skin lover


(zero waste)


1/3 coconut oil


1/3 cocoa butter⭑1/3Shea butter


The blues are getting us in the northern side of the globe, and my skin is starting to crave juiciness. So it’s time to take out the oils and butters and cover us with all that good stuff. Here is a quick homemade healing butter for your lovely skin. Let her protect your skin while the blues attack.



  1. Melt these lovers in a double boiler.
  2. Check how much you want to make by using the container, you would like to keep your cream in, as a tool for measuring. 
  3.  Once the oils have melted together add your favourite essential oils (5-20drops, depending how much you make), to get your daily aromatherapy on point. Wait until the mixture has cooled down, and whisk it by using a beater to create smoother texture.
  4. Pop your skin protector into a recycled glass jar and you are good to go smelling like coconuts and memories from the golden beaches filled with palm trees. Enjoy darling ⭑ 


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