meet the illustrator: nina nguyen

picture: from nina
writer: emma ranne

nina nguyen - inlace calendar interview

The new year is here and we feel ready to explore everything that is to come with 2019 - hopefully you do too.

Last month we published our second Inlace calendar which is all about power women - We gathered a group of 12 wonderful young illustrators and asked them to explore and draw the women they admire, or are inspired by. As each month goes by, we will interview the illustrators and share their stories as well as the stories behind their illustrations for the calendar. You can read more about the project here.

So 12 wonderful illustrations by 12 wonderful illustrators. Are you ready to meet who’s behind January? Let us introduce you to this years first illustrator: Nina.

hey nina, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi everybody, my name is Nina and I’m 22 years old. I live in Vaasa, Finland where I work as a Vinyasa yoga teacher and Aerial yoga instructor. I love to travel and enjoy reading a good book. I also enjoy painting, drawing and drinking coffee - preferably with good company.

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?

I chose to paint Mother Nature as the power woman of January. Mother nature is rooted into her soil where she plants her roots, nourishes her seeds and protects all life around her. She is abundance, she is the bringer, the nourisher, she is home for all plant life.

She inspires me to stay grounded through both good and difficult times. She reminds me to nourish and to be patient with my thoughts, ideas, feelings and the people in my life.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

I’ve loved drawing in kindergarten and haven’t stop doing it since. For me, drawing/painting is a way of meditation. I lose track of time and only focus on what is in front of me. I find it very liberating to be creative!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Practice, practice, practice and all is coming”

What would your dream job be like?

Pretty much what I’m doing right now and to work in a creative field.

List 10 single things that make you happy:

Coffee, the beach, chocolate cake, yoga, my dog, the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, rainy summer days, the color green, full moon and mangoes.

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

I prefer to travel, exploring new places and culture. I think it us the best way to get inspired! But when I’m broke I go to Pinterest… hehe!

What is a weird habit you have?

I talk in my sleep and in different languages.

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

“A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

Mama, You Been on My Mind – Jeff Buckley

We Can Fly – Niteshifters, Simon Tellier Remix

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

So far, it’s Lanzarote.

you can find nina on instagram here to follow up with her adventures, yoga and art -
our 2019 calendar is available via embroselife

our inlace christmas table

(vegan, mostly GF)

writer: emma ranne
picture: catarina böckerman

healthy christmas cookies

With only two more nights (or three for our non Scandinavian readers) until Christmas, it’s time to settle into holiday mood, dig into your recipe archives and pick what to set your table with this Christmas. We gathered a list of recipes from some of our favourite blogs and curated a little Christmas menu that we would love to try out next week. With this we want to wish you a soft and cosy Christmas - happy days, yummy food, and especially time for and from those you love. X

in the AM

  • Some extra creamy vegan rice porridge, a Finnish Christmas tradition - this one by Jenny Mustard is topped with lingonberries and baked tahini pears. After a few years of experimenting with different vegan variations I think the best result is achieved when the rice is cooked in Oatly’s Ikaffe - coconut cream is lovely too. Oh and topped with lots of ceylon cinnamon!

  • Or if you want something a little different but still in the category of rice porridge try the black rice pudding by fan of this planet.

  • Try and top the porridge with this chia and orange blossom jam , by Vanelja.

  • If you’re not into porridge you could try to make some home made coconut yogurt topped with some oven roasted plums or bilberries and gingerbread crumbs (-> see recipe for GF gingerbread down below)

at pm

and something sweet

tips for a mindful xmas

(inlace contributor)

writer: Laura Sulankivi
Picture: Ona Rihu


The lights are twinkling all around and we  keep our fingers crossed wishing for the snow making its white magic on time. I’m adding cinnamon basically to every food I’m eating in these days.  It’s almost here again. The most wonderful time of the year. Christmas.

On the other side, it’s also known as the most consumeristic, unsustainable and wasteful time of the year. Personally, I used to love Christmas. I think back to the Christmas time in my childhood and feel warm and a bit giddy and sentimental too remembering my favorite ornament which I used to hang on our cozy spruce in the living room. I still do love the idea of being with family, having holidays and eating a lot of good food, but all the hustle and the dark side of the celebration causes me stress sometimes. And I have a suspicion that I’m not alone with this.  

mindful xmas

What could we do to make Christmas more sustainable, conscious, and enjoyable and minimize the environmental effects from the such a short period of time? Nobody is perfect, so don't stress too much. It's all about good intentions and being aware of how our acts and consuming are affecting our Mother Earth. These are my 5 tips for your Holiday season!


