magnesia festival

writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Matti Keski-Kohtamäki

I want to introduce to you one of the highlights of my summer in Finland, a 3-day yoga and wellness festival on the beautiful island of Lonna.
 Magnesia - Heartful Island Festival.
This festival is not ordinary. It's programme is filled with wellness workshops, talks, yoga and dance. It brings likeminded people together to enjoy a weekend full of valuable experiences, sharing and learning. Bringing together some of the top instructors and experts - from Finland and abroad, Magnesia truly is an experience you don't want to miss!
What I learned last year in Magnesia is that there is no standards you need to pass to be a part of the community. It doesn't matter if you're a yoga enthusiast or a beginner, what matters is a shared seed of interest in holistic living and health. This is what makes the festival so special, everyone is simply letting their guard down and enjoying the moment. 

magnesia 1.jpg

Here's some of our faves from the programme:

Sauna Sisters Story Sharing workshop by Reetta Ranta
KOKONAINEN wellbeing & beauty-workshop with Weleda by Mariela Sarkima
The Impermanent Flow - A Creative Sequence by Matilda Mannström
Acro Yoga Workshop by Timo Kurvi
The Tao of Dating - The Modern Woman's Guide to Loving and Being Loved by Ali Binazir

We hope to see you there!

Inlace media
bybi beauty

Writer: Ona Rihu
Pictures: Ona Rihu

BYBI Beauty is an English skincare line that almost sounds too good to be true. 100% vegan, using all natural ingredients and exotic oil blends to make your skin glow. + their packaging is adorable and mostly biodegradeable! 

Made by women

Founded by natural beauty industry experts Elsie and Dominika from Clean Beauty Collection, BYBI skincare is a brand created with insight. No fillers or diluted ingredients used. 

Our favorites:

Supercharge serum has more than 18 different botanical oils- and extracts. It's designed to feel almost like a dry oil, soft and pampering but with fast-absorbtion.

"A concentration of Squalane, Prickly Pear and Jasmine oils moisturise, soften and encourage skin cell rejuvenation.
Meadowfoam, Poppy Seed and Lemongrass oils work to balance and even skin tone, for all day bright complexions." 

Babe balm: I've had a hard time finding an organic thick multi-purpose balm to replace my old one. But I can gladly say i've finally found the one.

I use it on my lips, hands and any dry areas. I also love to dab some on my cheekbones for a glossy & dewy look! 

Buffer & Plumper

This is probably the cutest pair of skincare I've ever seen. 
Delicious (but not for eating) sugar & strawberry lip scrub for a smooth canvas

Cooling lip balm that gives you a plump look using peppermint and blood orange essential oils. Let the shea butter wonder work it's magic! 

photo diary - natural high healing festival (FIN)

kirjoittaja: Ona Rihu


Vietimme ihanan sunnuntain Catarinan kanssa Narvilinnassa, Natural High Healing Festivaleilla. Olisi ollut upeaa kokea koko viikonloppu mutta tänä vuonna aikataulujen vuoksi sunnuntai sai riittää. Ensi vuonna ehdottomasti vietämme enemmän aikaa festareilla. 
Kun saavuimme alueelle, meidät otti vastaan hymyjen ja ystävällisten kasvojen meri. Alue oli koristeltu läpikohtaisin kauniilla kukilla, taiteella ja runoudella. Alueella on monia eri tiloja, joissa osassa järjestetään workshoppeja, luentoja, ecstatic danceja, meditaatiota, joogaa, ja paljon muuta. Kaikki ruoka oli vegaanista ja niiin herkulllista. Söimme mm. vegaanipizzaa ja pannareita!
Alueella oli myös erilaisia kojuja joissa eri alojen artesaanit möivät mm. käsintehtyä saippuaa, luonnonkosmetiikkaa, suitsukkeita ja suklaata. You name it, it was there. Alueella oli niin paljon tutkittavaa että ehdimme sunnuntaina vain yhteen workshopiin! - Violeta Labellan pitämään Yoni Egg Magic workshopiin. Niin paljon uutta tietoa ja upeita naisia.
Siitäkin workshopista meinasimme tosin myöhästyä koska halusimme käydä moikkaamassa paikallisia biisoneita, oops!
Vaikka tämän vuoden kokemus jäi hieman lyhyeksi, se jätti valtavan onnellisuuden tunteen molemmille koko illaksi. Suosittelemme siis festaria kaikille lämmöllä. Kaikista parasta oli ihmisten onnelliset hymyt ja turvallinen fiilis alueella. Voin vain kuvitella miten upeaa olisi viettää kesäyö kokon ympärille rakennetuissa tiipiissä, saunanraikkaana ja ihanien ihmisten ympäröivänä.  Until next year <3


plant dyes


Natural dyes go way back to when our ancestors needed those beautiful coloured dresses for their hot date nights. When we choose to use mama earth's natural colours over synthetic colours, we choose to create harmony over pollution. Colouring with natural colours is actually simpler than you would think. A beautiful company Fragmentario brought this ancient mama earth loving way of colouring back to our remembrance. I tested the easy peasy plant dye kit from Fragmentario to get my first touch to the world of plant dyes. So next time you're shopping get curious of how your finds have been dyed. Or maybe you feel like diving into the world of natural dyes yourself! If so let me give you the basics of natural dyeing to get you started. 

The basic process of plant dyeing,

  • Throughly soak the fabric that you want to dye. This allows the fabric to absorb the dye more easily.

