may by eliisa loukola

writer: emma ranne
picture: from eliisa

Eliisa Loukola - Inlace Calendar 2018

Oh hello there May, we've been looking forward to you! It's time to introduce you to our lovely illustrator of the month, Eliisa Loukola, who drew the illustration for May in our calendar. Eliisa has always been drawing and is currently studying fine arts in the Netherlands. We wanted to hear more about what is bringing her inspiration these days and what her relationship is to drawing:


Hi lovely Eliisa! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you like to do

Hi! I am a 20 year-old Fine art student, currently studying in Academie Minerva in the Netherlands. I love all things art (surprise, surprise), like going to museums, galleries and finding out new techniques and crazy ideas to try. I enjoy going on long walks and discovering new places here around me and abroad. I love a nice talk over some coffee or a nice drink, haha. 


What is your relationship to drawing and how has it evolved over the years?

I honestly can't remember not drawing. I've gone to different art classes and schools since I was six, and it has always been an important part of my life. Although drawing is not my main technique anymore I still love it and try to draw everyday.


Where do you gain the inspiration for your art?

Everywhere! People, nature, old buildings, fleamarkets.. But what I find most interesting is the idea of feminity, what's considered "girly" (in a "good" or a "bad" way) and what's not. A bit weird maybe but it's an infinite source of inspiration!


What important lessons have you learned during the last 12 months?

Take a leap into the unknown! Last August I moved into the Netherlands without knowing anyone there, and it has brought me so many great new experiences and I've met wonderful new people! It really pays off to leave your comfort zone!


Name three of those slightly random things that give you joy:

  1. A good thunderstorm! The power of nature is incredible sometimes. 
  2. Seeing cats around town! Especially if I get one to come close enough to pet
  3. Getting a nice new canvas or fabric and starting fresh! 


What would your theme song be?

Youth by Daughter ! Found the song when I was fourteen and I keep coming back to it six years later.


P.s  Be sure to check Eliisa's art work, here.