PICTURE: anti-you


                                                                         Who inspires you?

Heidi and Tedi: Women, women, women.  

The girls from Anti You clothing

We sat down to hear the thoughts of these 2 super ladies.  Heidi and Tedi are filled with authenticity and girlpower. They are throwing a pop up in Helsinki called ANTI-YOU , from today till Sunday.  At the event they will showcase their female empowered shirts and works of other super-ladies. Let me introduce you to the generation of powerful females in action, Heidi and Tedi. 


a prefix meaning  “opposite of,

ANTI-YOU is more than clothes and a one time pop up. ANTI-YOU for us is a movement. The movement stands behind the thought of everybody being unique, themselves and proud of that.

Heidi: I am me, and I do things which are important to me. You do you and you do things that are important to you. That's ANti-you.


Can you describe yourselves in your own words ? 

Heidi: I'm an ever changing human being with multiple sides to me. I believe in growing and evolving. If I put it simply, I am what I do. 

Tedi: I feel what Heidi said. There's days when I'm totally the opposite of what I was yesterday. Being openminded and curious about our world is what I value in myself as well as in the people around me. My superpower would probably be the shamelessness and love I'm filled with towards myself and the world around me. If I would add one more thing, it's that I'm definitely a free soul. 

Tell us a little bit about your most recent projects?

Tedi: We wanted to embrace and support the females around us, who create from their hearts. And that's why we created the ANTI-YOU pop up. This is our first big project and we feel so blessed for all the support we've had from the people around us. We believe that everything is only an action away. If we can inspire others to take action towards their dreams, our jobs is done. We are also selling our own pieces at the pop up, which is materialisation of the whole concept and movement we've had in our minds. 

Heidi: We also encourage everybody to have their own thoughts of what ANTI-YOU is to them. We hope to empower others and unsexualise the naked body, especially the female body. Break the tabu and make it more ''normal''.


What does it mean to you to be a woman in 2018?

Tedi: I love this question. It's amazing to be alive In this time and place. There's so much revolutional energy in females right now. I'm proud to be female but  I understand how privileged I am as an young white Finnish woman. I believe it's important to acknowledge that, but still carry your shameless attitude with you. I wish to make a difference. To help females, to help masses. 


What’s your theme song?

Tedi :  THIS & THIS

Heidi: THIS

ANd lastly the most important question, what is your Spirit animal ? 

Tedi : When I was 6 years old I started collecting feathers so that one day I could make wings and fly. So my spirit animal is clearly a bird. 

Heidi: Mine is definitely a Killer Whale. Their mystery and beauty fascinates me like the ocean itself.