  • Add your choice of raw material or extract for the colour to a pot of water. Make sure you have enough water to completely submerge your fabric.
  • Add the soaked fabric to the dye bath and bring the pot to a simmer. Routinely stir your dye bath for an even colour. The time required over heat depends on several factors. Most fabrics can be simmered in the dye bath for a couple hours and then left to rest for another period of time. 
  • The fabric will dry lighter than it appears when wet. Remove the fabric when you think it has reached the desired colour (don't worry too much you can always give it another color bath if you're not 100% happy with the achieved hue)
  • Thoroughly rinse the fabric in cold water to remove any excess dye that isn't fixed to the fabric. Hang to drie and wear it with love.


Get your hands dirty and dive deep into the world of plant dye,

Wild Colour, the complete guide to making and using natural dyes - Jenny Dean

The modern natural dyer - Kristine Vejar

Harvesting natural colour, how to find plants and make natural dyes - Rebecca Burgess

natural high healing festival

writer: Catarina Böckerman
Picture: Catarina böckerman, Natural High Healing Festival

Europe’s festival season is here and we are starting it off this weekend 5-8.7 with  natural high healing festival. This conscious festival is all about getting high from love. Oh yes, we’re gonna tap into our higher state of being on this festival. It’s kinda like that meditation you were able to stay in at the end of the yoga class for a couple of minutes, but double that calmness and abundance with a thousand.  The festival is held in the middle of Finland's forests, in beautiful Narvilinna.
"Natural High Healing Festival was born out of pure love of bringing people together in the Finnish summer. Out of love for connection, the one we all long for in one way or another – connection to nature, creativity, the heart, light, and happiness." 
The festival is all about bringing people together in a peaceful 4-day festival where you might feel sparks of magic, find new friends and get to know yourself on a whole other level. 
We hope to see all you beautiful beings there.


Get ready FOR

yoni talks

Cuddle parties

Shameless salsa

Opening the womb

Wild greens

Conscious dating

All kinds of yoga and sound healing


Hot night bar

cleansing your chakras

cuddling sheep and ponies

meet the illustrator - Maybelle Jones-Nettey



I sat down with this absolutely gorgeous crab lady, who illustrated July's illustration for us. Her presence is strong and grounding. You can feel her passion to make this world more authentic and community centered. Let me share our afternoon talk from spirit animals to creating a more conscious party scene in Helsinki. 

To change and shake the idea of perfectionism. The stretch marks and curvy figure were all very much intentional. It’s time to embrace all of us. It’s time to stop idealising perfectionism. 

3 favourite feelings?

Trust, to be trusted by others. 

Community, to be part of a loving and supporting community. 

Taking care of others. 

Your favourite quality of yourself? 

Persistence, in moderation though. I always aim to be persistent with my goals and in life in general, but I'm a huge advocate for knowing when to stop. We can easily  be so obsessed over the destination that the journey totally loses its meaning. I would say it's Sisu with enjoyment and common sense. To enjoy  being in the moment.

Childhood dream?

Oh, Diana Ross. She was my idol, probably still is. I used to dance to her music all day. She is just magical. 

Spirit animal?

Whales. Just think about it, sing, swim and eat all day long. That's a good life over there. They are also very communal mammals and community is so much, so important. 

Favourite Summer day? 

In order to truly get the most of the moment, it would have to be spontaneous. A day at sea, would deffinately  warm my heart and relax me. 

Conscious actions you wish all of us would take?

To question it all. To question the social norm and ask what do you want? Are you  speed racing through life, being someone that someone told you to be. Give yourself time.

Safe space dancing spot? Share a little bit about that, 

We  wanted a safe, community kinda space where everyone would have the freedom to be as they are without unwanted attention or harassment. We also wanted to encourage and support emerging artists and increase diversity  in the local party scene.  We created MYÖS to experiment in collective ways  of organising events and workshops. Each one teach one -for us by us. Our second event is actually on Wednesday, come join us. 


the art of slow mornings

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

 Banana toast, coffee and flowers

In my perfect world every day would start with the tone of a kind slow Sunday morning. Waking up to warm sun rays and setting the tea kettle on first after some easy juicy wake up yoga while listening to your favourite morning tunes. I’ve always been a lover of mornings and I like to treat mine with care and time. It’s been my mission to add a little bit of Sunday morning feel to every morning and steer away from that early rush that way too easily sticks with you all day long. 

How to give yourself a sweeter start to the day? Here are some tiny changes which you can try to add to your morning routine, just to see what happens. You can experiment and ease them into your life by trying them out one by one. Or of course go full in and try them all at once. Pick your least favourite morning of the week to start with and explore the new tones that you can give it. 

Set your alarm clock a little earlier and instead of snoozing pick a tip or two from the list that fit the amount of time you have. The time indicators are there for you to see how easy you can make some little changes to even the most rushed starts of the day.


tiny Morning upgrades:

5 min or less

  1. Put on some easy breezy morning tunes. Create a morning playlist of your own, or try this one (30 sec). If you have a record player, maybe put a record on to add some extra festive feel.
  2. Leave your phone for now, maybe even put it on air plane mode. You can check what’s going on just a little later.
  3. Make your bed. Straight away. And open the window and let the fresh air in. You’ll already feel a little more ready for the day (1 min.)
  4. Try writing morning pages. Have a journal next to your bed and once you wake up just write down some lines that you have on your mind (5 min)
  5. Morning meditation. Start experimenting with a guided meditation sessions on apps like Headspace (5 min)
  6. Add some feeling to your brekkie by lighting a candle. An easy upgrade for Mondays, especially on those gloomy winter mornings (20 sec)
  7. Add a few drops of fresh essential oil like orange or eucalyptus to your diffuser. If you don’t have a diffuser you could try to add a drop on your skin on either your wrist, or behind your ear (20 sec)
  8. Pick your outfit for the day the night before or make sure you have that back up outfit hanging ready in your closet that works every time. We all have been in that situation where you’ve left home with a chaos in front of your closet and not liking what your wearing.
  9. Tidy up your room. Take the extra 5 min to feel on top of your game when you leave your home and create that cozy feeling for you to come back home to (5 min)

and a little more

  1. Morning yoga. Some easy sun salutations on your own or exploring new stretches with the help of for example this. (15+ min)
  2. Treat breakfast with time (30 min). Try new recipes and on those days when you know you won’t have any extra time for in the kitchen you can try and prep your brekkie the night before.
  3. Read a book. While having breakfast or while slowly waking up in bed. (10 min - 30 min)
  4. Get some fresh air. Go for a morning run and calibrate your energy for the day. If you don’t like running, try an easy morning walk (30 min)


