7 tips for thrift shopping

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

 Reformation vintage shop in LA

It was back in high school when I first got into thrift shopping. Back then it was more about it being an affordable way to explore and experiment with the world of fashion I had recently got into.

These days buying 2nd hand is of much more meaning to me than it just being more cost effective for the warderobe (which is a nice plus of course). There’s the sustainability aspect which would definitely be reason #1 for me to buy things 2nd hand. I also like the idea of the pieces being more unique and often the materials are a bit more durable too (I mean if the item has already lasted for a bunch of years it would last for a couple more).

Thrift shopping is a little like going on treasure hunt and you never know what you will find (if anything). Even though buying things 2nd hand is a lot about patience and consistency, I think there are definitely some tricks and tips that can make it a little easier to find than one item you’ve been looking for for months. I hope you can find a trick or two from the list down below to help you get a little closer to finding those perfectly fitting washed vintage Levi’s Jeans (which I still am after. It’s been years…)

The 7 keys to success in thrift shopping

  1. Do your research. Chek out with your local thrift shops when they have their re-stock days and, try to go when all the new treasures have just been layed out. One of my favourtie thrift shops here in Finland is UFF. They re-stock about every 1,5 months and I’ve made really good finds by going on the re-stock morning. The most recent re-stock for all UFF shops was on Monday 12.11. You can sign up for their news letter to stay up to date on what’s coming up and when the sales and re-stock are.

  2. When you go, go as hands free as possible so you can easily browse through the clothes. Wear something comfy that is easy for when you’re trying on the things. Don’t forget to bring your own tote bag to carry your new treasures home in.

  3. Have a clear vision for what it is that you are looking for (but don’t shut your eyes from the other possibilities you could come accross. It’s fun to explore and experiment with clothes!) I have a ‘‘wish list’’ in my phone notes which I like to look back to to keep on track of what I feel like I’m needing in my closet. I also tend to scroll through my pinterest board just before I go to have a clear vision of what I want.

  4. 2nd hand clothing often being quite a bit cheaper can trick you to buying things a little more impulsively.
    When you find something you like, ask yourself the following questions:
    - Does it actually fit? How likely are you actually going to be to get around to DIY the amendmends that the piece needs?
    - Have a critical look at the materials label and inspect the item for any faults.
    - Does the piece match your warderobe and style? Try to think of at least 3 outfits you could put together with the item.

  5. Be sure to check out the men’s/ boys’ section too. Hello hello hello oversized blazers, woolen sweaters, coats and shirts. It took me years to discover this.

  6. Thirft shopping is something that craves to be done regularly. Swing by every couple of weeks or so, so you’ll have a bigger chance of succeeding in your treasure hunt for that one certain piece you’ve been after.

  7. Bring a friend along for more fun and to be that someone that can tell you if you can actually pull off that one boldly colourful 80s coat or whether crosses the line of being a bit too extravaganza. Update your friends on your wishlist so you can keep eye out for each other too.

Let us know your best tips for thrift shopping and what your best buy has been! You can either comment down below or pop us a DM on Instagram <3

holy chill week


Before holy chill weeks I was a master at stressing myself out. It all started from getting excited about something so much that peeing myself wasn’t far away. And suddenly the positive passion turned into a stressful ‘’let’s do a million things at once’’ situation. And once I was there I could see the red flag right in front of me. In the past I’ve been subconsciously holding myself back so much that when I finally ‘’let’’ myself accomplish my dreams, it’s like she (my true self) has this huge rush to do it all. So patience and doing one thing at a time have been big lessons to me. So I decided to take real action without stressing myself (or catching it before I see the ‘’over burning myself - flag in the horizon), by creating the Holy chill week.  

-It’s not about trying to do a million things at once, but to do one thing with peace of mind at once -by my wise heart

So what’s the holy chill week all about?

First, list all things that make you go in the rabbit hole of stressing out.

Then make a promise to learn to let go of the stress and live with holy chill in your heart.  After all, stressing out doesn’t make whatever you are doing any better. It only invites you down the path of burning yourself out. So the goal is to learn to be driven and chill at the same time. (yes,  it’s possible, with a little bit of practice everything is)

So make a list of  your pleasures from small to big orgasms of life. (and yes matcha latte is a small orgasm of life, or a big one occasionally.)  Then intuitively allow yourself to enjoy these small and big pleasures of life on the week of the holy chill.



My pleasure list (to get you inspired for your pleasure list)

Foamy matcha latte from Andante

A massage, from self massage to a 1h full body massage at a massage therapist 

Nature walk, skinny dipping, just anything to ground my being to mother earth 

Hot chocolate with tons of maca

Dancing my soul out on the dance floor, from a salsa class, to a steamy bar dance session or a full on ecstatic dance class.

Cuddle, my pillows, my friends and my family. 

Yoga, at home or at a class with beautiful souls. 

Start everyday with calm and peace, set the energy to the vibration of holy chill. Do this by practising gratitude and meditation in the first hour of the day. While meditating ask your heart what does she feel like doing today, what serves her the most right now. 

Then go on and do it. 

And every time you feel like you’re about to fall down in the rabbit hole of stress, catch yourself before the fall by coming to the present moment. Come back to the present by counting your breaths for 10 times and going back to your body, to your true essence. 

It’s all habits, and it’s definitely a time for us to learn out of the ‘over burning myself ‘habit. 


— and if you still have things (like the not so enjoyable work) where you kinda still have to go, promise yourself to make it a spiritual practise. Stay mindful in what ever would shake you that day. Through learning to stay present, in your not so favourite situations, you’ll become a master of being present. Just imagine how easy it is to stay fully present when you’re actually practising your pleasure list. 


