for me as a lot of questions considering my future (university, home...) are going to be answered.

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?

Malala Yousafzai is as strong as i can immagine a woman can get. She grew up in the swat village in Afghanistan. At 11 she started writing a blog about how under the taliban girls weren´t allowed to get an education. After being shot in the head on her way to school, she didn´t stop using her voice. Instead she continued to rise it to fight for women´s education until (in 2014 she received Nobel Peace Prize).

Malala has used her experiences and her situation to the advantage of millions of girls worlwide. She is the proof how much can be changed when one single person raises her voice and mostly, that "a woman is stronger than fear". Thinking about her makes me incredibly aware of my privilege and how it is my duty to use it to speak up for human rights and against injustice. 

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

Since I was a child drawing, my pens and papers  have been my safe place. It has helped me - not only with relaxing and expressing myself-- but also in countless moments of boredom.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don´t take everything so seriously!!!

What would your dream job be like?

I want to do so much - run a cafe, work with children and disabled people, arrange exhibitions and draw draw draw. Maybe a combination of all of this-by the beach.

List 10 single things that make you happy:

Sitting in cute cafés drinking tea ,
traveling by train,
cinnamon rolls,
running down the beach,
waking up to sunshine, 
spicy food,
kind people,
eating with my family,
riding my bike in the summer
and sunsets

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

To the museums, the cinema or to sleep.

What is a weird habit you have?

I drink 5-10 cups of tea daily.

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

The end of loneliness by Benedict Wells

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

The Ooz - King Krule
Someone in the Doorway - Ben Howard
Howling - RyX

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

I have unfortunately never been out of Europe so that is why my view is really limited. 
So far Delphi and Athens in Greece - the pure nature and cute houses paired with the strong ancient background are a breathtaking combination.

you can read more illustrator interviews here.

moon time essentials

writer: Jutta joki
Picture: Ona Rihu

As I’m typing these words I’m on my period. And I am loving it!
After years of seeing my menstrual phase as the necessary evil I have now found new respect for this phenomenon that makes me so wonderfully feminine. This is my love letter to “that time of the month” and an invitation for you to change the way you see your period. There is a deeper meaning behind our bleeding. It is a sign of us being able to birth whether it be new ideas, projects, or a baby. And with birthing there comes pain, both emotional and physical. Our moon time can stir up emotions of frustration, anger and discontentment. That is why it is a sacred time for deep reflection and evaluation. As we are shedding our uterine linings, we will benefit from thinking: what else can we shed? The things we want to release and let go of begin to surface. I find that this state of introspection (where both brain hemispheres are equally active) enables transformative, deep work. I find it easier to concentrate and immerse myself in new ideas. I tap into this clarity and wisdom. In chinese medicine, period pain is considered as stagnation of blood or energy. I have yet to crack the code to a pain-free period, but in the meantime I make sure to get my needs met with plenty of self-care.

This is how I navigate my moon time:

moon time

3 mellow days –

I do my best to schedule three days for doing nothing, but resting and making myself as comfy and cosy as possible. This usually looks like a pillow and blanket fort with an ample suply of comforting warm drinks. I will lighten my work load as much as possible. I make alone time my priority and ensure I have fewer social engagements if any.

nourishing, warming food –

This is important on the week leading to my cycle and also during my period. Opting for warm meals with grounding root vegetables and healthy fats is a good idea. Steering clear of cold smoothies and other cold food/drink is imperative.

thinx period panties –  

As one preferring to flow more freely, instead of a period cup, I opt for other sustainable ways to ride my crimson wave. Period panties are my #1 way to go. They are super comfy and work well on my lighter days. On my heavy days I use washable organic cotton cloth pads in addition as needed.

raspberry leaf and nettle infusion –

herbal infusions are a great way to add minerals and some plant magic to your period. I use raspberry leaf to tone the uterus and nettle to replenish the iron lost during the bleeding.

oat heat pack –

I use an oat heat pack to keep my lower abdomen warm and cosy. It increases the blood flow, eases cramps and feels oh so comforting!

essential oils and magnesium spray –

a lot of essential oils have warming, cramp relieving and hormone stabilizing effects. I usually go for clary sage, basil or francincense. I dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil and rub it on my stomach using slow, circular movements. I often add magnesium spray and top the whole thing off with the heat pack. Period bliss!

journaling and tarot -

journaling is the perfect use for that inward energy during menstrual phase. I concentrate on intuitive and reflective writing. Sometimes I like to throw in an impromptu tarot card session too.