Simple little changes and adds like these can create a whole new feel to mornings, reduce the feel of stress and give a calmer mood to the whole day ahead. Explore and try out. Picture your perfect morning and try to add bits and pieces of it to every start of the day. Once you discover what wotks for you it's time to give it a consistent spot in your morning routine.  Consciously let your love for the early hours grow a little.


(peace of mind)


 Lemonlinesbylib illustration, meditation&nbsp;

I’m watching Bingin’s endless horizon. Waves come and go, in and out. That’s life, it pushes and pulls. 

I just finished a month long yoga teacher training. I’ve been digesting all the golden knowledge I was shared with. I’ve reflected, stilled myself.  The biggest golden knowledge I was shared with was the power of meditation. When we stand still, go within, we can hear, we can remember. Remember our true being, true self. All the excess noise will fade away. We can remember our reason for living, we can focus, fully engaged to our dreams. Fully engaged in living as our highest self, as our true self.  I felt calm, ease, happiness, bliss, love from stillness. Meditation taught me who I was, what I’m here to learn, what I’m here to do. It gave me the tool of focus and of bliss out of thin air.  So let me share some light on how you can start to remember your true nature. 


To give yourself a focused and peaceful state for the day ahead of you, do your meditation straight after waking up


Let’s get you ready for meditation with some pranayama aka breathing technique

 Come to a comfy seated position. Close your eyes and take a deep inhale and exhale all air out, fully empty your lungs. Do this for three times. This helps your sleepy lungs detox after sleeping. As our pranayama we'll do a mental nostril breathing which helps balance your both hemispheres. From this balanced state, you find meditation smoother and easier. 


Start with  bringing your full awareness to your left nostril and take a deep inhale only from this nostril, and exhale from the right nostril. Inhale right and exhale left. Keep yourself focused and do this for anywhere from 1-4min. End to the left nostril, as this will leave your state of being calmer. 



This meditation will help you remember your true being, help with your focus state and helps you to see life what it truly is. On this meditation we will be focusing on the pineal gland aka your third eye, the remembrance eye. 


Bring your full awareness to the point between your eyebrows. This is the gateway to your third eye. As you breath in, breathe from this gateway inside to your midbrain, where the pineal gland lies. As you exhale bring your awareness back to the point between your eyebrows. Keep drawing this line of awareness as you take deep inhales and exhales. As you do this relax your whole being from head to toes. You might want to help the activation of your 3rd eye with the help of your eyes. If you wish to do this, gently bring your gaze (eyes closed) to the point between your eyebrows. This will start to help you to feel the magnetic force of this point in you. With practice you will be able to activate this point only with your full focused awareness. After 10 deep breaths or so, let go of your eyes and the deepness of your breath. Keep your focus on your third eye and all the sensations you feel, as it’s easier to keep your state calm and thoughtless when focusing to your sensations. Let yourself fully let go, let go of all thoughts, opinions, all that’s not serving you. Just immerse yourself to the moment. Feel your energy, your vibrating being. Let the meditation be whatever it is to you on that day. Let your thoughts arise, accept all, but let them go. You don’t need them, they don’t serve you right now. Just be. 

If you’re only starting meditation, do 1min pranayama and 5 min meditation. As you keep practising daily, to clear your state and to align yourself to your true being, increase the length of it. This will happen naturally. After committing to practice daily, you’ll just sink to he practice, and time loses meaning. 


Patience is the key <3

Let your meditation be as it is. Know that thoughts will arise, and as this happens let them be. Let your thoughts come and go. Know that this is clearing, detoxing of your mind. The more you meditate, the more you’ll be able to stay on this state during the day. You’ll be able to make decisions which are aligned to your own path, you’ll be able to accept life as it is. You’ll stay focused. You’ll remember who you were before the world told you to be something you’re not. Be gentle with yourself. Just practice, it's the biggest act of self love you can do. To stay committed to practice, meditate every morning. Do it for your true self, to the inner child in you. The one who craves love, infinitive love, within yourself, for yourself. Do this for yourself.

women's bank

writer:ona Rihu
illustration: Saara helkala

 "Empower a Woman"

"Empower a Woman"

Women's bank is a Finnish volunteer network that strives to provide women in developing countries a chance to become an entreprenour and build a career. 

"Women in Finland are known for their independence and equal status with men. Finnish women were the first in Europe to win the right to vote and the first in the world to be able to stand as candidates at elections. The country’s municipal day care system has since the 1970’s enabled women to work and have careers. Now Finnish women want to give other women a chance to succeed."

In just over ten years, Women’s Bank’s volunteer network has fundraised well over 10 million euros for women in developing countries.
This money is used for

  • financing projects that improve women's income, productive skills and rights. 
  • Microloans, upgrading skills and other activities in support of women’s entrepreneurial activity
  • Other new and innovative pilot projects focused on enterprises for women.

These donations can improve women's lives drastically. To give these women tools to build a career, to become self-employed and more independent is the best gift you can give. The opportunities this program can give to these women can change their lives for good. And for these amounts that we can so easily spend on a day out on the town, you can make a huge difference in someones life. 

