DIY businesscards

DIY sustainable business cards

Making your own business cards is incredibly easy and cost-efficient. You only need a printer, some ink (preferably plant-based) and some recycled carton. There are plenty of templates online, but if you have a Mac the easiest option is to use the template straight from Pages. 


1.get your materials

Find some recycled or fsc-certified paper to print your cards on. You can usually find this in your local craft stores and book stores. We got our recycled paper in Helsinki from . Plant based ink can easily be ordered online.



The fun part. Use your imagination, make them as wild or as minimalistic as you please. Remember to make 2 designs. One for the front of the card, preferably a logo and a small description. The other side should have all of your contact information. 



If your printer can't print double-sided documents, simply use the same paper twice. Draw a small mark on a corner of the paper so you know which way to put the paper in on the second round! Also, if you don't have a printer or know anyone who does, most libraries have printers you can use. Be careful when cutting the cards and follow the lines of the template.

Voilá! You have made your very own sustainable business cards. This method is perfect for you if you don't need hundreds of cards and like to get crafty!