thrifting 101

Thrift shopping is one of the best ways to get creative with your style on a budget. You’ll be guaranteed with a unique look, clear conscience and a happy wallet! Here’s our top tips for a successful thrift trip.

1. go to more than one shop

If you only go to one thrift shop, you’ll more likely feel like you need  to buy something to make up for the fact that you came all the way to the thrift shop. Besides, you’ll double your chances of finding something amazing if you go see more than one selection.

2. Set your mindset

It’s important not to set your expectations to the roof. Life isn’t perfect, you won’t always find the perfect piece and you have to be okay with that. Otherwise you might settle for something less than perfect that you probably won’t even wear. 

3. Standards

Now, expectations and standards are a whole different game. You shouldn’t settle for anything that’s low-quality. Always check for holes and stains, and don’t forget to try it on! If try-ons are not possible, you can also carry a measuring tape with you.

4. Visualize

If you find something groovy you’re unsure of, just try to mix and match it with pieces that you already own in your mind. Is it really wearable? Where can you see yourself wearing it? Second hand shopping is great for events and festivals because you can just donate the piece back if you’re not going to wear it twice. Here you can really let your creativity take control and not have to worry about anything else! 

5. Have fun with it

Thrift shopping, as anything in life should be fun! Don’t get too serious with it. You’re already doing a major favour to our planet by choosing to recycle, so you should feel pretty good about yourself. Bring your friends, have crazy try-ons and enjoy yourselves! You can make a vintage moodboard for inspiration or have a challenge for the grooviest outfit combinations with your friends. Get creative!

second hand fashion finds from Helsinki