I am guilty of getting caught up my everyday life and drowning myself mundane thoughts about what to have for dinner etc. And that's okay, sometimes your heart needs to rest for a while. But it's also important to remember the magnitude of everything around us. There is a lot of injustice in the world, and there is something that we can do about it. Even if it's a small thing to you, it can mean a lot to someone. Let's not close our eyes. 

So, what can I do?

  • With 15 euros you can pay for daycare so that mothers will be able to attend training.
  • With 30 euros you can enable a woman to receive vocational training, in other words get a profession.
  • With 50 euros you can support the business training of a woman.
  • With 75 euros you can gift a microloan to start a business

Read more about Women's Bank and their mission here



midsummer mocktail

writer: Ona Rihu
  Picture: Ona Rihu



Endless nights, blossoming nature and vibrant colors of the sky, this is what midsummer magic is made of.  This delicious mocktail is perfect for those who love having a decadent drink every once in a while but don't necessarily enjoy the effects of alcohol.  Or to those who wish to cut down and have one less drink this midsummer. Making drinks is fun, and playing with a bar filled with fresh herbs and ingredients is a perfect way to spend time with friends. So gather your favorite ingredients and get improvising! Here's our own midsummer mocktail:


Berry flavored kombucha
Lime juice, 
2 tbsp
Lemon balm


Mix the kombucha and lime juice in a glass. Thinly slice cucumber with a grater and place a slice in the mocktail. Finely chop some lemon balm & mint and sprinkle it on top, and finally add a slice of lime. 


midsummer feast



Midsommer solstice has always been a celebration for light and fertility. Us humans have a long history with this precious celebration. Midsummer celebration is one of the first original celebrations of humankind. It all started when we the sun was the ultimate life giver. As we light our bonfires, we worship the sun, the fire, the light. 

All cultures bring their own spices into the celebration of the midsummer feast. So let me share with you how we do it here in Finland, and share remembrance to all you natives out there. 

Ukko’s celebration aka Juhannus aka Midsummer feast

The name ‘’juhannus’’ came from catholic church through John the Baptist. Originally our midsummer feast was called the great God Ukko’s celebration. Ukko was the god of weather, thunder and harvest. He was the great god of Finnish original folks. To our ancestors in Finland the Ukko’s celebration was the most important celebration of the year. 

 midsummer feast, juhannus magic, magic

Then let’s get into the fun staff, traditional midsummer magics. All you need is nature, open mind and your nude body (at least in most of the Finnish magic tricks).

ps. Rumour has it that the magic on the lightest day of the year is extra powerful. 


  1. Collect 9 different flowers, while staying fully silent. So no talks while doing this. Place them under your pillow as you go sleep, and your soulmate will appear to you in your dreams. 
  2. You could also just place unknotted birch whisk under your pillow and as you’re sleeping your soulmate will come and bind it. 
  3. At the night of Ukko’s celebration, go run naked to a dewed meadow. This dew is very healing, all your spiritual and physical limitations will be cleansed. What comes to love, well after this you’ll be fully empowered and filled with high loving vibration which will attract all your lover soulmates to you. 
  4. Traditionally finish folks would burn all used birch whisks and dance & jump through the fire, as a symbol of new-birth. You could for sure do this. But if you’re like me and got not a single birch whisk to burn, burn something else which will symbolise letting go. Write down things you’re ready to let go and burn the paper or even burn some of your old notebooks you’re ready to let go. 
  5. Here comes another magic trick which requires you to be naked. Stare naked to a well. Gaze with all of your awareness and you’ll see your next lover soulmate in the well.  
  6. Or just go sleep, naked of course and put inside out turned sock only to your left foot. As you sleep the lover will appear to you also. 
peachy hues and avocado seeds

writer: Emma Ranne
Pictures:  Manuel Zúñiga & Sydney Krantz 

 Fragmentario SS18

Creating vibrant shades by extracting colours from vegetables, flowers and seeds sounds almost like magic to us - 

Often when speaking of natural dyes it's the vague yellowy brown colours we start to think of. Nothing too exiting or a tad too ''hippie''. But once you start to look into it, you soon learn that the world of natural colours is as wide as your imagination runs, and definitely fun to explore!

We've had our eyes on Fragmentario for the past couple of months, which has been inspiring us with its beautiful colour schemes using natural dyeing. Fragmentario is a Brooklyn based creative studio where beautiful designs are created with textiles and colours extracted from plants ranging from flowers and spices to seeds and vegetables. It inspires us to look at natural dyes in a new light. Would you have guessed that the beautiful peachy hues of the SS18 collection are created using avocado seeds? 

We had a chat with the lovely founder María Elena Pombo and were curious to learn more about natural dyes and what it is that inspires her work.


Hi Maria, can you please introduce yourself to our readers

My name is María Elena, but most people call me Mari. Under the moniker Fragmentario, I use plants to color fabric and create independent and commissioned work. I also teach natural dye workshops in my Brooklyn studio and elsewhere.

I am originally from Venezuela and moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons. Afterwards I worked for some time as a designer for different companies here until I started working on Fragmentario full-time.


What sparked your inspiration to establish Fragmentario?

I come from a fashion background so my work will always relate to that industry in some way, but my most important inspirations for this project were found outside of fashion. Art book fairs, independent film festivals and the slow food movement gave me the perspective that questioning ideas that are normalized in society and proposing new systems can be very powerful, fulfilling and fun.

 Fragmentario dress SS18

Can you tell us more about natural dyes?

Using plants and other natural sources for color was once a widespread practice across all cultures. When people think of natural dyes today, they think mostly of Mexico, Peru and India, but everywhere in the world, humans were making colors with what was available in their environments. The practice was also not limited to fiber, even cave paintings were done with a mix of animal, vegetable and mineral sources.

