aloe vera + lemon face mask

writer: Ona Rihu

 Pictures: Ona Rihu

DIY Aloe Vera kasvonaamio

Aloe vera, or as the Egyptians called it ''the plant of immortality'', is known for its soothing and healing properties.

Aloe vera contains hormones called Auxin and Gibberellins, which provide both anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals, and the list of health benefits seem to be endless.

My skin always feels instantly refreshed and smooth after using this mask. I love the acidity from the lemon as it’s very cleansing, and combined with the soothing properties of aloe vera it's the perfect blend.

I simply blended the aloe jelly from 3 aloe leaves with the juice of one lemon in a blender. This mixture should last in the fridge for a week, so you don't have to use it all in one go.

I was lucky enough to do this while I stayed in Menorca, where Aloe Vera grows naturally, and lemon trees are found in every backyard. However if your surroundings are more like ours in Finland and Aloe Vera doesn't grow wild out there, you can also use an aloe vera room plant. just make sure it’s the right species for skincare! Take care of your plant and you'll soon have an endless supply of Aloe Vera jelly. Sounds pretty good, huh?