natural high healing festival

writer: Catarina Böckerman
Picture: Catarina böckerman, Natural High Healing Festival

Europe’s festival season is here and we are starting it off this weekend 5-8.7 with  natural high healing festival. This conscious festival is all about getting high from love. Oh yes, we’re gonna tap into our higher state of being on this festival. It’s kinda like that meditation you were able to stay in at the end of the yoga class for a couple of minutes, but double that calmness and abundance with a thousand.  The festival is held in the middle of Finland's forests, in beautiful Narvilinna.
"Natural High Healing Festival was born out of pure love of bringing people together in the Finnish summer. Out of love for connection, the one we all long for in one way or another – connection to nature, creativity, the heart, light, and happiness." 
The festival is all about bringing people together in a peaceful 4-day festival where you might feel sparks of magic, find new friends and get to know yourself on a whole other level. 
We hope to see all you beautiful beings there.


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