With the accidental invention of faster-acting and more consistent synthetic dyes in 1856, natural dyes were quickly replaced. In recent years, natural dyes have had a slow resurgence. Beyond the environmental appeal, they provide a greater connection between process and product and a way to connect with civilization's history.


How did you come up with the idea of using avocado seeds for dyeing?

After I graduated from Parsons I was helping my husband make bags inspired by vintage workwear. He didn’t like the colors we found when looking for organic cotton and proposed that we dye the fabric ourselves with nuts and onions. I was curious mostly theoretically. I imagined dull colors and a very complicated process.

He then showed me the work of Maura Grace Ambrose, a natural dyer in Austin who makes amazing quilts as Folk Fibers. With her work, I understood that the colors made with natural-dyes were very vibrant. I was most surprised by the color drawn from avocado seeds. The avocado is such an integral part of the culture in Venezuela where I grew up, yet I had never heard of its color properties.


 Fragmentario Process Shot - Sydney Krantz

Fragmentario Process Shot - Sydney Krantz

We love the look of your first clothing collection!
What inspired you for when it comes for the design?

Thank you! As I said before, avocados were an important aspect of my upbringing, we even had an avocado tree at home, so using them brings good associations. I have also become very obsessed with their current ubiquity and the effects (good, bad and ugly) of their popularity. I wanted to explore working with them and using apparel as a medium to start conversations about waste, cultural heritage and time.

The silk and linen fabrics used are very luxurious but were found via deadstock fabric providers, so just as the avocado seeds, they are having a second life with this collection. Similarly, the design details share with the natural-dyeing process, a resistance to today’s obsession with speed. Using buttons, instead of zippers, and silk and cotton thread instead of polyester, it encourages both the maker and the wearer to slow down. It was important for me that these garments were recognizable as objects but that their time and context would be more challenging to identify. 


How do you try to be sustainable?

Sustainability means something different for many people. For this reason, while I try to be as conscious as possible, I don’t talk about my work as “sustainable” but focus instead on the specific measures I take: using food waste and deadstock fabrics, minimizing my water usage, working with a local factory that treats its employees with dignity… To me, focusing on the concrete actions I take, instead of vague notions, feels more honest and encouraging.

Finally, while there are serious reasons behind the way I work, there can be a lot of humor behind it. Stalking friends so they save their “trash” for me, visiting my factory when it’s one of their employee’s birthday and staying with them for cake, getting a good work-out with the physicality involved in natural dyes. I enjoy the process and emphasize this when talking about my work, as I feel this will be more sustainable in the long run.


 Fragmentario - SS18 Ahuacatl

What would a perfect workday look like for you?

It would start with an early run and then being able to work with my hands and away from the computer and administrative tasks. Very simple but it rarely happens


what are three of those slightly random things that give you joy?

  1. Daylight.
  2. Being near the water.
  3. Running.


If we were visiting New York what three places would we definitively have to check out?

I think the magic of New York lies more in the experiences than on specific places. I am also a big fan of the East River, so anything that involves it I think is always a good idea.

First, you could take the Roosevelt Island Tramway from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. It’s a commuter tramway so you can use the Metrocard (which is less than $3) and get some of the most unique views of the city.

You could then walk around Roosevelt Island itself. It has some of the most interesting architecture in New York City and plenty of secret little spots. We took the collection’s photos there for this reason! I run there often and I still discover new things every time I go.

Finally, you could take the ferry towards Wall Street for more amazing views and to experience being in the East River. You could stop your journey there, or continue to Rockaway Beach for a day at the beach!


YOU can shop the new Fragmentario's collection here, check out the stunning lookbook here and learn about the inspiration behind this collection here.

Photographer: Manuel Zúñiga , Model: Julia Fajardo, Stylist: David Gomez-Villamediana, Makeup Artist: Ayaka Nihei, Casting: Mitch Macken




vedic astrology one on one

Illustration: valentina


 Vedic astrology.&nbsp;Plan your future according to the stars.

My first experiences with Vedic astrology were in the jungle somewhere near Ubud, Bali. This man only knew my name and birth details, but told me with specific details about who I was for a straight hour. I felt calmness and shock through the insights I had just received from this man. There was something special about hearing my story, past and future, through someone else’s words. After I landed back home to Finland from my adventures, I craved astrological support and a website called Farfaraway popped in front of me. This guy was also based in Bali, which felt like a sign, after all it was a place where I had experienced t a fair amount of my adventures. I signed up for his online reading and got even deeper within my astrological journey. He has been supporting me with his knowledge ever since I came back to Finland and didn’t have a clue what’s next. 6 months passed and Bali called me back and obviously I had to meet the person who’d been supporting me from the other side of the world. Let me introduce you to Gaurav, the guy who reads the stars for your personal development. 


So what’s the purpose of Vedic astrology?

To help you in your life. It shows what phases you’re in, so you can play your cards right at the right time.


How did you end up doing Vedic astrology?

Through my own hard times back in 2007. I understood that astrology could solve life problems and support me with my life decisions. One big key while I was learning more and more about astrology, was to not engage to all that that’s out there, but rather to create my own personal understanding of it. After gaining some confidence with my practise I tested my skills to real people, to test that what I was doing actually worked and wasn’t just a theory. 


So planets in space, what do they have to do with our personal lives?

When we’re born we are charged with specific energies, according to how are planets assembled at the specific time and place we’re born into. This makes all of us uniquely charged individuals with unique life purposes. In astrology this is called your birth chart.


So what’s the difference between Vedic and the most common western astrology? 

