8 things to do instead of shopping

writer: ona rihu
picture: ona rihu


The day of mindless consuming is here - and I don’t really feel it. Huge sales and pushing people to buy beyond their need is not very sustainable and especially in our environmental situation we should really be putting thought into what kind of message we want to send out as consumers. So here’s 8 things you can do today instead of shopping!

go to a museum - or see a band play

experiences stay with you.

organize a workhsop with your friends

it can be making beeswax candles, knitting, ceramics, drawing, or anything really

have a spa - night

do a facemask, drink lemon water and listen to a soft playlist. also don’t forget to hang out in your bathrobe - it’s essential.

make a DIY- project

give your space a new look by painting your furniture or setting up a diy bookshelf

have your friend come over for some glögi - even better make it yourself!

friends + hygge = can’t go wrong.

dance! groove by yourself or find a dance class near you

find a throwback playlist or whatever makes you want to dance, and just do it!

do a clothes - swap with your friends

instead of buying something new, do a swap and save your money!

collect flowers and plants to dry

the time for collecting plants is now - you never know when the snow hits

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