This is something I find works for me. Something else might work for you. Be sensitive to your own individual needs and care for yourself gently. Even if you are not currently experiencing a normal female cycle (missing your period for some reason), I invite you to be sensitive and alert as you too might also find a more introspective time of the month. Whatever the case may be, let yourself soften, turn inward and celebrate this special time of the month.

BONUS TIP: If you want to undertand your cycle better, I highly recommend the book Womancode by Alisa Vitti.

cabbage miso coconut soup

(vegan & gf)

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Red Cabbage, miso and coconut soup

Cooking Playlist:

Ok so hold on before you read any further… like we all know every recipe needs a soundtrack (or if that wasn’t a thing already, now it is). Anytime I’m cooking soup it’s Soup for One by CHIC. Heh.

Like confessed many times before I’m all about soups, especially Sunday meal prep soups. Today’s recipe is extra vibrant, very budget friendly, nutritious and most importantly super delicious. To be exact. It’s so delicious I dropped everything I was doing to get the recipe out here for you to try as soon as possible. So without further rambling here it is:

cabbage miso coconut soup


  • 500g red sliced red cabbage

  • 100g (frozen) cauliflower florets

  • 1 medium sized red onion

  • 2 stalks of celery

  • 1 tsp of each: coriander, ginger and mustard seeds

  • 2 tbps tamari

  • 100g coconut milk

  • a generous tbsp of miso paste (I used red miso)

  • a squeeze of fresh lemon and some olive oil


  1. Cut your onion and celery, heat a sauce pan and lightly cook the onion and celery in a drizzle of oil until they start to soften (about 3 min). Add your spices and cook for a few more minutes.

  2. Add the cauliflower and about 100ml of water. Cook until the cauliflower is at let’s say medium (if you use frozen cauliflower, just wait until it melts a little).

  3. Add the cabbage and 800ml of water , bring to a simmer and let it the cabbage cook for 5 min. Turn of your heat, add in the coconut milk, give it a stir and cover with a lid. Let the soup rest under the lid for 5 more minutes before adding in the miso and lemon and giving the party a mix with either a stick blender.

  4. Check the taste, add more spice if needed and serve with some seeds and fresh herbs.

A mending tutorial

Writer : Brynna Hall
Photography: Brynna Hall

Illustration by    Sarah Lazarovic

Illustration by Sarah Lazarovic

The clothes that we choose to adorn our bodies with carry meaning. Before they reach the consumer’s hands there are stories behind where the material was grown, the factory in which the cloth was manufactured, and the person who sewed the garment together. As a fiber artist and consumer, my goal is to honor the meaning behind textiles and add my own designs into the mix. The illustration “Buyerarchy of Needs” by Sarah Lazarovic defines a new paradigm in our consumer-based society.(1) Since seeing it for the first time, I have copied the words down in my own journal and begun to implement the tenets that Lazarovic promotes. For my art practice I am habitually adding fabrics to my collection by seeking out thrifted finds and second hand materials. It has been relatively easy and inexpensive to purchase only second hand or material off cuts for my work. However, buying nothing and relying solely on what I have and swapping with others has taken a few extra steps. One of the ways I’ve been able to abide by the tenets Lazarovic presents and continue to produce new work is by learning how to mend.