 Much love and pleasurable holy chill week to you all.

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money talk

writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Ona Rihu

I feel like the topic of managing your money is now more present than before, and it makes me extremely happy. I’ve read articles about saving, investing and spending money for a few years now, as it’s always fascinated me. I’ve made all my own money and in the first years of making an income I used to spend it all on fast fashion and eating out. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser I’ve started investing very carefully through my bank and saving a percentage of my income in my savings account and/or my apartment savings account ASP, instead of wasting money on things I don’t need. A part of me wishes I’d started sooner, but I also look back on those carefree years with love. However, there’s been a huge difference in my income now that I’ve started studying. It’s going to be more difficult to save money and to manage it in general, so I’m making this list for myself as a guideline and hoping it can help some of you aswell. x

Step 1 - Make a budget

Whether it’s in excel or an old school notebook, having a clear budget is very important. It helps you see the whole picture of your situation and see your income in detail. This is especially helpful for those who have multiple sources of income.

Step 2 - Track your spending

Write a list of every single purchase you make for 1 week, or as long as you see necessary to get to know your own spending habits. This helps you see where your money is going and how much you’re spending in total. For me this was a real eye-opener, and made me rethink a lot of my past-time activities!

Step 3 - Cut down

Recognize the problem areas you might have and get creative with finding some more affordable solutions. Whether it’s switching your takeaway matcha to homemade, or going on a shopping break, recognize your habits and work on them!

step 4 - save up

If you have any income that you CAN save, do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s 25% of your income or 10 euros per month, get in to the habit of setting aside some money on a seperate account. Once you get into the flow of saving money you’ll notice how nice it feels and hopefully get even more motivated when you see those digits on your savings account. If you need motivation for this, have a prize for yourself when you’ve reached a certain amount of savings.

It’s also important to think about your relationship to money, how it affects you and whether it’s healthy or has something you can improve. I’d like to think of money only as a tool, not something that in itself brings me happiness or a feeling of accomplishment. This way you don’t get too caught up in the numbers and stay grounded. After all, you can’t put a price tag on happiness or health. Even if I’m living on a budget, I try not to say or think negative thoughts about my financial situation. Instead of saying “I’m broke”, I try to say “I’m saving up”. A budget lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t indulge or feel like your life is abundant. This is another great use for a gratitude list. We are all lucky, and we are all more priviledged than someone else, in some way. Try to find gratitude for what you already have instead of lusting after things you don’t have. This way you’re more open to attracting abundance anyway x

boobie talk part 2


Hey all you breast owning creatures out there. Today I was inspired to talk little bit more about boobs, and the two main actions for your breast health. 

Boobie massage

Our boobs are located on top of our heart, and the location it’s not a coincidence. Us humans we have 2 main points of energy centres. In guys the primary centre is on their penis and the 2nd one is in their hearts. And us females our primary point is in our hearts and 2nd one is in our yonis. That’s why girls are more sensitive, that’s how we were sculptured to be. That’s why it’s so important to connect to your heart point, to your primary energy centre through your boobs.  

Through massaging your breast tissues you’re also releasing all the toxins that may be stored in there. The way our body releases toxins is through our lymphatic system. This automatic detoxification system works through movement. And because our boobs are mainly maid of fat tissues, they are not inhabiting as much in this detoxification system the same way other ares of our bodies. This is the reason why our boobs might collect extra dirt on them, that could create breast cancer for example. And  here  you can find a practical guide for the boobie massage!


Going braless or at least wireless 

On top of boob massage, a powerful self love act is to g0 braless. The bras pressure, especially the ones with all kinds of metal things on them, creates unnecessary  pressure on your boob tissues. This pressure is also linked in some studies to breast cancer, through same ideology I described above about toxins clotting in your tissues. Not only that in mind, but also how relieved do you feel when you get home and release your boobs from those holders. Well with common sense, you holding that kinda tension the most of your day, is not the greatest act of love to your boobs. If bras in some occasion are totally must for that girl power look, I would go for bralettes or the wire bras which are exactly your size. (and go see an bra expert with this one)  So investing in those good bras, can actually save your life. Or learning to embrace your natural state, and go for that free your boob look, which is my favourite. 

kuu liikuttaa meitä

PICTURE: pinterest

Kuu liikuttaa valtameriä. Kehomme on 70% vettä. Kuu liikuttaa meitä. 

Kun pysähdymme huomaamme elämän syklisyyden, huomaamme kuun taivaalla, sen eri vaiheet, uudesta kuusta täyteen kuuhun. Mitä syvemmälle pysähdymme, sitä enemmän alamme huomata. Huomaamme kuinka kuun ollessa pimennossa, energiamme on aivan erilainen kuin täydenkuun aikaan. 

Kuinka kuu liikuttaa sinua, meitä, tätä yhteiskuntaa, koko valtamerta? 

Kuun ja maapallon vetovoima vetää vettä puoleensa. Vuorovedet syntyvät tästä vetovoimasta. Entä miten tämä vetovoima vaikuttaa meihin? Asioita mitä emme nää, mitkä eivät tule päin näköämme, saatamme sivuuttaa. Vain koska emme pysty näkemään vettä itsessämme, ei tarkoita sitä ettei sillä olisi suuri vaikutus meihin. Entä jos vain tunnemme, opettelemme tuntemaan veden meissä, ja sen kuinka kuun eri vaiheet vaikuttavat meihin. Mitä jos kuu on työvälineemme. Sen avulla pystymme hallinnoimaan energian käyttöämme. Mitä jos pystymme opettelemaan syklistä energian käyttöä. Olemaan syklissä luonnon syklien kanssa. Kun käytämme energiamme älykkäästi, elämämme virtaa helpommin.

