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Formative research shows that girls in Kenya face monthly challenges, with 65% of women and girls being unable to afford sanitary pads - the statistics show us an uncomfortable truth about how something that we are often so used to can be a huge issue somewhere else. The problem is much wider than only financial and causes larger challenges in the community. For example having a period can mean not being able to go to school for some girls, due to lack of restrooms or even just clean water. 

In Nairobi a lot of good work around this subject is done by the locals as well as NGOs. The idea is to raise awareness and so encourage people to talk more about periods which can still be a taboo in some communities. Kuu Project, created by our friends Emilia Laine, Valpuri Alanen, Anna Sarmanto, Mariana Mustelin and Tara Junker, is a tiny intivative that wants to help along with all the good work that has been done, especially by the locals. The girls were inspired by all the good work that has been done and wanted to do something too, if even just a bit. The bigger projects that also inspired Kuu Project have been striving to provide a long-term ecologically sustainable alternative to menstrual hygiene products for low income students in Nairobi. One way to this could be the menstrual cup.

Kuu project has already achieved its minimum goal of providing 100 menstrual cups to the community, but there is still time to support the cause so even more girls can be helped. Lunette has been closely helping with this project, which as a company puts a lot of effort in trying to make sure that girls and women everywhere have the availability to a healthy, sustainable and affordable option for period products. 


so Why menstrual cups?

  • Menstrual cups are the most ecologically sustainable alternative when it comes to period products. 
  • It's economically smart. By providing these girls with a menstrual cup, they are covered for the next 10 years.
  • Besides being economically and sustainably the smartest alternative around, menstrual cups are also the healthiest choice for when it comes to intime hygiene and period products. Lunette's high quality cups use medical grade FDA approved silicone and colorants and have gone through strict quality control. 

    (There is heaps of other good reasons. Check out Lunette for more info)


long term solutions through involving the local community

The projects are more about achieving long term solutions instead of just helping with the physical menstrual cups. Here the locals play an important role. Also with Kuu Project the local university has been closely involved, and the idea is to give the local students tools with which they can further improve the situation in their home communities. 

The goal is that the students in Nairobi will experience the menstrual cup as a concept that they would like to encourage their own social networks to use. If a university student is handed a menstrual cup and they see it as a solution to their problem, it's highly likely that they will then recommend it to their friends and maybe younger family memebers etc. The outcome of this will be monitored through questionnairies, which helps with further development of similar projects. 

How can i help?

  • Kuu Project has a fundraising page which you can still support until 11.6.2018
  • If you're in Helsinki on the 9th of June and love brunch you might want to meet us here .  Bring a friend and have an inspiring morning that involves delicious food and brewing new ideas. 

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