post valentine's day self love



DIY green tea and clay mask

Valentine's day is a reminder of how much love there is to give to ourselves, but love is such a broad concept. I see love as energy. The most highest form of energy. It's the Devine healing energy, and we all have access to it. To feel love and to live your biggest dreams, you've got to make an active choice daily to fill yourself with love. Because if you can't love yourself, neither can anyone else. So fill yourself with self loving thoughts, compliments and know that you're worthy of all that you wish for. 


There's many ways of self loving and here's one of them


you need :

  • couple of organic green tea leaves/bags 
  • 1 tsp of clay (I used activated green clay, but any natural clay will do)


Mix the clay with just a couple drops of water until the paste is just right for you. Spread the clay all over your face and also to your neck and chest area for extra loving. For the green tea leaves, either use once enjoyed tea or wet the leaves, so they stick under your eyes. Let the facial sit until it's dry or until you've finished watching that episode of sex and the city and eaten your raw chocolate dessert. If your skin in prone to dryness treat her with good natural oil moisturiser or go with bare skin, if that's what your skin loves more. 

(why clay?)

I love all facials, but clay is definitely my favourite. I feel like it works its magic in whatever situation it's given to. Clay itself is sourced from the mineral rich earth so it carries these wonderful skin boosters when applied to our skin. Clay gives your skin a detox from the stress it goes through in our daily lives. Using clay is a huge loving act towards yourself.