diy: eucalyptus wreath

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Eucalyptus wreath DIY

Wreaths are surprisingly quick and easy to make yourself. All you need is a pair of pliers, some wire and something green to bind onto it. I went for eucalyptus just to keep it simple, plus I love the scent as it reminds me of the Australian bush.

Make your own plant art work for on the wall. I mean more is more when it comes to plants at home, right? This could also be a nice DIY gift idea to show that one lovely friend of yours some appreciation. 


you need:

  • a few eucalyptus branches. even just one will do if it’s one of those that consists of many of the smaller branches with little leaves.

  •  0,5mm wire

  • thin wire (the thinner the better)

  • pliers that you can use for shaping and cutting the wire










  1. From the 0,5mm wire cut a piece to be the base of your wreath. Mine was about 40 cm long and I bended it slightly into a curvy shape. You could make yours smaller or larger and play around with different shapes. Make tiny hoops at both ends so you have something to attach the piece of string to

  2. Trim the tiny branches from your eucalyptus. Start fastening them to the your wire base by binding them on it with the thinner wire. You could for example use wire that is meant for making jewelry or walk into your local flower shop like me and ask if they could sell you some of the wire they use for their wreaths.

  3. The wreath is ready when you like the look of it. You can go for a bold one with lots of green, or just keep it very simple. It’s entirely up to you.

  4. Attach the string to both of the hoops you made with the pliers, and it’s ready to be put on the wall.


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(yes, I just made a Pin board, fully dedicated to wreaths, because wreaths are cool.)