meet the girls behind inlace


We are so happy and humble to be launching this little project we've been creating for the past few months. Here's a little insight of the girls behind the screen.

20, model, content creator

My conscious journey started when I turned 18, going vegan overnight after seeing some eye-opening documentaries. Ever since, I’ve been finding new ways and dimensions of caring for our precious planet and all the beings on it, including myself. I’m still far from perfect, but I’m very excited about sharing my journey here on Inlace, and having fun along the way. I find inspiration in people who are not afraid to speak against injustice and people who care, and manage to build a career around sustainability.
During my free time, when I’m not busy making delicious vegan food, I can often be found grooving to 90’s rnb with friends or looking at flights online.


21, marketing student, content creator

Creative work has always been a source of joy for me. I love collecting details in photographs, writing articles and coming up with new vegan flavor combos in my tiny kitchen. The world of conscious consumption is still fairly new to me, but I've loved exploring it and am always ready to absorb some new facts and tips. I'm inspired by long talks with creative minds, always listening to music and definitely happiest at sea.

21, mother earth lover

There's something about opening your consciousness. Suddenly the whole world opens up a whole new chapter of yourself and everything around you. That made me deep like the ocean and driven to share what I was shared with. Everyday I'm learning to let my heart drive the life I'm living. I'm learning to trust and let go. So let's get groovy with opening new layers of this universe, layers of deeper love for this earth we call home.

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