Mending techniques have become an important part of my design aesthetic that it is an effective way to add visual interest and added texture to existing garments. I’ve mended a hole in denim step-by-step to explain one of my favorite mending processes. The mending, or darning style, that I depict is bound by a basic woven grid structure. Because I work with these supplies often I was able to use a needle and thread I already had. My thread is sourced from Offcut Basel, a second hand material and art supply store in my region.

1 Sewing Needle, Embroidery thread or light-weight yarn, Fabric needing mending

Step 1: Clear away any stray threads or ragged edges from the hole.Thread your needle without a knot but leaving a long end that you can weave back in later. Choose your darning thread or yarn. I’ve chosen embroidery floss that is thicker than the denim material because it is easier to see the process, but for invisible mends I recommend thread that is similar in weight and color to the fabric.

Step 2: I prefer to outline the edge of the hole with a quick stitch, this isn’t necessary with sturdy fabrics, but with fragile ones it provides a stronger foundation for the darning stitches.

Step 3: Beginning on the back side of the fabric and above the hole, pull the needle through to the front. Create a small stitch by sewing back through to the other side. Don’t forget to leave a long tail on the backside ~ I prefer to weave the thread back in when possible instead of making a knot that could disturb comfort of the garment ~

Step 4: After you’ve created a few stabilizing stitches above the mending hole, pick up the edge of the hole, going under the edge, thread through and end by going over the bottom edge of the hole. Create a few reinforcing stitches on the other side of the hole.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve created vertical lines of thread going across the entirety of the hole. The back side of my work has diagonal stitches leading me to the next row.

Step 6: With the needle on the wrong side of the fabric, I chose to make some stabilizing stitches on the right side before I start weaving horizontally over the hole. It is also possible to immediately begin weaving through to the over side without these stitches. Alternate the weaving pattern with each row as you go over and under every vertical thread until you reach the other end of the hole.

Step 7: Weave in the ends on the backside in a similar way to how you’ve been working on the front. Weave over and under a few threads and turn the needle and do the same in the opposite direction for security.

With this basic understanding of how to create a new woven structure where one is missing, feel free experiment, break the traditional rules, and add your own aesthetic to future projects. For example, to complete this project I chose to colorfully embellish the surrounding area with the simple running stitch that we learned above. This piece is a part of my collaboration with the German upcycling brand, Planet Stetten. We are designing a capsule collection that combines hand-embroidery techniques with screen-printed text that promotes the importance of valuing quality clothes that have been discarded in favor of fast fashion trends.

If you’d like to give it a go I recommend listening to a podcast or watching a documentary while working as mending requires time and patience. Here’s what I’ve been listening to as I work ~

Clothes and the Rest - An Ethical Fashion Podcast
The True Cost” Documentary now on Netflix
Plastic Planet” Documentary

If you are not interested in sewing or mending by yourself (it can be time consuming, tedious, and knot-inducing!) I encourage you to seek out artists and designers that will alter clothes for you. Ripso is a U.S.A. based platform that offers customizations to its customers by pairing them with a designer that specializes in their chosen customization. These few tools can extend the life of the clothes already in your closet and add a layer of personal value to your garments.

(1) Rivetto, L. (2015). Thrift, Make and Buy: The Top Levels of the Buyerarchy of Needs. Available here

Arkivé Atelier - haastattelu

Kirjoittaja : Meri Frig
Kuvat : Arkivé Atelier

Teillä on mielettömän hieno konsepti. Miten Arkivé Atelier sai alkunsa?

