after party rose DIY




This DIY was inspired by the talented NY based artist Cecilia Musmeci. She reuses the roses from weddings to make forever lasting morning ropes for the Lovers. My friend brought me some rose petals to work with and then this happened. 

DIY: plant colour from roses


  1. Spread the petals on the garment.
  2. Roll the master piece tightly on a roll and tight it with any kind of rope. 
  3. Dip in vinegar just so your roll is wet. 
  4. After this, steam the beauty in an steamer for about an hour. After an hour rinse your masterpiece under cold water. 
  5. Open the roll and compost the rose petals and squeeze the excess liquids. 
  6. Let you art piece dry over night.
  7. After it's dry, secure the lasting of the print by ironing the garment. 
  8. And there you have it, you just juiced some of  your creativity. 


  • Flower petals or leafs of any kind in your desired colour
  • White vinegar
  • A steamer
  • String to tie your art with, any string will do (rubber band/natural strings etc.)
  • And the beautiful garment that you wish to make art on (go through old clothes or any textiles you may have. I used an old pillowcase, that my mama didn't use anymore)
Easy Fashion iDIY

Enjoy your beautiful masterpiece!