When we start to think about Christmas, it usually means that we start to think about the gifts. We start to ask our friends or family members what they would want for Christmas. They’ll say nothing. We’ll buy something anyways. Why do we give stuff just to give? In my opinion, the presents side of things should take over the place and just causes too much stress for most of the people. I mean, what we really want and need these days, is just some time together. Instead of buying stuff, you can always give non-material gifts. You can give experiences like festival or movie tickets. You can host a dinner for everyone, you can go for a trip. It can be just anything you like to do together.
In case you still want to give something, there is always a better way to do that! Organizing a Secret Santa is budget friendly and reduces the consumption since every person is buying only one present.
Another idea is to give something home-made, something made with love. This is something I personally like to do. Make your own peanut butter, or fill a recycled glass jar with home-made crunchy granola made from organic, fair-trade ingredients, and you. just. can’t. go. wrong.
Christmas is also a great place for spreading a certain message, as you may have known from our previous article presenting our wish list of conscious gift ideas. Give someone your favorite ethical makeup, vegan chocolate or piece of sustainable clothing. At the same time, you are not only putting your own money for something you believe in but also introducing new products to your friends and family. Who knows, and maybe next time in the store they’ll remember that brand or product.


Every year tons of wrapping paper is going to the trash after opening the Christmas presents, which is equivalent to cutting down tens of thousands of trees only for that one specific day. This time, look out for recycled wrapping paper or go through all the old magazines or newspapers to find colorful pages. Free your imagination for more personal looking gifts!


The traditional, cheapest candles made from paraffin are not the best choice your own health or for the environment. Candles made from natural plant-based wax again, are more eco-friendly because they are smoke-free and biodegradable, made from renewable natural resource and a definitely better choice for especially people having issues such sensitivities, allergies or asthma.

Here is the link to our earlier article offering better alternatives, if you haven’t read it yet.  


Hopefully, you have found your way into a plant-based diet already, but if not, there is a lot of yummy vegan alternatives and possibilities to cook a greener Christmas dinner! You can also always give up the traditions that don't feel homely and create your owns. Fill the table with your favorite foods, whatever you like, christmassy or not. Because at the end of the day, Christmas time is for enjoying, and it really doesn’t matter what the people next door are having on their plates.


I feel it a bit challenging sometimes to suddenly cook a dinner for an entire family when usually it's just two of us around the table. Go through your recipes and make some calculations and plan the dinner table together before,  and share the responsibilities to make it more enjoyable and relaxed for all. This is a simple way to shop smarter, keep the amounts realistic, and reduce food waste and save money of course!


vastuullisuus on chic - Karita Sainio

(inlace contributor)

Kirjoittaja: Meri Frig
Kuva: ida hanhiniemi

vuonna 2019 inlacemediassa tullaan näkemään uusia nimiä - olemme löytäneet ihania contributor-kirjoittajia jotka tulevat jakamaan ajatuksiaan ja antamaan inspiraatiota vieraskirjoittajina. Kiitos ihanasta tekstistä meri!

Karita Sainio on kirjailija ja vastuullisuuteen erikoistuneen pr-toimisto Sugar Helsingin perustaja. Hänen Hyvin Eletty -kirja on ”jokaisen nykynaisen must-have-käsikirja kestävään elämäntapaan.” Kirja on myös niin kaunis, että sen haluaa heti laittaa kirjahyllyssä paraatipaikalle. Selailin sitä taas uudestaan miettiessäni parempia joululahjaideoita. Kysyin Karitalta, mitä hän fiilistelee juuri nyt. Haastattelusta tuli ihana, inspiroitunut fiilis – kiitos Karita!

Karita 12 (1).jpg

Ihastuin kovasti Hyvin eletty -kirjaasi. Voitko kertoa kirjan sanomasta lyhyesti?

Kiitos Meri, ihana kuulla! <3
Olen työskennellyt vastuullisten brändien parissa viimeiset reilu t kymmenen vuotta ja Hyvin eletty olikin luonteva jatko edellisille projekteilleni. Oma missioni työelämässä on jakaa tietoa vastuullisista, päivittäisistä valinnoista synkistelemättä ja parempiin valintoihin inspiroiden. Kirjasta halusin tehdä helposti lähestyttävän (ja kauniin!) oppaan, josta löytää ne juuri omat vinkit oman arjen vastuullisiin valintoihin. Kirjan kautta oivaltaa, että vastuullisuus on oikeastaan aika helppoa.   

 Hyvin eletty -kirja opastaa kauniiseen vastuulliseen elämään. Miksi ”kauniiseen” ja ”vastuulliseen,” yhdessä?

Mielestäni vastuullinen elämäntapa on tyylikästä, älykästä ja puoleensavetävää. On luontevaa haluta hyviä arvoja ja niiden mukanaan tuomaa kauneutta ympärilleen. Sen sijaan, että vastuulliset valinnat jotenkin rasittaisivat, ne tuovat harmoniaa ja itsevarmuutta elämään. On voimaannuttavaa ottaa asioista selvää ja tieto myös helpottaa valintojen tekemistä.

 Mitä vinkkejä antaisit vastuullisuudesta viestimiseen, heille, jotka tulevat uutena tälle alalle? 