Istun joogamatolleni, kädessäni höyryävä tee. Pidän mukia sydämelläni, ja luon yhteyttä tähän hetkeen. Kehoni lämpenee jokaisesta hörpystä enemmän ja enemmän. Pikku hiljaa löydän yhteyden hengitykseeni, puhdistan uniset keuhkoni, ja annan kehoni liikkua tämän hetken energia tasoni mukaan. Kun kuu on täydessä loistossaan, energiani on katossa, haluan tuntea palon, käyttää tätä energiaa. Kun taas kuun ollessa pimennossa, taivaan ollessa musta, kaipaan hiljaisuutta, pysähtymistä, pitkiä syviä venytyksiä.  Kun aloitamme aamumme tästä yhteydestä itseemme, koko universumiin, alamme oppia käyttämään energiamme oikein. Antamalla itsellemme hetken löytää yhteys, opetella tätä yhteyttä, joka harjoituksen jälkeen ymmärrämme paremmin itseämme, energiaamme, koko universumin energiaa. 


Pssttt.. olen kirjoittanut alkuperäisesti tekstin Virtawellbeingille. VIrta on kahden enkelin, hannan ja sonjan upea luomus. He tarjoavat joogaa, meditaatiota ja hyvinvoiva alan luentoja organisaatioille. Näistä enkeleistä vielä myöhemmin lisää!

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let go baby

PICTURE:Ona rihu

Letting go has been my life’s theme lately.  It all started from cleaning my room with a goal of letting go of most of my stuff. The more I let go, the more I started to let go. Soon after I was clearing my emails, deleting all those ‘’I will still read this someday’’ and unsubscribing hundreds of emails. The letting go gave more and more space for the things that truly mattered to me. I started noticing how calm I could be and how simple life could actually be. So let me share how you can start to let go so you'll have space for love, and for things that truly matter for your soul. 

  1. Start with the most heavy thing on your plate right now. What’s the biggest thing holding you back? For me it was stuff. And when I started to let go of it, it was like I was letting go of mental garbage as well. So get that thrift table or donate to recci and start to let go. If you get stuck with this, start small, like getting rid of one thing a day. I promise that letting go gets easier every single day.

  2. Clear your email box! It might feel like not a big deal to have hundreds of emails, but subconsciously it drains you every time you’ll open it. So sit down, open your email and let the delete and most importantly unsubscribe button burn!

  3. Relationships that are not serving you anymore. You must let go in order to create new space for new people. The more you let go of people who are putting you down, the more you’ll attract people who will raise your vibrations.

  4. Like I mentioned when you start to let go of physical things your mental state will change. What happened to me was that the ‘’things’’ I was letting go, started to be more like a metaphor of clearing my mental state. The more I started to have calm and peace in my days, the more I notice negative thoughts that were arising. So one night I was finally in this state of letting go of the mental shit and listed all of those limiting beliefs that has been holding me back my whole life. The list was huge, but made me feel so relieved to let them all flow to the paper. Once all the negativity was on the paper, I wrote to each one of them UNTRUE. Before ripping these false thoughts, I changed them to embowering thoughts. So at the end of the exercise I had a pile of papers within beautiful affirmations. When you do this, you’ll show the inner critic/ the doubter that lives within you, that your limiting belief systems aren’t real. To hyper boost the effect of these new supportive beliefs, say the most potent once out loud every single day. Day by day, something will shift and that something is your inner belief systems. And as we act from those beliefs most of our lives, well it will be life changing.


And gosh letting go has never felt better. After 2 weeks of letting go my soul feels more peaceful, I smile randomly more, my skin is glowing and my stress levels has dropped dramatically. The more you do this, the more you start to notice things you want to let go. Let 'letting go' be your theme for a while. After this you have created beautiful space for new things to blossom. + to support your ‘letting go’, spray some of that de-stress tonic into your mouth, and notice how it all starts to calm down, drip away from you. Like your heart finally has room to breath, to be.

meet the illustrator: anna mäki-jyllilä

Writer: Emma Ranne
ILLUSTRATION: Anna mäki-jyllilä

 Libra illustration by Anna Mäki-Jyllilä, Inlacemedia Calendar

Me and Anna met up on one of this autumn’s stormiest afternoons up until now. While the trees were bending in the breezy autumn storm we snuggled up with some hot tea and coffee at cafe Blossom to hide from the cold. We had a cozy discussion about current inspirations, summer memories and spirit animals. I had a lovely time getting to know this young lovely illustrator talent:

Heya, Can you please shortly introduce yourself?

I’m Anna, 19 years old and I’m from Helsinki. I really love drawing and writing which are both ways for me to express my thoughts and ideas. Besides that I enjoy reading a good book and watching movies. Lately I’ve been loving to tune into my home and build a space out of it that feels like my own. I like to see my home like a kind of art work, a collage of things and pieces that are meaningful to me. Also I recently started my 2nd year at uni studying architecture.

Oh that’s really cool, how have you been liking that?

I’ve been enjoying it a lot! Of course there are some elements to it that are not so fun, but for most of it I’ve really liked it. My interest for architecture has just been growing during the past year. 

What are you most excited about this autumn? 

I have some ideas that I want to explore more through both drawing and writing. This past summer I’ve been thinking lots about what the things are that actually feel of importance to me, and what it is that I in the end want to devote my time to. After the first year of uni, I realized that I needed to find a balance where school work wouldn’t consume all of my time. It’s easy to get lost in that world, especially since the things we study actually are very interesting and exciting, but I think it’s really important for me to have time for my own projects as well. I’ve been playing with the idea of maybe publishing some more of my work, and to explore new channels for doing so. That’s really been inspiring me lately.

