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writer: emma ranne
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(body, mind and soul)

kundalini yoga helsinki - Kuldip S. Khalsa

Sometimes the timing simply just feels so right it becomes a little magical.

So was the case with the quite university drained me getting a surprise invite from Kundaliinijooga Helsinki to spend a weekend with yoga teacher Kuldip to learn the basics of kundalini yoga - yoga that combines the elements of mind, body and spirit.

Before the course I had only heared the concept Kundalini Yoga flow by, but never got a grip of what it actually was all about. It was in the 1960s when yoga guru Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini from India to the West. Kundalini yoga has roots that reach over a period of more than 2000 years and has been in constant development ever since and been amended by its practioners. Like Kuldip told us yoga shouldn’t stand still, it’s in constant change molded by its practioners. He encouraged us to learn the basics, but also to try to let go from what we’ve learned and see what works best for ourselves. I really loved that idea. I mean just to think of something that has been alive and evolving over a period of 200o years, formed and shaped by generations - sounds pretty miracelous right?

The introduction course that I attended was held on 2 days and it covered all from body (in which we went through motion but also talked about food and diet) to mind (meditation) and spirit (in which we learned about chakras, and the deeper connections of yoga with the soul). Kuldip had a nice way of teaching in a way that made the sometimes quite abstract things appear as something that could easily be adapted to our everyday lives. It was an inspiring weekend and Kundalini Yoga is for sure something I’d like to explore more in the future too.


Now at the start of the new year I’ve made myself a promise: I want to find my way back to routines. Routines that support my day to day hustles and allow me to thrive, be productive, feel nourished but most importantly connected to myself in a peaceful way in which I find that yoga really helps me. I’m trying to make room for standing still, and I think the course was an eye opener to find more keys and ways to do so. Keys and ways that are easy to hold on to.

Are you feeling a spark to add a dash of yoga to your every day routines? Kuldip from Adi Shakti Academy is organising an introductory short course called ‘‘Kundalini 101’’ where you can learn all about the basics. The course is held on March 23rd from 10:00-12:00 at Kundaliinijooga Helsinki. If you’re free and craving some new inspiration, I’d highly encourage for you to book the morning off and cosy up at the studio for some yoga wisdoms. As our reader you’ll get to do the course with a little discount for 20€ by using the code: INLACExKUNDALINI.

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