Aikoinaan päätin, että työskentelen ainoastaan vastuullisten brändien parissa. Silloin vastuullisuudesta viestiminen on oikeastaan aika helppoa, sillä se on sisäänrakennettu brändeihin ja viestiä ei tarvitse erikseen rakentaa tai päälleliimata. Monet vastuulliset brändit ovat laadukkaita, esimerkiksi kosmetiikassa raaka-aineet ovat aitoja tai ruokapuolella luomua ja ravintorikasta. Tällöin viestissä voi keskittyä tuotteen laatuun ja vastuullisuus tuleekin kaupan päälle, ikään kuin itsestään selvänä kivijalkana tuotteelle – tarinoita ei tarvitse keksiä.

Mikä on nyt ’bubbling under,’ eli jotain ihan uutta, vastuullisuuden maailmassa?

Mentoroin paljon uusia yrittäjiä ja selkeästi uusiobrändit ovat jo syntyessään vastuullisia – se itsessään tulee muuttamaan maailmaa jo paljon. Uskon, että juuri nyt on paljon kehitteillä esimerkiksi muovia, puuvillaa ja muita ekokatastrofimateriaaleja korvaavia vaihtoehtoja, zero waste -innovaatioita, lihaa korvaavia vaihtoehtoja ja uusia energiaratkaisuja. Vastuullisuus koskettaa oikeastaan ihan kaikkea. 

Mitkä eettiset tai ekologiset paikat tai brändit ovat juuri nyt suosikkejasi?

Uuh, herkullinen kysymys, näitä on niiiiiiin runsaasti! Tänään minulle tulisi mieleen Aida Impact, super elegantteja silkkikoruja valmistava, Suomeen pakolaisina tulleita naisia työllistävä brändi, Embrosé, uusi vastuullisiin lifestyle-tuotteisiin erikoistunut nettikauppa joka on pastellisävyissään kuin karkkikauppa, Duara, jonka kautta voi yöpyä Afrikassa tai Aasiassa osana paikallista arkea ja siten jakaa turismin rahaa kansainvälisten ketjujen sijasta kehittyvien maiden asukkaille, Magnesia jooga- ja hyvinvointifestivaali, joka laajenee ensi kesänä Suomenlinnaan, Supermoodin Youth Glo -sarja joka tekee iholle ihmeitä ja Kuuman herkulliset soija-cappucinot & letut. 

Mitä blogeja tai esimerkiksi Instagram-tilejä tykkäät seurata?

Juuri nyt huomaan seuraavani erilaisten startuppien ja vastuullisten brändien tilejä, benchmarkkaus- ja inspiraatiosilmällä, sillä työskentelen itsekin uusien liiketoimintakonseptien ja brändien rakentamisen parissa. Rakastan yrittäjiä ja uusia yrityksiä ja saan niistä paljon inspiraatiota!  
Muuten olen aika tarkka sisällöstä, mitä kulutan. En esimerkiksi juuri ollenkaan seuraa Instagramin Storiesia, vaikka se onkin viihdyttävää, mutta jatkuva höpinä usein vain kuormittaa aivoja ja on vähän turhaa muutenkin. Huomaan etsiväni ylipäätään elämässä syvempää viisautta somen alta, olen lopettanut Facebookin käytön ja ajastanut Instagramissa kulutetun ajan. Blogeja en oikeastaan seuraa ollenkaan, mutta suosikkeihin kuuluvat ystävien blogit kuten Visual Diary (ja Insta!! yksi parhaimmista), Anna Vihervaarasta, Ida365. Tottakai Sugarin oma media on lähellä sydäntä, ja Inlace, tykkään! :)

inlace dream list pt.4


emmas dream list.jpg

Dear Santa… I dream of waking up to palo santo scented cozy mornings. To start my mornings at an extra slow pace, having time for a little yoga before heading to any uni lectures. I dream my skin would feel as soft as in the warmer months. Speaking of warmer months, I dream of dancing my heart out at Flow Festival (possibly one of the most sustainable festivals around) next August.

Embrosé, Palo Santo - Mamita botanical, body oil - machete, hoop earrings -
Flow festival helsinki, festival tickets - filippa k - yoga set

Inlace mediaComment
inlace dream list pt.3


inlace dream list pt.3

Dear Santa,

Thank you for this year, all the magic, love and lessons it brought to me. Thank you for the souls you sent on my way, for them my heart is ever grateful. Thank you, thank you and thank you. As the year is wrapping up, I’m ready to let go, let go of it all that holds me back. All the shit that I was holding on to, help me let go. So I can unlayer, unlayer myself to the most authentic form of my being. To help me unlayer, here are some tools that would assist me on my journey. So dear santa, I wish for love, deep love towards myself, towards all life. I wish for sun, being nude on an tropical island, an island I can call home. I wish for working my emotions through flower drops. I wish for sexual healing, feminine healing, to let go of all that baggage I’ve carried for centuries in my precious yoni. To help with her healing, I wish for the golden lotus deep dive into my mystical sexuality, a new crystal wand for the exploration and for soothing her some yoni oil. Let 2019 be filled with pure authenticity, from myself and from every soul this planet inhabits.

