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(conscious soul)


Haastattelu Maria Nordin | Inlace Media

We sat down with super woman Maria Nordin for lunch, to chat about her life. She’s been embracing sustainable living on her social media and our hearts have been warmed by her actions. She’s truly a magical woman. Let me introduce you to Maria Nordin. 


Hey Maria, could you quickly explain what it exactly is that you do?

There’s three main things I do. 

  1. I make indoor air quality reports   
  2. I write my blog
  3. And run a wellness online store, where I also sell  my own bar soaps.


What got you into  health and the toxin free lifestyle? 

I was fascinated by the ecological aspect when I was doing my architecture studies and found out about the eco material opportunities in building. The turning point for me would however have been when I got sick from indoor quality issues. I wanted to learn everything about what might have affected that and the hunger for knowledge just kept growing. I stopped using harmful chemicals and step by step I started to heal. The final step for my healing journey was  DNRS training that I came across while doing my research.  Through  DNSR the last bits of my over sensitivity vanished away. 


What tips would you give to young entrepreneurs? 

First of all: just start doing.

Second ask, ask and ask. There’s so much knowledge around us and we are all masters in something. Still whenever I don’t know something, I go around and ask for advice from others. Lately I've been appreciating the supportiveness of Facebook groups, especially the entrepreneurial groups out there. 


What would you tell your 20 year old self?

Let your interests be your guide. Just go for after whatever fascinates you. Read it, do it. You never know how you can use the gained skills in the future. 

What are your favourite cafes in Helsinki?

Mat for lunch,

Kuuma for breakfast

and Factory street gallery for coffee

WHat is one book that everyone should read?

Breaking the habit of being yourself 

What would your perfect Sunday be like? 

My perfect winter Sunday would start with a nutritious brunch with my family. Then we would go ice skating somewhere outdoors . And as a cherry on top the day would include some hot chocolates and sauna.