boobie talk part 2


Hey all you breast owning creatures out there. Today I was inspired to talk little bit more about boobs, and the two main actions for your breast health. 

Boobie massage

Our boobs are located on top of our heart, and the location it’s not a coincidence. Us humans we have 2 main points of energy centres. In guys the primary centre is on their penis and the 2nd one is in their hearts. And us females our primary point is in our hearts and 2nd one is in our yonis. That’s why girls are more sensitive, that’s how we were sculptured to be. That’s why it’s so important to connect to your heart point, to your primary energy centre through your boobs.  

Through massaging your breast tissues you’re also releasing all the toxins that may be stored in there. The way our body releases toxins is through our lymphatic system. This automatic detoxification system works through movement. And because our boobs are mainly maid of fat tissues, they are not inhabiting as much in this detoxification system the same way other ares of our bodies. This is the reason why our boobs might collect extra dirt on them, that could create breast cancer for example. And  here  you can find a practical guide for the boobie massage!


Going braless or at least wireless 

On top of boob massage, a powerful self love act is to g0 braless. The bras pressure, especially the ones with all kinds of metal things on them, creates unnecessary  pressure on your boob tissues. This pressure is also linked in some studies to breast cancer, through same ideology I described above about toxins clotting in your tissues. Not only that in mind, but also how relieved do you feel when you get home and release your boobs from those holders. Well with common sense, you holding that kinda tension the most of your day, is not the greatest act of love to your boobs. If bras in some occasion are totally must for that girl power look, I would go for bralettes or the wire bras which are exactly your size. (and go see an bra expert with this one)  So investing in those good bras, can actually save your life. Or learning to embrace your natural state, and go for that free your boob look, which is my favourite.