matcha facial


(zero waste)

DIY matcha face mask

I'm drinking the foamy matcha latte at my local coffee shop. The foam fills my desires and all my senses are on fire. I can feel how my cells are loving the cup of magic. I walk home through the snowy streets. I strip the layers of clothing on me and wrap my morning robe on. I put my hair up and spalsh water on my face. I paint my face with the cup of magic. I can smell the matcha latte on my face. I can feel how she renews my skin, renews me. 


Matcha latte facial


1 tsp clay

1/2 tsp matcha 

1 drop jasmine essential oil

couple drops of h20, or until perfect consistency (crystal infused h20 for extra magic) 


Mix all the ingredients together and brush it on your face, neck and chest. Let it sit until it's dried or up to an hour. Wash it off and massage a natural moisturiser on your face, neck and chest.

Magic of Matcha : 

highly anti-inflammatory

originally only royalty and Samurai warriors had the access to matcha

60x the antioxidants of spinach