The biggest different is that they look at the zodiacs differently, Vedic is based on the moon and the western is based on the sun. The basic principles are the same, but the mathematics differ. They say the Vedic has been around for thousands of years, compared to western. But there’s a place for all, and it’s your personal choice which one suits you the most, or rather which one serves you the most. 


There’s these houses in astrology, what do they mean? 

The houses in Vedic astrology represents the different areas in our lives. When we understand in what planets rules our houses, we can use this knowledge as a map to help us with our lives and take off the burden we might carry with us. When we know it’s not the best time for a certain thing we know to focus on something else and this way use our energies wisely. We can't change the time and how things are folding, but we can take off the stress and stop over complicating things. 


The Houses :

1st personality & physical body

2nd finances & talents

3rd communications, learning & siblings 

4th home, mother, emotions & habits

5th creativity, pleasure seeking & art

6th daily work & health and wellness 

7th relationships of all kinds 

8th transformation aka death, rebirth & sexuality

9th travel & philosophy 

10th career & father

11th friends & humanitarian interests 

12th healing, spiritual development & the subconscious 


How do you use astrology?

I use astrology to see if it’s good time and place for me to do things. For example I plan my business through using astrology, to know when it’s the right time for specific things. This way I can be sure that I’m supported and not wasting my energies. Basically I use astrology to get support with the most critical choices you have in my life. 


Does my chart change when I travel?

When we relocate ourselves, the planets changes their places in our houses. Which basically means that if in Helsinki our marriage house is having hard times, when we relocate ourselves the energies in our chart changes and makes our love life easier. It’s always about looking what’s your objectives. If you’re focused on making money, it’s about looking in where there’s gonna be supportive energies to have positive cash flow. 


What’s the first step towards getting into Vedic astrology?

  1. Know your birth details, where and when were you born. Accurate time with city and country. 
  2. Make some research by yourself, to find out if it makes sense to you. Check out your moon, sun and arising sign, and see it that makes sense to you. When these 3 are combined together, it tells the person’s personality. 
  3. You can google by yourself to create an astrological map for you or get a reading online or offline.
  4. When doing your research it is important to understand that the perspective is everything, yours and the one who is providing information to you. Cause there’s always the good and bad in life, and in what you will sit on will be determined by what you focus on. So make sure that the person has a positive perspective behind their knowledge and that you’re positive with yourself as well. 


Do you use astrology everyday?

No I don’t use astrology every single day. I just need to see the picture of my life for the next 2 to 5 months and plan my life accordingly. This makes it easier to focus to the bigger picture and stay away of the superstitions of daily astrological movements, like how planets are assembled every single day. I only see which planets are effecting my life to most and make my decisions accordingly. 



Saturn is teaching us some life lessons 

Jupiter is educating ourselves 

Sun is showing some limelight to us 

Mercury is helping us to show better communication 

Moon is our feelings

Venus is our sensuality

Mars shows us our courage

Uranus are responsible for the breakthroughs 

Neptune is our intuition 

Pluto is the change 


APPLY  THE LITTlE THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED, RATHER THAN LEARN TONS AND APPLY LITTLE.  It’s important to combine your own natural thinking process to what you’ve learned, rather than fill your mind with someone else’s thinking process. Using your natural common sense is a big key of using astrology as your map in life. To hear what your common sense, aka intuition, is telling you, practice meditation daily. If you have no control over your mind and you’re letting your mind wander and you’re really restless then your common sense can betray you. Bring more peace and quiet in to your life. 


Dive a little deeper, (relationship astrology - vedic)


Personal readings,

meet the illustrator: gemma driessen

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

 Gemma Driessen -

I'm super excited to introduce you to my lovely childhood friend Gemma. We go way way back and used to race on our bicycles around the Dutch medows while referring to ourselves as Gem'n'Em (yes, that was our team name).

These days Gemma is a super talented illustrator, who studies industrial design in Holland and who's always ready for a little adventure.  Without further talking, let's get you more familiar with this girl behind June's calendar illustration.

Hi Gemma, can you please shortly introduce yourself to our readers?

Alright! I am a 21-year-old integrated product design student. I love making things, especially cute things: I draw, paint and make ceramics. I am passionate about sustainability, and I want to work in that field after graduating. I am a vegan and live with my boyfriend in the Netherlands. I love bouldering (climbing) and I am super proud of my arm muscles  haha, as a person who always hated sports being strong is very new to me. 


We know you draw a lot. Can you tell us the story of how you got into drawing?

As a kid, I always drew a lot, but I got more serious about it during my first year at uni. I started a daily drawing project, I had a sketchbook and my goal was to fill one page every day until it was full. The goal was to fill the page and it did not matter if it was pretty, or if I spent a lot of time on it, as long as there was something on the page. I loved the process and my progress during this book so much that I started another one after that, and another one, and another one. That was the start of me drawing (almost) every day for the last 3 years.


Usually, one of the hardest things when it comes to anything creative is to find time and inspiration. What would your tips be for overcoming this?

We can't change how much time we have in a day, so if you want to spend more time drawing you should do less of something else, this could be watching less Netflix or scrolling social media less. But maybe you don't have any time you can easily make free in that case you could try to combine it with another activity, like drawing during lunch break or train commute. But sometimes it is also okay to accept that it is just not a priority for you, so you should not feel too bad about it. 

