holy chill week


Before holy chill weeks I was a master at stressing myself out. It all started from getting excited about something so much that peeing myself wasn’t far away. And suddenly the positive passion turned into a stressful ‘’let’s do a million things at once’’ situation. And once I was there I could see the red flag right in front of me. In the past I’ve been subconsciously holding myself back so much that when I finally ‘’let’’ myself accomplish my dreams, it’s like she (my true self) has this huge rush to do it all. So patience and doing one thing at a time have been big lessons to me. So I decided to take real action without stressing myself (or catching it before I see the ‘’over burning myself - flag in the horizon), by creating the Holy chill week.  

-It’s not about trying to do a million things at once, but to do one thing with peace of mind at once -by my wise heart

So what’s the holy chill week all about?

First, list all things that make you go in the rabbit hole of stressing out.

Then make a promise to learn to let go of the stress and live with holy chill in your heart.  After all, stressing out doesn’t make whatever you are doing any better. It only invites you down the path of burning yourself out. So the goal is to learn to be driven and chill at the same time. (yes,  it’s possible, with a little bit of practice everything is)

So make a list of  your pleasures from small to big orgasms of life. (and yes matcha latte is a small orgasm of life, or a big one occasionally.)  Then intuitively allow yourself to enjoy these small and big pleasures of life on the week of the holy chill.



My pleasure list (to get you inspired for your pleasure list)

Foamy matcha latte from Andante

A massage, from self massage to a 1h full body massage at a massage therapist 

Nature walk, skinny dipping, just anything to ground my being to mother earth 

Hot chocolate with tons of maca

Dancing my soul out on the dance floor, from a salsa class, to a steamy bar dance session or a full on ecstatic dance class.

Cuddle, my pillows, my friends and my family. 

Yoga, at home or at a class with beautiful souls. 

Start everyday with calm and peace, set the energy to the vibration of holy chill. Do this by practising gratitude and meditation in the first hour of the day. While meditating ask your heart what does she feel like doing today, what serves her the most right now. 

Then go on and do it. 

And every time you feel like you’re about to fall down in the rabbit hole of stress, catch yourself before the fall by coming to the present moment. Come back to the present by counting your breaths for 10 times and going back to your body, to your true essence. 

It’s all habits, and it’s definitely a time for us to learn out of the ‘over burning myself ‘habit. 


— and if you still have things (like the not so enjoyable work) where you kinda still have to go, promise yourself to make it a spiritual practise. Stay mindful in what ever would shake you that day. Through learning to stay present, in your not so favourite situations, you’ll become a master of being present. Just imagine how easy it is to stay fully present when you’re actually practising your pleasure list. 


 Much love and pleasurable holy chill week to you all.

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