lover smoothie

PICTURE: Ona rihu

(vegan, love booster)

Vegan Raw Chocolate Smoothie

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and we wanted to treat you with something special you can enjoy by yourself or with your lover. This cacao smoothie is packed with all the goodies to support the sensual side of yourself.  Enjoy this magical liquid by yourself, with some self love action, or with your partner to fill yourself with with the lust of love. 


You'll need (DOUBLE for 2 lovers to enjoy)

a frozen banana

1 tbsp cacao powder (for getting the natural high)

2 cardamon pods for stronger flavour, but 1 tsp of cardamon powder will do too

1 tsp maca (for the extra boost of sex drive)

2tsp chia gel

Add plant based milk of your choice, for desired thickness

Sprinkle a little bit of good quality salt after blending and mix it with a spoon


Extra goodies to add up

baobab powder for extra thickness 

1 tl licorice root powder for stress relief 

a sprinkle of ashwagandha for an extra boost of happiness 

You can also half the amount of the plant based milk with crystal infused water. Leave your favourite crystal in water jug overnight and you're good to go with super charged goddess water. 

top with coconut whip or cacao sauce for extra messiness 


Blend your lover smoothie and enjoy the love you'll be filled with. ♡