Maria: “Kiinnostuin ihmisten vaatteiden kulutustottumuksista opiskellessani vaatetussuunnitelua. Kandidaatintutkielmassani tutkin muoti- ja lifestyleblogien mielipidevaikuttajuutta kestävän kehityksen näkökulmasta. Jo tuolloin 2012 mielessä alkoi itää haave omasta sivustosta, jonka kautta voisin positiivisesti vaikuttaa ihmisten tapaan kuluttaa vaatteita kestävästi.
Myöhemmin muutamia vuosia sitten kiinnostuin selvittelemään tapoja pitää parempaa huolta vaatekaapistani. Tietoa ja tuotteita kyllä löytyi, mutta ei ollut yhtä paikkaa, mistä kaiken olisi saanut kootusti. Tämän lisäksi sain huomata, kuinka vähän vaatetusalan yritykset tarjoavat tietoa myymiensä tuotteiden ylläpitoon ja huoltoon. Yritysten toiminnassa ja ihmisten käytöksessä oli selkeästi havaittavissa pikamuodin aiheuttama vaatehuollon kokoinen aukko, jonka paikkaamisesta syntyi minulle tärkeä missio.”
Jenna: “Tapasimme Marian kanssa sattuman kautta vuoden 2017 lopulla ja hyppäsin pian mukaan Arkivéen. Olin vuosia vaatealalla vietettyäni huomannut, miten jopa alalla työskentelevillä ihmisillä oli suuria aukkoja materiaalituntemuksessa puhumattakaan materiaalien huollosta ja hoidosta. Koottua tietoa tai laadukkaita hoitovälineitä oli vaikea löytää. Perustimme yhdessä yrityksen ja lanseerasimme sivuston kokonaan uudelleen viime kesänä ja siinä samalla avasimme verkkokaupan. Meille on tärkeää, että Arkivé on myös visuaalisesti kaunis ja yhtenäinen 

Mitkä ovat ehdottomasti teidän omat lempparihuoltotuotteet nyt talvella?

Maria: “Uudeksi talvisuosikiksi on noussut Saphir Mirror Gloss -vaha, joka luo pintanahkaisten kenkien kärkiin ja korkoihin normaalivahaa tehokkaamman suojan ja kauniin peilimäisen kiillon. Värillinen vaha paikkaa myös naarmut ja haalistumat tehokkaasti.
Vaatehuollon puolelta kestosuosikki on Kent CP6, jota käytän näin talvisin päivittäin pölyn ja irtolian puhdistukseen. Kyseinen harja on ehdoton must-tuote pölyjen puhdistukseen tummista hienojakoisista neuleista!”
Jenna: “Pukeudun talvella suht käytännöllisesti - paljon villaa ja denimiä. Luottovillakangastakkini on todella paksua, karheaa villaa. Se suojaa viimalta, mutta kerää ärsyttävän paljon irtokarvaa itseensä. Kentin kaksipuolinen CC20-harja on luottoharjani varsinkin talvella. Harjan pidempiharjaksisella päällä harjailen takkini puhtaaksi ja lyhyempiharjaksisella rapsutan kuraroiskeet farkkujeni lahkeista.
Päivittäisessä käytössä olevat merinovillakerrastoni vaativat hiukan enemmän pesua kuin perusneuleet. Arelan biohajoava villapesuaine on paras tähän asti kokeilemistani - se jättää vaatteet pehmoisiksi muttei ollenkaan rasvaisiksi. Konepestessä käytän myös aina Guppyfriend-pesupussia!”

Kerroit että oma kulutuskäyttäytymisesi on muuttunut?

Maria: “Vaatekaappini on ollut jo vuosien ajan hyvin pieni ja uudet hankinnat harkittuja. Arkivén myötä tarpeeni ostaa uutta on pienentynyt entisestään. Kiillottamisesta ja silittämisestä on tullut uusien hankintojen miettimisen sijaan rentouttava laittautumisriitti ennen tärkeitä tilaisuuksia. Jos vaatekaapista puuttuu jotain, niin mietin löytyisikö se jokin ystävän vaatekaapista”
Jenna: “Yksi ahdistavimmista vaateteollisuuteen liittyvistä ajatuksista on tuotetun tavaran määrä. Emme tarvitse näin paljoa eikä kaikkea tarvitse aina riittää kaikille. Olen omaksunut ajatusta oman vaatekaappinikin suhteen - minun ei tarvitse omistaa kaikkea. Kokeilunhaluinen olen silti edelleen ja muutosta kaipaan aika ajoin. Onneksi vaihtoehtoja uuden ostamiselle on ja välillä muutokseksi riittää vaikka vain uusi tapa meikata!”