goldenlotus, female sexual empowerment- workshop helsinki - frantsila, flower theraphy - willowfeminineoil, yoni oil - chakrubs, crystal wand - tarot/angel cards, moonchild tarot

inlace dream list pt.2

Hey babes! The holidays are here, and we wanted to share some ways to share love. Christmas is much more than presents, it’s time to be with our loved ones. It’s time to cozy up, and have radical self-care moments. It’s about forgiveness, acceptance and letting go. So we can let the love in, be the love we wish to receive. There is many ways we can show our love, show our acceptance. This year i’m calling you to think outside of the box..actually just burn the box and watch how the limiting ways of thinking burns in front of your eyes. I’m calling you to think how you would like to show your love. On this dream list, we’ve picked some of our favourite conscious gifts. If you feel like buying some of these Mother Earth loving brands, remember to pack them on biodegradable packings. But beside these awesome material gifts, how bout giving something non-material. How bout giving love, through giving your time to someone you love. How bout giving a gift card to share your gifts, share your presence. Cause most precious gifts, are the gift of our magical presence, our deep ‘in the now’ presence.

How ever you choose to give and receive love this year, I hope you do it from your heart.

EMBROSÉ, Inlace calendar 2019 & self care box - Tikau, doggy basket - Organicbasics, goods -Keepjar, mesh bags -Larq, next level water bottle -Ruohonjuuri, bamboo toothbrush- Savisisko, keramiikat & kurssit -Bamboo, toothbrush - hetkinen, next level organic cosmetics

all about candles

Writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Catarina böckerman

organic coconut and rapeseed wax candles

The season is truly here - There’s nothing better than cozying up in the light of candles when it’s getting cold outside. I myself am a huge fan of candles - but I only learned about their influence on our health pretty recently. It really does make a difference which kind of candles you burn. Traditional candles can make your indoor-air filled with toxins. Paraffin - the major ingredient in most candles releases carcinogenic chemicals into the air when burned. I won’t go all in on the bad stuff - you can read more with a simple ecosia search.
I am here to offer you an alternative:

Coconut wax candles

Organic coconut wax is a luxurious, delicious smelling alternative to stearin. It doesn’t release any harmful chemicals into your room air but it does throw scent extremely well. It’s naturally obtained from coconuts. We are in love with these Woodlot candles from Kaarna living. The different combinations of essential oils are an absolute treat to smell.

rapeseed wax candles

Rapeseed wax is an interesting ecological and clean burning alternative to stearin and paraffin candles. It burns odorless and clean. These candles are hand poured in Germany from local rapeseed oil reducing the candle's carbon footprint. Rapeseed wax is a new discovery for me, and I’m very happy to have found it! I love these tealight candles because they don’t have metal around them and they burn nice and slow. You can find rapeseed wax candles at kaarna as well.

Soy wax candles

Soy wax in itself is is also toxin free and more environmentally friendly than traditional candles. This hygge candle from embrosé is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home with it’s heart-warming natural scent.

inlace calendar 2019

2018 is coming to an end and it’s time to welcome the new year. We are so grateful for all the support and love we’ve received on our first year of Inlace Media, so thank you to all of our readers. We are looking forward to 2019 and are excited to grow and create with you.

Our calendar for 2019 has the same concept as last year’s calendar. We gave 12 wonderful volunteer illustrators freedom to create one illustration for each month. The theme of the calendar is women we admire, or are inspired by. This year we wanted to let the illustrators choose who they want to draw, so the illustrations are women/goddesses who have inspired our lovely illustrators in some way. As each month goes by, we will interview the illustrator and share the story behind the image and illustrator here on Inlace.

The calendar itself is printed using plant-based eco ink, on high quality recycled acid free paper. The size is smaller than last year as well, a5 to be exact. Each calendar is truly handmade, by Inlace Girls. This year we desided to do a print-version only, that will be sold on 20% of the profits will go to a charity chosen by our illustrators and the rest will support inlace media and allow us to create more high quality content for you guys to read.

2018 has been filled with so much goodness, but 2019 will be the year of true empowerment, true growth in personal and in collective level. Let’s create from the true core of our being, let’s create together, let’s embrace community. Shall the collaboration be the new way of creating, of doing, of living.

This calendar is made of love and collaboration. This calendar is what we wish our society would reflect more, so thank you all you magic souls who created with us.

Ps. you can find the moon phases on our calendar

 ● = Full moon

○ = New moon

Inlace mediacalendarComment
inlace dream list pt.1


ona dream list.jpg

Dear Santa… I made this moodboard out of pure inspiration and appreciation for beautiful things in life. I dream my winter months will be filled with candlelight and the scent of essential oils. I dream to wear white linen and handcrafted earrings that make me feel like a goddess. And what’s more goddess-like than gliding a rose quartz roller across my cheeks for instant refreshment?

