mother earth loving milk

(vegan, zero waste)

writer: catarina böckerman
picture: catarina böckerman


I was born with a highly sensitive body, and the fact that I was born into a milk industry country made me consume a lot of milk. The overconsumption of processed milk really got my body screaming: no more. It all started from lactose intolerance, which then led to other sensitivities. This got me really questioning what I was consuming. Was it normal to consume milk that didn't really belong to me, but to the babies of the cow? After a lot of researching my heart was determined to go vegan. It all happened gradually, and milk was the first thing I dropped out of my diet. But what did I switch to?

This baby is tasty like no other and you won't leave your belly feeling funny when consuming it. One recipe will give you lots of options to pick from. If you feel like something more light choose oats for your base ,but if you like it a little more creamy I would opt for something nutty like almond milk. So get creative and open your world to Mother Earth loving milk. 



  • 1 dl of nut, seed or grain of choice
  • 1l water


optional flavouring: 

  • cacao, maca or any super goodies you feel like (couple of teaspoons)/
  • berries (a handful)/
  • spices (a sprinkle...or more if you like yours spicy)





You can make a nut bag out of any natural cloth. I used an old linen top from zara.So instead of throwing unused stuff away, create a new life for them!


  1. First you may choose your favourite nut, grain or seed to make your milk from. If you chose nuts, seeds or whole grains, soak them overnight to make them more tummy friendly. In this way it will be easier for your body to digest them. 
  2. In a blender mix 1dl of your chosen base ingredient with 1L of water. After the blending you'll need to separate the pulp from the milk. You can use a nut bag and strain the mixture through it. (save the pulp! It's great for smoothies/porridges)
  3. After the straining, bottle up the milk, and use it within 4 days of making it. (I used this gorgeous female glass bottle that I thrifted, but you could literally use anything. Old wine bottles or any glass bottle that will fit in 1 liter of goodness in it). 


So that's how easy you can enjoy cruelty free milk, that’s made with your love,ENJOY.