mother earth loving Glue


(zero waste, ve)

writer: Catarina Böckerman
picture: catarina Böckerman


 you NEED⭑


2tbsp Rice flour⭑


1tsp xylitol/(white sugar will do also)⭑


4tbsp Water⭑


1drop of essential oil, for storing and aromatherapy benefits

Ever since I started getting conscious about the way I live, even the smallest choices started to catch my eye. So when I learned that I can create my own glue at home, from basic ingredients I usually have in my kitchen, it blew my mind. Yes, mother earth got it all figured out for us. So get yourself crafty with this one, all ways cruelty free, vegan, zero waste and on top of all of that aromatherapic glue. (I know, it's pretty awesome!)



Pop all the ingredients, except for the essential oil, into a pan and heat it until the mixture gets sticky. After this, let it cool down and add a few drops of your essential oil. Bottle it up in a recycled glass jar, and store in your fridge. It'll last for a month, but it's most glue like when fresh.


⭑The recipe is organic, and that’s why it'll go off after a couple of months. That’s why I would suggest you to make a small batch of it. After all, we often only use a bit of glue when we need it. Unless you're a super crafty person, or just like to stick things on other things with glue. But that's cool too!

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