Embrosé, rose quartz roller - Linenfox, juta jacket - bulba, diffuser - frantsila, jasmine essential oil - juliette laloe jewellery, mati single earring - kaarna living - rapeseed wax candles

on travel dreams with plantiful alexandra

writer: Emma ranne
picture: from Alexandra

Alexandra from @plantifulalexandra

A few months back we had the chance to meet up with our lovely German friend Alexandra to grab a coffee and have a chat. We first got to know Alex through Instagram where we’ve been following her insanely yummy looking (like really!) food creations pretty much ever since she started with Instagramming 3 years ago. We love Alexandra’s style of adding personal stories to her photos and look up to her skills in communicating her thoughts in such an authentic way through the online platform. This girl has inspired us multiple times.

When we met Alex she had just quit her day job and was about to head on an adventure that included surfing, Bali and exploring life in Australia. While sipping our coffees and matchas we talked about what it was in the first place that inspired Alexandra to hop on this adventure?

‘‘I had known for quite some time that I really wanted to travel and I wasn’t really enjoying the job I spent most of my days at. The job had pretty much just been about saving money for me, and once I had saved up enough I thought it was time to go.’’


What made you choose Bali and Australia?

I’m going to do a surf instructor’s course in Bali which will be my first stop. When it comes to Australia it’s actually their work and travel visa which is great for this kind of situation. Another reason for me would be that I really want to surf, which Australia obviously is quite the perfect fit for. I also know a lot of Instagrammers from Australia and it just looks like a really lovely place (also their vegan food scene, I’m really looking forward to that). Hmmm the only thing is that I’m not really a big fan of too hot weather but it should be all good, haha!

Any tips for someone scared of taking the step?

Just do it. I think you shouldn’t be too scared of following your dream. Especially if you don’t like your current situation and you feel very strong about wanting to do something else be it traveling or starting a new job. If it’s literally just fear that keeps you from making the change, the chances are pretty big that you’ll probably just regret not giving it a go.


Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts?

Of course! I love the content of my friends @laurafruitfairy and @alexasearth. Hmm it’s really hard to just pick a few though.


Where do you source inspiration for your delicious looking recipes?

To be honest I don’t really do recipes. My cooking is more just me throwing things together, hahaha. In the beginning of being a vegan I used Instagram a lot to look for food inspiration. I think it’s just mainly about me seeing other people do delicious looking things and putting my favourite bits from their recipes together to create my own thing.


What would your perfect Sunday (anywhere in the world) look like?

My perfect Sunday… I’d wake up without an alarm around seven. Then I’d do some meditation and some stretching after which I’d have some breakfast outside at my terrace while reading a book and listening to some good music. After the slow breakfast I’d head for a surf as the waves obviously would be perfect. Then after a couple of hours, I’d come home, take a shower and meet up with some friends for lunch. In the afternoon it would be time for a little nap after which I’d maybe do some more surfing as the waves are still great. In the evening I’d meet with people for dinner, have a glass of wine and a good chat. The main point of the day would for it to be really relaxed.

We loved getting to meet Alexandra while she was exploring Helsinki and hope to see her again soon. You can follow up with Alexandra’s travels on Instagram. Seeing all the scenic travel pictures has really made us crave some adventure too.






rose coloured brekkie bowls

(vegan, GF)

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

persimon and lingonberry smoothie bowls with spicy granola

A pretty looking and even more so delicious tasting breakfast has the ability to make or break a day - an introspective fact.

These frosty cold mornings have tuned down my breakfast inspirations and most mornings I find myself cooking maca spiced oatmeal with my thoughts on auto-mode. Not that there’s anything wrong with oatmeal! I’ve been praising this comfy breakfast kind that’s one of my favourites here multiple times, but like with all things: sometimes it’s good to shake things up a little.

When I’m having a creative burst my breakfast kitchen turns into a fruit powered alchemy lab. I like to always go with the something a little extra and enjoy experimenting with different flavours and spices to keep things exciting. This creation was born on one of those mornings, when the weather was grey and I was in no hurry to go anywhere. It’s quite an ambitious creation, but if you have the crunchy granola and spicy chia prepped before hand it’s put together in a minute or two.
Hope you enjoy it <3

persimon and lingonberry smoothie bowls

ingredients for 1:

  • a frozen banana

  • 1/2 of a big (preferably extra ripe) persimon or sharon

  • a big handful of frozen lingon berries

  • a pinch of cardamom and a tsp of (optional) maca root powder


  1. easy breezy: pop all of the ingredients in your blender and let it do its magic. Don’t have a blender?
    a food processor or hand mixer would do the job too (*Empirically tested by me during the most of last summer when relying on an old hand mixer and big sauce pan to blend my smoothies in - requires some extra patience but works just fine)

orange blossom and chai chia pudding

ingredients for 1:

  • 2 tsp of chia seeds

  • 1 dl (100ml) of cooled down extra strong chai tea

  • 1 tsp of orange blossom water


  1. measure all of the ingredients in a little bowl, whisk together and pop it in the fridge. During the first half an hour go back to give it another stir every 10 minutes or so to make sure the consistency becomes even. Ideally made the night before, but if you have an extra 30 min in the morning you could assemble this in the AM too.

