7 non-thing gift ideas

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Vegan Porridge Brunch Party

In Finland Valentine's Day is actually called Friendship Day. Here the 14th of February is dedicated to celebrate all the lovely gals we have in our lifes, and I just love it. I mean friends are the soul of life, who wouldn't want to celebrate something as great and meaningful as that?  

Here are some small non-thing (aka. minimal in material) gift tips, for how you could surprise your friend on Valentines Day (or these days also referred to as Galentines Day... how sweet is that!). Actually you could surprise your friend with one of these on any day, just to remind them of how much you actually enjoy having them around for your endless giggles from inside jokes, shared secrets and tiny everyday adventures you keep on looking back to. 

1. a break for the mind

Invite your friends over for a good old spa + chill night. Cook some delicious food, have the ingredients ready for some DIY spa masks (you could try our aloe vera mask), light some candles, put on a chill play list and brew a pot of your favorite tea. 


2. a bunch of memories

Time to look back in your photo and video archives with pictures from past adventures. Fill a USB stick with your favorites and surprise your friend with a ticket to memory lane. You could also fill the USB stick with your favorite tunes and turn it into a modern day mix tape. Hmmm... or if you don't want to download music, you could make a Spotify playlist dedicated to your friend. Fill it with songs that remind you of those good times you've experienced together,  write some of your favorite stories down and give a hand written note to go along with the tunes.


3. time for some zen

Take your friend to your favorite yoga class. If you're both into yoga you could try something new together like aerial or hot yoga if your haven't done that before. If your friend is an aspiring yogi book a nice basic class as an easy start to it. 


4. a paint + wine night

Do your friends like to get creative? Or maybe they would but never have the time? Invite your friends to come over with their favorite art supplies and have a bottle of wine ready. Put on some good tunes and let your imagination and crafty souls go wild.


5. your favorite book

Do you have a book that you’ve read like 100 times and that even after all those reads keeps on inspiring you? Give it to your friend to have a read along with some notes on why you like this book so much.


6. a tiny garden

It’s almost spring and time to get your gardening game on. You could get your friend some tiny pots (one idea is to use old glass jars or tin cans), some seeds of for example your favorite kitchen herbs and instructions on how the get the greens rooting. 


7. your recipe secrets

Get a cute notebook and fill it with your favorite recipes. Maybe even paint some nice pictures to go along with them and write down some memories you have of the recipes with stories to go along with them. Who wouldn’t like to receive a one of a kind recipe collection? That's what I thought.

I hope you have a stunning Valen/Galentines Day!
Stay lovely.