I like to see my home like a kind of art work, a collage of things and pieces that are meaningful to me

What is one of your favourite qualities about yourself?

Hmm, I have always had a need for trying to understand things. I’m curious about learning about the worlds of others, to gain more knowledge about different concepts. I love to explore things in my thoughts in order to understand them better. I’d say that’s one of my favourite qualities about myself.

Favourite summer memory:

I just had a thought about this the other day to be prepared to answer since it’s the classic question to be asked whenever seeing someone after the summer, haha. One really good memory is an evening on which I cycled to the sea along a new route to meet at the harbour with a good friend of mine. It was lovely to see the familiar city from a new perspective. I had some chocolate truffles with me that I had brought with me from my trip to Italy, and she had brought very sweet fresh plums since it was right at the start of plum season. We talked and talked and I got a lot of new ideas. It was a very beautiful evening.

What is your relationship to drawing?

It something that I’ve always been doing. Sometimes more, sometimes less. These days I feel like whenever I haven’t been drawing for a while I start to feel a bit lost. It’s an important way for me to express things, to think and to feel feelings. To me drawing is for a big part about trying to organize and express feelings you couldn’t do with words. If writing to me is to think with care and thought, drawing would be feeling feelings with care and thought. 


 A book that everyone should read:

I recently read H is for hawk by Helen Macdonald, which I really think is worth a read for most of us. It explores the relationship between us humans and the nature in a really captivating way. It’s all about how we people tend to value the nature through ourselves. We either aim to benefit from it in one way or the other, or we give it value because we see it as something beautiful. The book is a good reminder for us to see the nature as something worthy and valuable on its own. It’s its own world and beautiful even without our valuation for it.

An inspiration of yours:

My friends inspire me a lot. I’m also inspired by things and places, and the thoughts that people bind to them. I love the idea of how memories, that in a way are so fragile to be forgotten, can be kept alive in small concrete pieces.


What is your spirit animal?

Ohh that’s a difficult one, but I think I’m going with hedgehog!

Be sure to have a look at more of Anna’s art on her Instagram-accounts
@annamakijy and @artisteanna



how to fight the flu

writer: ona rihu
Picture: ona rihu

The temperatures are dropping and it seems like everyone around you is sick - what to do? Even if your throat feels dry and your nose is runny, there’s still a way to turn it around.
I’m one of those people who get sick very easily when exposed to temperature changes, stress and even an AC that’s set for a colder air temperature. But with these methods i’m about to share with you I almost always turn it around and recover before the flu even gets started. Note that I’m by no means an expert, I am simply sharing what works for me!


You’ve probably heard this all before but it’s still very important to remember. 8+ hours of sleep, a balanced plant-based diet and excersize keeps your immune system strong and healthy. During the colder months it’s especially important to make sure your food is nutritious, and avoid inflammatory foods such as dairy, red meats and sugar.


Vitamin C, D, B12 and zinc are my go-to’s when I feel like I’m coming down with something. Fresh juices are a great way of getting in vitamins naturally. Carrot, orange and ginger is one of my favorite combinations. Also a green juice with made with spinach, lemon and herbs can be great for your iron levels!


I’ve been using Echinacea to treat my starting flu’s for a few years now. It’s my absolute favorite since I’ve seen it work a million times. I’ve recommended this to probably a zillion people and a few of my friends are now equally obsessed with it. Note, Echinacea is best used temporarily for short periods of time so your body doesn’t become immune to it.
Common yarrow is a new friend of mi ne, another potion that has really helped with my energy levels. Test a few different ones and find your favorite!


Everyone knows that the mind and body work together, in symbiosis. It’s equally important to take care of your mental wellbeing, as your physical wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed, tired or depressed it makes you more likely to get sick. So take care of yourself. Meditate, write a journal or just go outside and feel the nature. Find ways to ground yourself and remember to stop and be in the moment. If you’re already sick, try a gentle visualization of your cells working together, fighting the inflammation in your body. Or listen to some uplifting music and write down things you’re grateful for. Just get those endorphins flowing and you’re guaranteed to feel better.

antibad lookbook

writer: ona rihu
Pictures: Jessica Niiranen
clothes & collaboration: antibad

There’s something about wearing pieces that are made with care, meant to last. Wearing these clothes makes me feel strong and feminine, yet calm while knowing they clothes are made ethically and as sustainably as possible. Antibad is a curated webshop made for the conscious- yet style oriented woman. Each piece on the site is carefully selected and the brands they represent are ethical and sustainable.

T-shirt - Merz B Schwanen
Organic cotton t-shirt woven on restored circular knitting machines in the Swabian Alps.

Orsa Pant - Wray

Designed in Brooklyn and produced in a fair trade factory in India. 100% raw silk

Vita Dress - Bug Clothing

Made from deadstock linen from designer factory waste. Bug Clothing cut and construct all of their pieces in their humble studio in Hackney, East London

Micha Bra & Brief - Under Protection

Made from 100% recycled polyester,Based in Copenhagen. Under Protection produce all their designs in the Fashion Forte factory in India–a small facility that has been certified by the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

Shoes - Vintage

boobie talk part 1


Our lady parts are divine. Somewhere along the line it became a tabu to talk about them, even though these parts give life, shelter and nourish all of us in our early years on this planet. I love talking about all things shocking, all things tabu. So one day we could share knowledge without any shame and embrace our lady parts. 

So boobs. Those magical lady lumps on your chest. These magic lumps literally produce liquid gold when you breast feed. It’s been documented that breast milk is ever changing to the needs of the baby. The nipple’s aureola literally communicates the needs of the baby, though the saliva. Before our motherhood years, our breasts are still making sure we stay strong and healthy. As their hypersensitive nature, they constantly communicate with the environment, so our bodies will produce what it needs in order to thrive. How amazing is that? They are literally our power houses. If that doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will. So how can you honour your breast, show love and gratitude to them daily?