ginger spiced golden granola

ingredients for a big jar:

  • 3dl millet groats

  • 2 dl Oat flakes (the bigger ones)

  • a handful of sunflower seeds

  • 1/2dl of oat flour 

  • about 1 cm of fresh ginger peeled and grated

  • 2 generous spoonfuls of turmeric

  • a tsp of cinnamon

  • a dash of cardamum and salt

  • dried figs cut into chunks


  • 1 generous tsp of tahini

  • 2-3 tbs of hot water

  • a dash of maple syrup

  • (+ an optional tbsp of orange blossom water)


  1. Measure all of the liquids in a small bowl and whisk together

  2. Mix all the drive ingredients together and combine with the liquids -> you should get a dough like mixture

  3. Form tiny cluster from the dough and spread them out on a baking sheet

  4. Bake at 150C (or 100C if you have more time) and give the granola a mix every 10 minutes until it’s all crispy and your kitchen (read whole 23 sqm apartment) is smelling cozy.

When you have all of the elements above ready it’s time to let your creative spirit loose. Make your master piece by assembling everithing in your favourite brekkie bowl and decorate it with your favourite berries. Light a candle, brew a cup of tea, put on your favourite morning tunes and enjoy slowly enjoying the cozy morning <3

thelma köhler - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Thelma Köhler

Thelma Köhler is a Helsinki based artist, known for her stunning illustration works. Last autumn Thelma followed her dream and set up her own company, through which she’s now able to do what she loves for a living. Besides her art works both digital and on paper, Thelma has also done some work in fashion design. A few weeks ago I sat down with this lovely lady who’s the artist of this months calendar drawing. We cozied up with some coffee and talked about art, following ones career dreams and conscious actions.

Hi thelma! Can you please shortly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! So my name is Thelma, I’m 22 years old and I live here in Helsinki. I’m working as an artist in the fields of visual art and uncommercial fashion in my own company. 

Oh that’s super cool! Tell us more about being an entrepreneur. How did you get into it and how does it feel?

It’s very rewarding! Being an entrepreneur is not the easiest career path, but it really gives you the freedom, which is amazing and I get to do exactly what I want basically. I have both my own projects like an art exhibition that’s coming up soon and a clothing line I’m working on with Emilia Gustafsson. Furthermore there’s the custom orders regarding both paintings and illustrations and sometimes also garments.

can you Tell us more about your art: when did you get started?

Well it’s pretty much accidental as I don’t know what else I could see myself do. It’s always been a part of my life and something that comes very natural to me. Drawing is something that’s always been with me, and I realise it’s quite a luxury for me to be able to do it for a living.

Thelma Köhler - Scorpio Inlace Calendar 2018

Where do you source your inspiration?

Oh that’s a difficult but interesting question. Hmmm… well, thinking of my upcoming exhibition for example, the inspiration is gathered mainly from dreams. I have very visual and vivid dreams, which are authentic pictures that can’t be from anywhere else. I also get inspired by people and their interesting presences which I want to communicate through my pictures as well.

Do you have Any big artist crushes?

Oh yeah I have! Definitely Salvador Dalí. He’s always been inspirational to me with just his art, his charisma and all of that. My grandfather used to collect his lithographies, so it feels sort of like a family thing. I love the expressiveness of surrealism and it has a certain type of dark mystery which I really appreciate.

What would you do on a perfect Friday?

That really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just love to be around people and connect with friends, whereas on other nights I’d rather stay in, read a book and eat good food at home accompanied by my cat Francis.

What is your favourite quality about yourself?

Oh that’s a difficult one. Hmm I’d say either my perseverance or my intuition. They’re both things that have got me where I am now, and something that has proven to be of great value.  

Which conscious actions do you wish more of us would take?

I’m a bit partial with this one since I’m vegan myself, but eating plant based is of course something I’d wish to see more people do. It has changed my life personally. I also wish that people would be more mindful of consuming our planet and others - both animals and other people. 

Tell us about a childhood dream

Oh actually that’s very funny when I think about it, since it’s basically; living in a big city and to be able to create. Besides, I don’t think I’ll ever be a penguin trainer… I’ve kinda given up on that dream but that’s alright, haha!

What are your Top 3 tunes at the momen?