If you really want to do it regularly I suggest picking a time or couple it to another activity you do every day. For example, you always draw after dinner, during lunch, when you get home etc.  I used to do it before going to bed as a nice way to unwind. Maybe it works best for you to find accountability, by post every day on Instagram for example. Also make it as easy as possible to start, have your materials accessible, have them at a place you often are so you don't have to put more effort than necessary in getting started. 

when it comes to inspiration, I'd say just draw something, don't go scrolling on your phone for inspiration that is a waste of precious drawing time. As Andy J Pizza says: "Creativity is like Breastfeeding: the More Your Pump, the More it Flows!" haha. I often get inspired by things I drew before. Combine some things you like drawing or enjoy in real life. Draw about things that make you feel good whether that is cats, tea, yoga or feminism. And don't be too harsh on yourself, if you don't like the drawing you made, just make a better one tomorrow. And never compare your work to others.


What important lessons have you learned during the past 12 months?

I thought hard about it and these two came to mind:

  1. You can make/do almost anything you want, just google or find a video explaining how it is done. I learned to cut my own hair, make a puppet for stop-motion animation, replace a part of my shower that was broken and so much more just by watching 10-minute videos. 
  2. You have time, I listened to an interview with Lisa Congdon recently about her new book about older women starting new careers and becoming successful. We still have so much time ahead of us, the path you choose now does not have to be the path you will be on for the rest of your life, so don't worry too much about whether you are making the right decisions.


And what is inspiring you lately?

Lately, I have been super into pottery, I make planters, cups and vases with happy faces on them and I love it so much! I have been putting them for sale in my Etsy shop and I actually sold one!,  to someone in the UK and I am really happy about it!


What would your theme song be?

I have been enjoying old songs lately, it's really hard to choose but if I have to pick something maybe Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys?


And my favourite question to ask people: what are 3 of those little random things that give you joy?

  • Sunshine
  • the smell of cinnamon
  • the leaves on the trees (I missed them so much in winter)


Check out Gemma's Instagram and website to see her work. Her drawings are the cutest! Also there are still a few ceramic pots left in her Etsy shop, shop one while you can.

every cilantro lovers daydream

(vegan, gf, raw)

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

 vegan cilantro dressing

I love cilantro. Love, love, love it. (* sorry to all the people now reading this who fall in the category of cilantro dislikers. You can still make the sauce just switch the cilantro for some fresh parsley or basil and switch the name)

I made this sauce for my birthday picnic as a salad dressign and my family loved it. It's a super easy way to take your average lunch salad to the next level. Just pop the ingredients in your blender, let the blender do it's magic and you're ready to go.



  • a big bunch of cilantro, the more the merrier
  • a handful of fresh baby spinach
  • a teaspoon of tahini
  • a few teaspoons of sunflower seeds (if you have the time you can let them soak in some water for a few hours so they're easier on your tummy)
  • some fresh chili (I love spicy so I used a whole one, but you can go easy on this one or completely leave it out)
  • a squeeze of fresh lime juice 
  • a tsp of maple syrup or a fresh date
  • a few tsp olive oil
  • salt + pepper
  • water until you fancy the consistency



  1. You guessed it, just put everything in your blender and keep on blending till it's smooth. Check the taste and add what you think should be added to get it right for you.
  2. You can play around with the consistency. Leave it thick and you can use it as a spread or dip. Add some more water and this turns into a creamy pasta sauce or a dreamy salad dressing.


sustainable careers - hanna-amanda

Writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Hanna-Amanda pant

Hanna-Amanda Guess

Founder of Savant Magazine, contributor at Mochni and Luxiders Magazine, and the mindful PR Agency JH Communications, Hanna-Amanada Pant has truly managed to build herself a career in the sustainable field. As a fashion journalist based in Paris, her days are spent sipping foamy cappuccinos at pavement terraces and writing about all things sustainability related. But how did she get to where she is now? We had the honor of asking Hanna-Amanda for her best tips and tricks for building your career sustainably. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Hanna-Amanda? 

Since I was about 15 years old, I was visualising answering this question one day with one simple word, 'a writer'. However, 10 years later, and it is never as easy as one word! We all know that life leads us to unexpected roads sometimes. Today, I would describe myself as a curious sustainability journalist who is dedicated to changing the fashion industry for the better, and has an immense passion for activism work, as well as seeking unusual stories and doing a lot of social good. To get to the fun part, above all, travelling is definitely one of my biggest passions. My goal is to visit every single corner of this planet one day. 


You are the founder of Savant magazine. Can you tell us about your inspiration behind the magazine and the story of how it came to life? 

If there's this one question I always get asked - you definitely nailed it. 

I actually founded the magazine back in 2015 as a final major project at university. I studied Fashion Journalism in the outskirts of London at UCA that stands for University for the Creative Arts. When I was researching ideas for my final major project, well, first of all, I am a slow living advocate myself and I was definitely following some cult magazines, such as Kinfolk and Cereal. Yet at the time, I thought they're not offering as much thrill for us, fashion lovers. On the other hand, I suddenly came across a lot of inspirational fashion brands that had taken a slower approach and suddenly moving away from fast fashion, and asking a lot of questions, such as 'Who made my clothes?', 'Are the garment workers paid fair wages?', 'How can we revolutionise the entire fashion industry?' etc. So it was me wanting to publicise and showcase these unique and innovative brands, and for this new wave of brands doing more social good to have their place in the media. I really wanted to create a place for beautiful slow fashion. And I was sure I couldn't have been the only one who is a little more curious about contemporary sustainable fashion, and the future of fashion industry as we know it. 

Do you have any tips for someone who is interested in building a career in a creative sustainable way? 