How to love your boobs

  • Your environment is a big one. Everything from diet to clothes, to emotions, water, cosmetics and those nasty chemicals we face daily (especially plastic) have so much to do with your breast health (aka your whole wellbeing). Your body will always work it’s best to provide you with thriving being, but at this day and age our bodies just can’t keep up with the constant stressors from within and outside ourselves. So to thrive, our boobs are calling us to let go of everything that’s polluting them.

  • This includes choosing the diet that best works for you (organic is always a more loving choice).

  • Choose to wash all of your textiles with organic laundry options. Outi Les Pyy is the guru of sustainable laundry.

  • Check your water! Here in Finland we’re blessed with good quality water. But still the water quality varies. So if you feel like the pipes in your house are not the best, go for a water filter. And if you’re living in a place where it smells like a swimming pool in your shower, definitely go get a water filter. After all we’re 80% of water. So you can just imagine what the chemicals will to you, and your breasts.

  • Yes chemicals, here and there. Chemicals which are not natural, and don’t provide long term happiness are a no- no. I would say artificial chemicals give us an easy way in and out. The main artificial chemical I want to touch upon here is plastic. Plastic is everywhere. And that’s probably my least favourite thing that’s ever been invented. Especially when they stared to put it everywhere. If we’re not careful, the chemicals from plastic will get in touch with our skin, our bodies and yes to our breasts. A big one to pay attention to is the food and liquid we consume and if there is plastic touching it. So all those plastic food containers, bottles and even teflon (yes, it’s a form of plastic), will leak chemicals into your food and drinks. What makes it even worse is exposing the plastic packaging to heat. You might think, so what does it matter if plastic leaks into our system? Well, plastic actually can mimic as one of our primal hormones, as it leaks into our blood streams it can actually act similar to estrogen. Yes, that’s pretty crazy if you ask me. But this is not recommended as a hormone dosing, cause as there is good and bad estrogen. And yes, this is definitely not the good kind. Besides the quality, most of us females suffer from having too much estrogen in us anyway. High levels of stress, and almost all that is harmful t0 our breast also causes us to produce more estrogen. (Just to keep you with me, our main female body hormones are progesterone and estrogen. We need both, and they work in balance together. They rise and drop one at a time, to create our divine cycles, aka our periods.)

  • You are beautiful. Inside and out. You don’t need those chemicals. Those magic products, which are robbing your money and promising magic in a bottle, that’s far from magic. Bottles that are actually filled with chemicals our bodies don’t need. There’s so much natural cosmetics out there. So many variations to try out. But I would say that minimalism goes a long way, and our supportive self talk is a million times more beautifying than any product out there. Which leads me to the last breast love providing action.

  • What’s the relationships you have with yourself? How do you talk to yourself when you see/feel/hear and be yourself. This is the most crucial point to focus on. All the actions will follow when we start to truly notice how much love we are and provide to ourselves. Your self talk does so much. When you can find a place of love within you, you will thrive and you will be loved, because you are love, my love.

frantsila photo diary


Frantsilan tila on yli 300 vuoden juuret omaava perhetila Hämeenkyrössä. Frantsilan luomufarmilla tuotteiden ja yrttivalmisteiden tuottamisen on aloittanut Virpi Cormier, yrttiekspertti sekä holistisen elämäntavan moniosaaja ja opettaja. Frantsilan tuotteiden pohjana käytetään omalta farmilta kerättyjä luomuyrttejä- ja kukkia. Pääsimme Inlace-tiimin kanssa tutustumaan luomutilaan ja kuulemaan sen historiasta.

Frantsilan suvulla on mahtavat tilat ympäri Hämeenkyröä. Frantsilan hyvän olon keskuksesta, jossa järjestetään monia erilaisia kursseja ja workshoppeja, luomupelloille, kasvihuoneisiin ja kasvisravintolaan hämeenkyrön keskustassa. Pääsimme näkemään myös upeat vanhat puutalot, joissa on paljon Frantsilan historiaa. Näillä upeilla mailla on ainutlaatuinen energia, ja ne sopivat täydellisesti erilaisten retriittien ja virkistyspäivien pitämiseen! Lue lisää täältä

Ohessa kuvia Inlacen viikonlopusta Frantsilan luomutilalla. Pääsimme saunomaan, kukkakylpyihin, nauttimaan äänimaljarentoutuksesta ihanan Sannan hoidossa, syömään herkullista kasvisruokaa ja maistelemaan luomuyrttifarmin yrttejä suoraan maasta. Kiitos vielä upealle Anna Karhu-Cormierille esittelykierroksesta ja ihanista tarinoista. Tänne pitää ehdottomasti päästä uudestaan kokemaan eri vuodenajat ja nauttimaan luonnosta <3

why vintage denim?

writer: ona rihu
Picture: Catarina böckerman

I love denim. You can combine a pair of jeans so many ways, yet one of the simplest ways seems to work for me the best. A good white T-shirt and a pair of square-toed shoes goes a long way. I’m almost exclusively wearing vintage denim these days, and I wanted to share why.

First of all, it takes an obscene amount of water to make one pair of jeans. Just one. Also many fast fashion brands actually make the jeans material much thinner, making it break more easily and lose it’s elasticity.
Another reason is I’ve started to pay attention to the material of my clothes, to reduce releasing microplastics into our waters when I wash them. Natural materials like cotton are much more long lasting, environmentally friendly and honestly, comfortable. Not to mention easily recyclable!