1. Corporation by Jack White 

2. Calm Like a Bomb by Rage Against the Machine 

3. the album Maxinquaye by Tricky

Check out more of Thelma’s art work on her website: and her Instagram

8 things to do instead of shopping

writer: ona rihu
picture: ona rihu


The day of mindless consuming is here - and I don’t really feel it. Huge sales and pushing people to buy beyond their need is not very sustainable and especially in our environmental situation we should really be putting thought into what kind of message we want to send out as consumers. So here’s 8 things you can do today instead of shopping!

go to a museum - or see a band play

experiences stay with you.

organize a workhsop with your friends

it can be making beeswax candles, knitting, ceramics, drawing, or anything really

have a spa - night

do a facemask, drink lemon water and listen to a soft playlist. also don’t forget to hang out in your bathrobe - it’s essential.

make a DIY- project

give your space a new look by painting your furniture or setting up a diy bookshelf

have your friend come over for some glögi - even better make it yourself!

friends + hygge = can’t go wrong.

dance! groove by yourself or find a dance class near you

find a throwback playlist or whatever makes you want to dance, and just do it!

do a clothes - swap with your friends

instead of buying something new, do a swap and save your money!

collect flowers and plants to dry

the time for collecting plants is now - you never know when the snow hits

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writer: ona rihu
picture: ona rihu, catarina böckerman

Korento is a new cosmetics line that aims to provide a high-quality, natural alternative to synthetic makeup. Their products are made in Finland in small batches to ensure good quality. I personally am excited about their products since I’ve had a hard time finding good natural makeup to use as foundation. My skin is very dry, especially during winter and I find that wearing foundation often makes it even worse. Their Cream Foundation is my new best friend when I want some coverage on my skin.

Products used:

berry vitamin cream foundation*

This is my new go-to concealer/foundation. It’s silky smooth and super easy to layer for better coverage.

vitamin infused lip & cheek tint*

Incredibly high-pigmented, long lasting product. I’ll be wearing this shade for all the christmast parties in December!

serum foundation*

I use this to even out my skin tone and pamper my skin. Not very high coverage, so I like to dab on the cream foundation on imperfections when using this.

botanical finishing powder*

This is made of rice flour. It absorbs oils and leaves your skin matte, as a mineral powder would. I use this very carefully, on my nose and forehead. Works as emergency dry shampoo as well!

*products given

7 tips for thrift shopping

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Reformation vintage shop in LA

It was back in high school when I first got into thrift shopping. Back then it was more about it being an affordable way to explore and experiment with the world of fashion I had recently got into.

These days buying 2nd hand is of much more meaning to me than it just being more cost effective for the warderobe (which is a nice plus of course). There’s the sustainability aspect which would definitely be reason #1 for me to buy things 2nd hand. I also like the idea of the pieces being more unique and often the materials are a bit more durable too (I mean if the item has already lasted for a bunch of years it would last for a couple more).

Thrift shopping is a little like going on treasure hunt and you never know what you will find (if anything). Even though buying things 2nd hand is a lot about patience and consistency, I think there are definitely some tricks and tips that can make it a little easier to find than one item you’ve been looking for for months. I hope you can find a trick or two from the list down below to help you get a little closer to finding those perfectly fitting washed vintage Levi’s Jeans (which I still am after. It’s been years…)

The 7 keys to success in thrift shopping

  1. Do your research. Chek out with your local thrift shops when they have their re-stock days and, try to go when all the new treasures have just been layed out. One of my favourtie thrift shops here in Finland is UFF. They re-stock about every 1,5 months and I’ve made really good finds by going on the re-stock morning. The most recent re-stock for all UFF shops was on Monday 12.11. You can sign up for their news letter to stay up to date on what’s coming up and when the sales and re-stock are.

  2. When you go, go as hands free as possible so you can easily browse through the clothes. Wear something comfy that is easy for when you’re trying on the things. Don’t forget to bring your own tote bag to carry your new treasures home in.

  3. Have a clear vision for what it is that you are looking for (but don’t shut your eyes from the other possibilities you could come accross. It’s fun to explore and experiment with clothes!) I have a ‘‘wish list’’ in my phone notes which I like to look back to to keep on track of what I feel like I’m needing in my closet. I also tend to scroll through my pinterest board just before I go to have a clear vision of what I want.

  4. 2nd hand clothing often being quite a bit cheaper can trick you to buying things a little more impulsively.
    When you find something you like, ask yourself the following questions:
    - Does it actually fit? How likely are you actually going to be to get around to DIY the amendmends that the piece needs?
    - Have a critical look at the materials label and inspect the item for any faults.
    - Does the piece match your warderobe and style? Try to think of at least 3 outfits you could put together with the item.

  5. Be sure to check out the men’s/ boys’ section too. Hello hello hello oversized blazers, woolen sweaters, coats and shirts. It took me years to discover this.

  6. Thirft shopping is something that craves to be done regularly. Swing by every couple of weeks or so, so you’ll have a bigger chance of succeeding in your treasure hunt for that one certain piece you’ve been after.

  7. Bring a friend along for more fun and to be that someone that can tell you if you can actually pull off that one boldly colourful 80s coat or whether crosses the line of being a bit too extravaganza. Update your friends on your wishlist so you can keep eye out for each other too.