I would say, stay true to yourself and find your own voice and market niche as a creator. In such a competitive and tough industry, you just have to bring your unique selling point to the market, and fight for being heard. After you've figured these most important things out, it's easier to stand out, as knowing exactly these very values that you stand for can help to avoid copying other creatives out there in the marketplace. And I do believe that everything that's authentic and honest will stand out and will find a way to reach the desired audiences. Following that gut instinct and remaining true to my personal taste - that has definitely been a motto of mine since I started out. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

Luckily, being self-employed has given me the most rewarding opportunity to travel the world and never fully be attached to a single location, or flat contract. I feel free when I travel and experience the different cultures and traditions all over the globe. It truly feeds my soul. I also think that the time when you're not seeking inspiration in particular is when you find it everywhere, like when flicking through books or rewinding your all-time favourite movies all over again. My latest source of inspiration, however, has been men's tailoring industry as my boyfriend works in the field!

and lastly,What advice would you give to a 18-year-old you?

This would be a bit contradictory, as I have always known exactly what I want and somehow found my way to having it. Despite this, I would say to myself: "Having it all is definitely a myth. You can never have it ALL all at once, but you can work your way to the top and achieve everything step-by-step, whether through hard work or luck or knowing the right people. And this is the only way of doing it.". There was a time in my life when I was trying to speed up every single process I was involved with and really push myself to the final limit to be what our society would call 'young and successful'. This is needless to mention my health and mental wellbeing suffered so terribly, but perhaps now I can look back and say I achieved my goal only in the eyes of other people. So, I would also tell myself to let go and stop worrying so much about the future and the 'what-if's and the failures, as it's all part of our journey as humans. And failures are often the most important bit. I would tell myself to really enjoy the ride, rather than spend some precious days and nights worrying that life hasn't happened according to a strict, pre-arranged plan... 

Thank you for sharing, we hope this will inspire people to pursue their dream careers in the sustainable field. It was a pleasure hearing from you!

ps. You can follow Savant Magazine on instagram here

And Hanna-Amanda here



kuu project
menstrual cups

Formative research shows that girls in Kenya face monthly challenges, with 65% of women and girls being unable to afford sanitary pads - the statistics show us an uncomfortable truth about how something that we are often so used to can be a huge issue somewhere else. The problem is much wider than only financial and causes larger challenges in the community. For example having a period can mean not being able to go to school for some girls, due to lack of restrooms or even just clean water. 

In Nairobi a lot of good work around this subject is done by the locals as well as NGOs. The idea is to raise awareness and so encourage people to talk more about periods which can still be a taboo in some communities. Kuu Project, created by our friends Emilia Laine, Valpuri Alanen, Anna Sarmanto, Mariana Mustelin and Tara Junker, is a tiny intivative that wants to help along with all the good work that has been done, especially by the locals. The girls were inspired by all the good work that has been done and wanted to do something too, if even just a bit. The bigger projects that also inspired Kuu Project have been striving to provide a long-term ecologically sustainable alternative to menstrual hygiene products for low income students in Nairobi. One way to this could be the menstrual cup.

Kuu project has already achieved its minimum goal of providing 100 menstrual cups to the community, but there is still time to support the cause so even more girls can be helped. Lunette has been closely helping with this project, which as a company puts a lot of effort in trying to make sure that girls and women everywhere have the availability to a healthy, sustainable and affordable option for period products. 


so Why menstrual cups?

  • Menstrual cups are the most ecologically sustainable alternative when it comes to period products. 
  • It's economically smart. By providing these girls with a menstrual cup, they are covered for the next 10 years.
  • Besides being economically and sustainably the smartest alternative around, menstrual cups are also the healthiest choice for when it comes to intime hygiene and period products. Lunette's high quality cups use medical grade FDA approved silicone and colorants and have gone through strict quality control. 

    (There is heaps of other good reasons. Check out Lunette for more info)


long term solutions through involving the local community

The projects are more about achieving long term solutions instead of just helping with the physical menstrual cups. Here the locals play an important role. Also with Kuu Project the local university has been closely involved, and the idea is to give the local students tools with which they can further improve the situation in their home communities. 

The goal is that the students in Nairobi will experience the menstrual cup as a concept that they would like to encourage their own social networks to use. If a university student is handed a menstrual cup and they see it as a solution to their problem, it's highly likely that they will then recommend it to their friends and maybe younger family memebers etc. The outcome of this will be monitored through questionnairies, which helps with further development of similar projects. 

How can i help?

  • Kuu Project has a fundraising page which you can still support until 11.6.2018
  • If you're in Helsinki on the 9th of June and love brunch you might want to meet us here .  Bring a friend and have an inspiring morning that involves delicious food and brewing new ideas. 

Read more:


safe tanning - how?

writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Catarina Böckerman, Ona rihu

The summer is here and it's time to get a tan! The dangers of sun are now very well known through things such as skin cancer and premature aging, but is there a way to tan safely? 
Here's some of our favorite tips for safe tanning! 


Traditional sunscreen can often be filled with harmful chemicals, but having no protection is not a smart choice either. Opt for a more natural option, they are safer for the environment as well. I've recently discovered the Finnish brand Atopik that makes natural sun-products for sensitive skin. They have a SPF 30 spray for the face and body that contains oil from oats, a highly nurturing oil that soothes the skin. 

2. Limit your time in direct sunlight

We've all been there, spending hours at the beach on your first day of vacation and looking like a tomato the next day. If your skin is not used to strong sun exposure start slow, tan for shorter periods of time and see how your skin reacts, and work from there. Caution is worth it, since sunburns increase your chance of getting skin-related issues later on.


Self-tanning is an easy way to avoid any sun damage and still look fab. Atopik also has a gradually tanning lotion that's all natural and due to the gradual effect you can get exactly the right tone that you're looking for. The lotion is very moisturizing and feels amazing on the skin! I also love that it doesn't have that strong smell that usually comes with traditional self-tanners. 


Beta-carotene can help you achieve a more healthy, warm-toned hue to your skin. You can get it from carrots, sweet potatoes and some other vegetables but if you're looking to see results fast you can add a supplement to your diet for an extra kick!