Also, I don’t feel like i need to wash vintage denim that much. It doesn’t catch stains easily, doesn’t wrinkle or lose it’s shape. If anything, it only gets better when you wear it and don’t wash it. It gets softer and sort of shapes itself especially for you. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Finding good vintage jeans is kind of like finding a soulmate. It’s 4eva.
I would search in different vintage stores, especially when you’re traveling in Europe. You can also find some good ones onine, like mine!
I got these from Radhica Vintage, a Finnish curated webshop for cool vintage finds.
I’m collaborating with them and giving you all a code for free shipping! Just use “onadoes” at the checkout and wait to receive your goodies. Available for one month (21.9-21.10.18) (Finland only)
Hope to see you rocking your vintage jeans too <3

green and gold breakfast jar

(vegan, GF)

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

 vegan gold and green chia and smoothie jar

The summer has shifted to autumn and for many of us the past few weeks have been all about getting back to our everyday routines. Work and school or not, the autumn has always been the time of change for me as it is for many others. 

Whilst tuning back into old routines I feel like the autumn serves as a good timing to introduce some new elements to my days. During the summer you’ve had enough distance from your everyday life ways to not be so stuck with it anymore. Maybe the summer has inspired you and taught you some new ways. Whilst getting ready to tune back into the more structured days, I’ve tried to think of ways I can include a bit of that free summery feeling in my daily routines. 

One of the most important elements when it comes to how I feel on a day is what my morning felt like. If I start the day in a rush, it’s quite difficult for me to let go of that feeling and it sticks with me all day long.

I love to take my time in the mornings, to wake up a few hours before I have to go anywhere and have that time for myself. To read a little and prep breakfast with time. Speaking of breakfast…



  1. Prep the chia layer preferably on the night before. Mix all the ingredients together in the jar an pop it in your fridge.

  2. The following morning check the taste of your chia pudding and adjust the amount of turmeric, milk or sweetner if needed.

  3. Add the ingredients for the smoothie layer in your blender and blend till it's smooth and creamy. If you dislike the taste of spiralina feel free to leave it out and maybe add some extra matcha to the blend.

  4. Layer in your most festive glass and garnish with some fresh berries and granola. Enjoy with time before even giving a thought to any to-do lists for the day.

the extra festive gold and green
breakfast jar


  • For the Turmeric Chia Layer:
    - 1.5 tbsp of chia seeds
    - 100ml of plant milk of choice
    - a tsp of turmeric
    - a drip of maple syrup

  • For the Green Smoothie Layer:
    - 1 frozen banana
    - a piece of frozen zucchini (about 1/2 of a small one)
    - a tsp of matcha
    - a tsp of spirulina
    - a few frozen mango chunks


meet the illustrator and co-founder: emma ranne

writer: Inlace Media
picture: Madara Freimane

 emma ranne - inlace media

September is here and it’s time to introduce you to this month’s illustrator, who also happens to be one of the co-founders of Inlace Media, our lovely Emma Ranne. Emma is studying marketing at Hanken School of Economics and just spent the summer doing an internship in London. We like to call Emma the ”brain” behind our projects because of her education but the truth is she’s a multitalent within many fields of creativity. So let’s get to know her a little better.

Hi Emma, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Emma, 22, born in Helsinki and raised in Holland where we lived with my family for most of my childhood. I’ve been living in Helsinki for the past coupe of years where I study marketing at Hanken. Helsinki is one of my favourite cities in the world, but I’m a girl who loves to adventure around. I’ve always been drawn to creative work and wish I could do something in that field in the future. I love collecting details in photographs, writing articles and coming up with new vegan flavor combos in my tiny kitchen.

You were interning at What’s your Legacy this summer in London and we want to hear all about it! What were the highlights of your time there?

This summer has  been a dream. I had been following all the cool things that the girls of What's Your Legacy do for about a year and it was pretty amazing to get to hop on the team and hustle along with them. I learned so much, met so many amazing people, and found really lovely friends while here. I know it's such a cliche to say but this has been the best summer for me up until now. I'm going home filled with new inspiration and so many new skills. 

Top 3 London restaurants?

Oooh this is a tricky one, there's a whole bunch of nice food spots here! Even though I've been on the mission to try out as many as possible this summer I still feel like there's more and more to discover... but here's my top 3

  1. Mother Works - Hackney Wick
    All vegan, all super yummy and also love the location (Hackney Wick would be one of my favourite areas here together with London Field's and Regent's Canal). Try their acai bowl (the best in town and I've tried many) or their lunch bowl of the day.

  2. Bonnington Cafe - Vauxhall
    A very cute and home-like co-operatively run vegetarian and vegan restaurant. There's basically a different volunteering chef cooking every night and you never know what's on the menu beforehand. You just send the chef a message to book your table and show up hungry.

  3. Farmacy - Notting Hill
    A bit pricier, but oh my their food. A menu filled with amazing super creative veggie creations. I was so impressed by their food that I had to buy their recipe book to bring some inspiration to my kitchen at home.

What’s inspiring you this autumn? 

Helsinki and its people, Inlace and uni. I'm very excited about being back home for a little and working on some secret projects that have started to brew this summer while learning and hustling in London. I'm excited to see where we can take Inlace next with Ona and Cata. Also I'm looking forward to round up my bachelor's at uni this year. No clue what next year will be about, but I quite love the feeling of the unknown future and the freedom about it.


what would your perfect sunday look like?

I'd wake up semi early, go for a little run or long sunday walk along the coast (with my dog, which I would obviously have on a perfect Sunday). After being out in the sun seeing the city wake up slowly I'd take the time to cook yummy breakfast while listening to some happy tunes and dancing in the kitchen. In the afternoon I'd cycle to the farmer's markets to pick up veggies and fruits for the week. In the evening I'd have friends coming over for dinner. A cozy candle lit gathering in my tiny urban veggie garden... hmmm I don't know in which city this would be possible but I'm determined to find the perfect place.