Ketkä ovat tyyli-idoleitanne?

Maria: “Minulla ei ikinä ole ollut yhtä tiettyä tyyli-idolia vaan inspiraatio vaihtelee ajoittain pienin vivahtein. Tällä hetkellä inspiroi Meryl Streep elokuvassa Minun Afrikkani sekä Margaret Howellin viime kesän kokoelma.”
Jenna: “Isoäitini ja äitini ovat opettaneet, että jokaisen tulisi saada pukeutua haluamallaan tavalla. Olin itse nuorempana aika ujo ja muistan, kuinka rohkea veto oli alkaa käyttämään vaikkapa punaista huulipunaa. Nykyään varsinkin todella nuoret ja todella vanhat ihmiset, jotka rikkovat totuttuja odotusarvoja teoillaan ja pukeutumisellaan, ovat suuri ihastelun kohteeni. Pidän myös ihmisistä, jotka saavat toisille hyvän mielen, koska tyylikkyys ei ulotu pelkästään vaatteisiin. Mutta jos puhutaan pelkistä vaatteista, innostun aina Lemairen estetiikasta, Phoeben Céline-taiasta, kanadalaisesta Beaufillesta ja Ranskan uuden aallon elokuvien henkilöhahmoista.”

Miten muuten huollatte tyyliänne?

Maria: “Tyylini pohja on ollut jo vuosien ajan lähes muuttumaton. Päivitystä haen hiustyylin muutoksilla, asusteilla ja koruilla. Esimerkiksi kenkäpari tai huivi voi olla elementti, jonka ympärille tyylini pääsääntoisesti rakentuu tietyin aikavälein. Tämän talven juttu on esimerkiksi pitkät saappaat ja hameet. Ensi kesänä aion sonnustautua silkkihuiveihin ja kokeilla myös kauluspaidan ja shaalin yhdistelmää Karen Blixonin tyyliin.”

Jenna: “Yritän huoltaa itseäni, kehoa ja mieltä, sekä muistaa rentoutua ja kuunnella itseäni. Huomaan, että esimerkiksi lomalla levättyäni saan aina parhaimpia ideoita ja palaan yleensä tyylini alkulähteille. Maisemanvaihdos ja elokuvat auttavat myös! Yritän aina muistaa, ettei tyyli tule pakottamalla. Monesti olenkin tuntenut itseni tyylikkäimmäksi silloin, kun olen vain lähtenyt kasuaalisti ruokakauppaan.”

Missä ovat mielestänne parhaat vintagekaupat ja vaatevuokraamot?

Maria: “Vaatevuokraamoja en ole vielä kokeillut – toistaiseksi minulle on riittänyt ystävien vaatekaapit jos vaatekaapista on puuttunut jotain. Suomesta parhaat kirpparit löytyvät ehdottomasti Lahdesta, Hämeenlinnasta ja Rovaniemeltä! Vintagekaupoista Helsingissä Pieni Sydän Second Hand, joka on niitä harvoja vintagekauppoja, josta voi löytää myös hyvälaatuisia- ja kuntoisia perusneuleita.”
Jenna: “Viime kesän mansikkapaikkojani olivat pienemmät, hieman syrjäisemmät kirppikset Espoossa ja Tampereella. Rakastan pyöräillä ympäriinsä kirppisten perässä, katsella maisemia ja nauttia pullakahvit jossain hyvin perinteikkäässä paikassa. Kallion Frida Marinasta olen löytänyt vintage ja 2nd hand -helmiä, joista Vuokon villakankainen workwear-jakku ja Friitalan täydellisesti istuva nahkatakki ovat hyviä esimerkkejä. Lisäksi Frida Marinassa on lämmin ja asiantunteva palvelu ja monesti oston yhteydessä saa kaupan päälle tarinan vaatteen edellisestä elämästä. Loppuen lopuksi löytöjä voi kuitenkin tehdä mistä vain, kunhan jaksaa pyöriä ja penkoa. Itse nautin juuri etsimisen tunteesta. Ihailen suuresti isäni taitoa bongailla roskalavoilta hienoja huonekaluja.”