Let us know your best tips for thrift shopping and what your best buy has been! You can either comment down below or pop us a DM on Instagram <3

holy chill week


Before holy chill weeks I was a master at stressing myself out. It all started from getting excited about something so much that peeing myself wasn’t far away. And suddenly the positive passion turned into a stressful ‘’let’s do a million things at once’’ situation. And once I was there I could see the red flag right in front of me. In the past I’ve been subconsciously holding myself back so much that when I finally ‘’let’’ myself accomplish my dreams, it’s like she (my true self) has this huge rush to do it all. So patience and doing one thing at a time have been big lessons to me. So I decided to take real action without stressing myself (or catching it before I see the ‘’over burning myself - flag in the horizon), by creating the Holy chill week.  

-It’s not about trying to do a million things at once, but to do one thing with peace of mind at once -by my wise heart

So what’s the holy chill week all about?

First, list all things that make you go in the rabbit hole of stressing out.

Then make a promise to learn to let go of the stress and live with holy chill in your heart.  After all, stressing out doesn’t make whatever you are doing any better. It only invites you down the path of burning yourself out. So the goal is to learn to be driven and chill at the same time. (yes,  it’s possible, with a little bit of practice everything is)

So make a list of  your pleasures from small to big orgasms of life. (and yes matcha latte is a small orgasm of life, or a big one occasionally.)  Then intuitively allow yourself to enjoy these small and big pleasures of life on the week of the holy chill.



My pleasure list (to get you inspired for your pleasure list)

Foamy matcha latte from Andante

A massage, from self massage to a 1h full body massage at a massage therapist 

Nature walk, skinny dipping, just anything to ground my being to mother earth 

Hot chocolate with tons of maca

Dancing my soul out on the dance floor, from a salsa class, to a steamy bar dance session or a full on ecstatic dance class.

Cuddle, my pillows, my friends and my family. 

Yoga, at home or at a class with beautiful souls. 

Start everyday with calm and peace, set the energy to the vibration of holy chill. Do this by practising gratitude and meditation in the first hour of the day. While meditating ask your heart what does she feel like doing today, what serves her the most right now. 

Then go on and do it. 

And every time you feel like you’re about to fall down in the rabbit hole of stress, catch yourself before the fall by coming to the present moment. Come back to the present by counting your breaths for 10 times and going back to your body, to your true essence. 

It’s all habits, and it’s definitely a time for us to learn out of the ‘over burning myself ‘habit. 


— and if you still have things (like the not so enjoyable work) where you kinda still have to go, promise yourself to make it a spiritual practise. Stay mindful in what ever would shake you that day. Through learning to stay present, in your not so favourite situations, you’ll become a master of being present. Just imagine how easy it is to stay fully present when you’re actually practising your pleasure list. 


 Much love and pleasurable holy chill week to you all.

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money talk

writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Ona Rihu

I feel like the topic of managing your money is now more present than before, and it makes me extremely happy. I’ve read articles about saving, investing and spending money for a few years now, as it’s always fascinated me. I’ve made all my own money and in the first years of making an income I used to spend it all on fast fashion and eating out. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser I’ve started investing very carefully through my bank and saving a percentage of my income in my savings account and/or my apartment savings account ASP, instead of wasting money on things I don’t need. A part of me wishes I’d started sooner, but I also look back on those carefree years with love. However, there’s been a huge difference in my income now that I’ve started studying. It’s going to be more difficult to save money and to manage it in general, so I’m making this list for myself as a guideline and hoping it can help some of you aswell. x

Step 1 - Make a budget

Whether it’s in excel or an old school notebook, having a clear budget is very important. It helps you see the whole picture of your situation and see your income in detail. This is especially helpful for those who have multiple sources of income.

Step 2 - Track your spending

Write a list of every single purchase you make for 1 week, or as long as you see necessary to get to know your own spending habits. This helps you see where your money is going and how much you’re spending in total. For me this was a real eye-opener, and made me rethink a lot of my past-time activities!

Step 3 - Cut down

Recognize the problem areas you might have and get creative with finding some more affordable solutions. Whether it’s switching your takeaway matcha to homemade, or going on a shopping break, recognize your habits and work on them!

step 4 - save up

If you have any income that you CAN save, do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s 25% of your income or 10 euros per month, get in to the habit of setting aside some money on a seperate account. Once you get into the flow of saving money you’ll notice how nice it feels and hopefully get even more motivated when you see those digits on your savings account. If you need motivation for this, have a prize for yourself when you’ve reached a certain amount of savings.

It’s also important to think about your relationship to money, how it affects you and whether it’s healthy or has something you can improve. I’d like to think of money only as a tool, not something that in itself brings me happiness or a feeling of accomplishment. This way you don’t get too caught up in the numbers and stay grounded. After all, you can’t put a price tag on happiness or health. Even if I’m living on a budget, I try not to say or think negative thoughts about my financial situation. Instead of saying “I’m broke”, I try to say “I’m saving up”. A budget lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t indulge or feel like your life is abundant. This is another great use for a gratitude list. We are all lucky, and we are all more priviledged than someone else, in some way. Try to find gratitude for what you already have instead of lusting after things you don’t have. This way you’re more open to attracting abundance anyway x