Oyster Candles

(zero waste)



While learning more and more about the zero waste lifestyle, DIYs have been popping into my life lately. So for today's creativity splash I poured some organic beeswax to oysters that I got to take home from a restaurant. And voilà, now I have a bunch of air clearing beauties to burn, while I’m grooving life forward.

Easy Oyster Candle DIY


Organic/wild sourced beeswax or organic soy wax

⭑Wicks, I used hemp wicks that are covered with beeswax, but any wick will do

⭑Clothes Pegs/ chop sticks to hold your wicks on place

⭑A pot or metal jug, that you don't mind getting all waxy

⭑Organic vegan glue (oh yes, it’s a thing), or you could also use your wax to keep the wick on it's spot.

⭑Recycled oysters/shells/or anything that you would like to turn into a candle (let your imagination take over). Good one is also a glass jar with a lid in in it (perfect for travels). 


  1. Heat the beeswax in your metal jug or the pot, until it’s melted. 
  2. While the wax is melting, glue the wick on the bottom of your chosen candle container. If using the wax, stick the metal part of the wick into the partly melted wax and press it into your chosen candle container. 
  3.  After this pour the wax into the container and straighten the wick with your clothes peg or chop sticks.
  4. Drop a couple of drops (3-20) of your chosen essential oil/s. (Depending of the size of your candle. For my small oyster candles I only added 3 drops). 
  5. Let it cool down in a room temperature and light up for cozy moments. 

 And there you have it, your magical mother earth loving candle.  When you’ve burned the candle till the last burn, you can keep on refilling it until the day you’re writing your testament and decide to pass these beauties on to your loved ones. 


⭑ happy crafting beautiful  ⭑


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