bybi beauty

Writer: Ona Rihu
Pictures: Ona Rihu

BYBI Beauty is an English skincare line that almost sounds too good to be true. 100% vegan, using all natural ingredients and exotic oil blends to make your skin glow. + their packaging is adorable and mostly biodegradeable! 

Made by women

Founded by natural beauty industry experts Elsie and Dominika from Clean Beauty Collection, BYBI skincare is a brand created with insight. No fillers or diluted ingredients used. 

Our favorites:

Supercharge serum has more than 18 different botanical oils- and extracts. It's designed to feel almost like a dry oil, soft and pampering but with fast-absorbtion.

"A concentration of Squalane, Prickly Pear and Jasmine oils moisturise, soften and encourage skin cell rejuvenation.
Meadowfoam, Poppy Seed and Lemongrass oils work to balance and even skin tone, for all day bright complexions." 

Babe balm: I've had a hard time finding an organic thick multi-purpose balm to replace my old one. But I can gladly say i've finally found the one.

I use it on my lips, hands and any dry areas. I also love to dab some on my cheekbones for a glossy & dewy look! 

Buffer & Plumper

This is probably the cutest pair of skincare I've ever seen. 
Delicious (but not for eating) sugar & strawberry lip scrub for a smooth canvas

Cooling lip balm that gives you a plump look using peppermint and blood orange essential oils. Let the shea butter wonder work it's magic!