Favorite tunes at the moment?

This week's favourite has been Makeba by Jain. Also really looking forward to the new album of Say Lou Lou!

why organic and zero waste?


When our grannies were little this was the norm. There was no concept for organic and zero waste, because everything was organic and zero waste. Slowly our values changed, productivity and money became the most valued thing and food became pure money, business. The more money-based our societies became, the less we valued slow farming, slow living, organic foods, and organic living. 

I want to bring you back, to cherishment of slow living, slow foods, organic living, organic foods. I want you to know what you are putting into your mouth, and to the land. I want to invite you to this journey towards a slower phase. 

So why go organic?

You are everything you consume. Starting from social media, your environment and especially what you drink and eat. We are art works. Carefully designed organic beings. When we consume unorganic foods, our chemistry gets fucked up. From our hormones to our biochemistry, to basically all in you. All you are gets affected by the choice of unorganic living. Slowly deep rooted issues will start to occur in our biochemistry. All the toxicity builds up, and the low levels of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in the food will leave it’s nasty mark behind. 

How sensitive we are to these toxins depends from person to person. I’m highly sensitive. First I thought it to be something bad. I just wanted to be like others, be okay with those yummy fries. But then I started to see my sensitiveness as a great blessing. Being sensitive gives you straight feedback from your environment, of the vibrational level of it. If you feel into this, great space and listen, this can become your most powerful superpower. And honestly the way these days more and more kids are born highly sensitive is not a coincidence. Mother Earth is not handling all this rush and toxins anymore. She needs help. You’re her.  Your sensitive being was sent here, so we could honour her again. Honour the slow organic phase of living and being. 

Our societies are still in this great transformational phase and the organic food is still mostly more expensive than the non-organic food. I want to give you some tips on how to be able to consume more organic or choose the least toxic foods and still have money for living as well. 

  1. The dirty dozen list, aka list of the worst toxic usage foods and the least. With this list, you can make sure which products definitely buy organic and which ones aren't as bad non-organic.

  2. If you end up buying from the most toxic list, do a soak with water and tablespoon of applecidervinegar. Let it soak for one hour and rinse well. This helps the removal of the toxins.

  3. Plant your own plants. Especially if you’re blessed with most of the year gardening time. But even here in the north we have the whole summer to garden and store the harvest for the winter ahead. So get inspired by getting your hands to the soil and plant some seeds at for example a communal garden, your balcony or at the cottage.


Why zero waste? 

When we are living in an society that has recycling under control, it can be blinding, and we might think that as long as we recycle all is good. The thing is that recycling is only the first step, but not the answer. Just because our recycling is working well here in Finland, doesn't mean that's the case all around the globe. There's still oceans and landfills covered in trash.  So if we would honour the resources we are freely provided from the earth, we wouldn’t just use them once and  throw them away and call it recycling. Don’t get me wrong here, I think it's amazing that we have taken the first step, and recycle. But I feel that we are ready for the next one, which is leaning towards a more zero waste lifestyle.


But when we make changes, lasting ones, we must take them gradually. This provides fertile ground for us to grow and evolve from. So be honest with where you are right now: whats your next step? I'm going to provide you with a little list here down below from which you can choose the steps you’re ready to take right now. Remember gradual growth, and you’ll be sweet. 

Zero waste checklist

Change your single used coffee cups, to refillable ones.

Get a lasting glass/alumine water bottle, which you can refill.

Carry a cutlery kit with you: fork, spoon and knife. 

Reusable straw always <3

Go for the reusable napkins over paper tissues. 

Prefer glass, aluminium and paper over plastic!

Carry an extra reusable shopping bag with you. At all times

Quality over quantity. Buy lasting stuff !

Buy your foods without plastic, so carry veggie backs with you and buy from markets which provide plastic free food. Order online Raakatori or go buy from the market hall Hallin luomupuoti

Support your locals. Always choose local over exported. 

Buy your dry foods from bulk stores, and bring your own glass jars with you.

Make your own cosmetics the zero waste way or buy organic cosmetics which are packed in glass/aluminium/paper. 

For laundry get soap nuts, yes they are nuts that wash your laundry!

Buy your clothes from brands/organisations who use recycled materials and/or recycle their clothes. (go check out Recci and Rumeurlabel)

Save your glass containers and use them as food containers. With this hack you'll save the environment and your wallet. 

Go for bar soaps or go for refillable liquid soaps (there's one at Punnitse&Säästä at Forum) 

Ditch the plastic wraps and go for Bee's wax wraps

Go for a bamboo toothbrush or recycled plastic electrical toothbrush, the next time you truly need a new toothbrush. 

When your hair Is crying for a new brush, get a natural brush and a cleaner for it. 

Ditch the single disposable razors for lasting stainless steal safety razor. 


Thank you for being open to grow to heal. We are in this together, as a society. We fall together and grow together. 


let's talk about stress baby

writer: Emma Ranne
pictures: Pihla Laine

Sometimes the thing they like to refer to as adulting gets a little too overwhelming. Or maybe it’s your studies or a bump in a relationship that is troubling your mind piece.

Stress is something that probably most of us run into on a quite regular basis in this hectic fast pace world of ours. Primarily stress is a physical response that affects your whole body. Your body basically thinks it’s under attack and goes into fight or flight-mode, which of course isn't the most practical response to most of our everyday stress situations. How to cope with these feelings when you by no means should pick up any kind of physical fight nor run away even though every cell in your body is demanding you to do so?

