inlace calendar 2018

writer: the inlace girls
pictures: catarina böckerman

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inlace 2018 calendar PDF

While tuning our feminine energies into creating, we got inspired by the idea of creating a calendar filled with female empowerment and a dash of astrological magic. Collaborating and brewing ideas with others is something we love to do, and soon the idea had developed into a group project with some creative girls from around the world, making this calendar come alive with their drawings. And here it is, the final piece and we are thrilled to share it with you!

We really hope this calendar will inspire you as much as it has been inspiring us while putting it together. You could see it as your energy empowering guide for 2018. Every single month has its own magical horoscope lady, to spark you with some fresh thoughts and secret super powers for the month to come. To just add that extra pinch of magic into it we decided to pour some astrology on these pages. Just to dig a little deeper. Our lovely Catarina has lately been swimming in the cosmic ocean of Vedic astrology, and she wanted to share bits of what she has been discovering with you. Vedic astrology has taught her that we actually carry energies of all the horoscope signs inside of us. So instead of only resonating with the sign of the month you were born in, there's way more for you to discover and to embrace. It's all about different infusions and balances. You could look at it in this way: every month's horoscope lady will mirror her specific energy on you. Take it in, feel the magic and let things flow.

We are so thankful for the whole process of putting this calendar together. A big thank you goes out ot the lovely girls that hopped on board with us and made it happen with their stunning drawings. Every month we'll be introducing you to one of these stunning ladies through tiny interviews. You can read January's interview with Sanni here.

Now it's your turn to get creative and make this calendar your own. Print it out, maybe add some colour and doodles, and give it a spot on your wall. We'd love to see your calendars come to life!

P.S. To give love to Mother Earth, we recommend for you to print your calendar on recycled or FSC certificated paper. Thank you! x