7. Piditte hiljattain vaatehuoltoetkot. Oletteko järjestämässä uudestaan? Mikä soittolista soi viimeksi taustalla?

Maria: “Seuraavia etkoja ei olla vielä lyöty lukkoon, mutta soittolista on jo tekeillä: ainakin Richard Marxin Hazard tulee soimaan seuraavilla etkoilla!”
Jenna: “Haluaisin myös pitää seuraavaksi vaatehuoltobrunssin. Olen yllättynyt kuinka moni tuttava on lähestynyt meitä viime aikoina jonkin vaatehuoltoon liittyvän pulman kera - aihe todellakin koskettaa kaikkia! Olisi mahtavaa istua alas porukalla hyvän ruuan ääreen ja jakaa hyviä niksejä. Brunssin lopuksi voisimme pitää vaikka nahkakenkä-workshopin, koska esimerkiksi suolatahrat ovat tällä hetkellä monen päänvaivana. Jos minulta kysytään, niin taustalla voi soida mitä vaan Marko Haavistosta Pet Shop Boysiin!”

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5 tips for how to survive the winter

writer: Emma Ranne
picture: Emma Ranne

Eira, Helsinki Winter

Here in Finland we only have a couple of hours of light during the gloomiest months of the winter. Not seeing that much of the sun and missing out on those few hours of light when at work or school, will of course have some effect on your energy levels. 

How can you boost your winter time energy to keep you going no matter how dark, cold and wet it is out there? We gathered our best tips, that work for us when (most of the time) thriving through the Finnish winter. 

Now it’s of course starting to get lighter and lighter day by day, but I though this would still be nice to share with you even though we’re about to shift from winter to spring soon.


1. Chase the light

Try to catch those few light hours by going out during the day. Even if just for a tiny 10 minute walk (if school or work is holding you back), it will make an instant difference. It doesn’t even matter if the sun isn’t out, just the fresh breeze and that bit of natural light will do.


2. Cozy up

Accept the winter as it is and make the most out of it. Horrible weather outside? Gather your friends, light up some candles and host a cozy little curry night. To add some extra fun you could throw in some board games as well. It’s completely ok (and very much human) to not feel energized at all times. Allow yourself more sleep, take it easy, and try to create some extra coziness whenever and wherever you can.


3. But stay active

This is as important as to allow yourself to get cozy: stay active. Go for a walk, hit the gym, do some yoga. When your blood gets flowing and your heart pumping you will soon feel reborn. Chase those endorphins even though you might need to push it a little on those pitch black rainy mornings.


4. Vitamin D

This is something I should definitely up my game in and take better care of. In the summer vitamin D comes provided by the sun, but in the winter you can’t quite rely on that. Don’t forget to introduce vitamin D supplements to your daily food palette during the darker months! In Finland the recommendation for adults varies from a daily 10-30 micro gram vitamim D boost, from the start of September to the end of April. Vitamin D supplements aren't always vegan so be sure to check that with the pharmasist. Here's one good option by Terranova.


5.  Light therapy

We Finns just don’t give in and go on with full ‘‘sisu’’ when it comes to the darkness. If there’s no sun light to wake us up, we’ll just take care of it ourselves. Light therapy lamps have during the past few years become a gadget found in almost every Finnish home. It’s a lamp that is as bright as natural light, and can be used in the mornings and during the day to wake up your body and make it believe it’s day and not night (as that’s what your body thinks when it’s dark out there). The thought of having an artificial sun might sound a bit sad, but even though my slightly critical preassumptions I’ve found this to be one of the most effective tools to tackle the winter dip.

By now I’m just really really looking forward to the warmer months. I miss the sun, long days and my summer warderobe. But hey we’re getting there!
Meanwhile…What is your favourite winter survival tip?