Stress can hit you with all of its power in a moment’s blink, or it can be something subtler but at least as draining that you carry with you from one day to the other. Luckily as there are plenty of things that may cause us stress, there’s also plenty of ways for us to cope with it. 


4 Tips for long term stress:

  1.   Try essential oils. I’ve started to carry oils with me wherever I go and my current favourite is the blend calm by Frantsila. I first ran into this soothing oil blend at my yoga studio and often tried it out there. Now whenever I feel a bit tense I add a bit of the oil on my wrists and the scent immediately reminds me of my yoga studio. The roll on is easy to pop into your bag, and ever since getting it I've been carrying it with me pretty much wherever I go. 

    Essential oils are oils extracted from flowers, leaves and roots and there are many ways in which you can blend and use them to relief stress. Try to add a few drops of Lavender Oil on your pillow case before you go to bed, add some rose oil to your diffuser when your feel a bit stiff and your day needs a little pick up and use chamomile oil to calm your overthinking mind. The possibilities are endless. I often like to browse Frantsila’s website to get more info on oils and their uses.

  2.   Regularly take a few minutes to meditate and try to do yoga. Close your eyes for a moment and simply focus on your breath. Try to let go of everything else for a minute. Yoga is one of my favourite ways to calm my mind and take a break from the hectic everyday routines. 

  3. Clean your space. I once read somewhere that the tidiness of the space you live in is a reflection of your mind and I think this is true, at least in my case. Whenever there’s a more stressful period at school or work or elsewhere in life my otherwise pretty tidy home blows up into an uncontrollable chaos. I know this sounds very Marie Kondo, but take a few minutes to daily fix up your space. Also it’s one less thing to stress about if your home is tidy, plus I think in the best case and with the right mind-set household chores are almost equal meditation. Especially doing the dishes. Just saying.
  4. This is one of my favourite tricks when I’m feeling super stressed by multiple things:  Brew yourself a cup of tea, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write it all out into a big ‘brain dump’ – list. Once you have it all written it’s easier to see things in perspective and to tackle the things one by one. 
 Frantsila Ilta-öljy, calming oil blend

Is this an anxiety attack?!
– what to do when stress hits you out of the blue and with full power

  1. Ok ok. It’s all alright and it will be better now that you noticed things are getting a bit too overwhelming and tense. If possible stop whatever it is you are doing, take a deep breath in and let it all out. Repeat breathing in calmly counting to 10 until you feel a bit better.
  2. This might sound crazy but try to give yourself a little pep talk, either out loud or in your mind. Try to sooth your mind. ‘’Aww baby, you’ll be fine. You can handle this.’’ Talk to yourself as you would to a friend. 
  3. Breathing again? Good. Now it’s time to put things in proportion. Weigh the facts and try to see the situation from a broader point of view. As long as no one is in immediate danger, everything is fine. Breath. Try to think of a solution to whatever it is that causes you your stress. Break it down and make a plan of very small and easy steps for how you can tackle it.
  4. If you have time to take a longer break of whatever you are dealing with at this point, try to go for a walk. Whenever I feel stressed I pretty much command myself to take a moment, switch my phone on night mode, put Spotify on and go for a long walk. It’s a bullet proof way for me to feel better, and it works every single time. If you feel super tense and you find it difficult to calm down to go for a walk, try to run it out instead.
  5. Feeling a bit better? Before you start to tackle the step by step plan you just made, brew yourself a warm cup of tea. Try herbal blends like chamomile, lemon balm or peppermint that are known to soothe the body. Warm things in general calm our body. Take a hot shower, a warm bath spiced up with some essential oils or heat up the sauna.


Honestly, there are so many ways you can deal with stress and there’s no ‘’one kind fits all’’ solution that works in every situation and for everyone. It’s all about trying out different things and creating your own strategy. 

It’s important to take care of yourself and your mind. If things often feel too overwhelming and stress keeps on haunting you up until the point it really starts to affect your daily life, it’s time to ask for help. Talk to your friends, family or a professional about your stress. When shared, your worries often start to feel less bad and other people might come up with solutions you hadn’t thought of yourself. 

cherry chocolate bliss


This cacao-cherry-ice latte is sweet but not too sweet, chocolatey but not too chocolatey and definitely amazing. The added power from maca and ashwagandha give a nice boost to this delicious superlatte. Maca- known as the "sex  superfood" will give your energy levels a lift, while Ashwagandha keeps your stress levels nice and low. 
Enjoy on a hot summer day, preferably from a fancy glass to make it a little extra. 


You'll need (for 1 portion)

2 dl oatmilk

1 date

5 cherries

1 tbsp raw cacao

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp Ashwagandha

handful of ice


Blend everything together in a blender and pour over ice (optional)
Enjoy your moment of bliss x

summer lookbook

writer: Emma ranne
pictures: Pihla Laine & Emma Ranne


I love thrift shopping. To me it feels like being on an ever lasting treasure hunt. Sometimes it can take months (even years) before you find what you are after, but once you come accross the perfect piece, in the perfect size and at an affordable price, you basically feel like as if you have won the lottery. 


since spending this summer at what's your legacy i've come across a lot of new beautiful sustainable clothing brands. As Most sustainable brands are a little pricier i think it's fun to balance it out with the cheaper thrifted pieces. when shopping from a sustainable brand feels more like investing in something i know i'll love for years to come, the fun side of trying and experimenting can be kept in the fashion game through taking more risks when thrifting.


mesh tote bag
thrifted tennis shoes


Dress: The Acey
Shoes: Matt + Nat
Bag: Pihla's UFF find, Helsinki


Dress: Vintage Humana, Tallinn
Bag: Fankadelik vintage, Tallinn
Shoes: my mum's old pair she was going to throw away
Earrings: can't remember but I've had them for a long long time