7 sustainable resolution ideas for 2018


Boheemi Sisustus | Inlace Media

Whether you like the tradition of making new year's resolutions or not, having goals and striving for a more sustainable lifestyle is important. It keeps you motivated, and accomplishing goals is simply a great feeling. Here’s some inspo for your resolutions this year. 

1. Make it count.

Make your first investment. Even if it's a small amount, investing is a great way to support ethical and sustainable businesses.

2. Sign up to an art class

Try out ceramics, nude painting, anything.

3. Produce less plastic

Make a few simple steps towards a more environmentally friendly life, whether it’s giving up plastic bags or switching to bamboo toothbrushes. Also focus on recycling the waste you do create. Learn more about the your recycling opportunities and start sorting your trash!

4. Start writing a journal/gratitude list.

Writing down what you’re grateful for has a huge impact on your mood. It’s a great way to ground yourself and feel happier instantly. Writing a journal helps you process whatever it is you’re going through and get some clarity to your own thoughts.

5. Go plantbased, if you haven’t already.

It’s 2018 and red meat has been classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation. Get on it, people!
Check our tips for how to get started with this one.

6. Get your vitamins in order

Get your b12 and vitamin D sorted, girl!

7. Travel

Traveling teaches you so much about the world. Being able to see new countries is a valuable experience and also helps you feel grateful for everything you have back home. Doing some volunteering work or a Workaway is a great way to travel with a smaller budget. 




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