let go baby

PICTURE:Ona rihu

Letting go has been my life’s theme lately.  It all started from cleaning my room with a goal of letting go of most of my stuff. The more I let go, the more I started to let go. Soon after I was clearing my emails, deleting all those ‘’I will still read this someday’’ and unsubscribing hundreds of emails. The letting go gave more and more space for the things that truly mattered to me. I started noticing how calm I could be and how simple life could actually be. So let me share how you can start to let go so you'll have space for love, and for things that truly matter for your soul. 

  1. Start with the most heavy thing on your plate right now. What’s the biggest thing holding you back? For me it was stuff. And when I started to let go of it, it was like I was letting go of mental garbage as well. So get that thrift table or donate to recci and start to let go. If you get stuck with this, start small, like getting rid of one thing a day. I promise that letting go gets easier every single day.

  2. Clear your email box! It might feel like not a big deal to have hundreds of emails, but subconsciously it drains you every time you’ll open it. So sit down, open your email and let the delete and most importantly unsubscribe button burn!

  3. Relationships that are not serving you anymore. You must let go in order to create new space for new people. The more you let go of people who are putting you down, the more you’ll attract people who will raise your vibrations.

  4. Like I mentioned when you start to let go of physical things your mental state will change. What happened to me was that the ‘’things’’ I was letting go, started to be more like a metaphor of clearing my mental state. The more I started to have calm and peace in my days, the more I notice negative thoughts that were arising. So one night I was finally in this state of letting go of the mental shit and listed all of those limiting beliefs that has been holding me back my whole life. The list was huge, but made me feel so relieved to let them all flow to the paper. Once all the negativity was on the paper, I wrote to each one of them UNTRUE. Before ripping these false thoughts, I changed them to embowering thoughts. So at the end of the exercise I had a pile of papers within beautiful affirmations. When you do this, you’ll show the inner critic/ the doubter that lives within you, that your limiting belief systems aren’t real. To hyper boost the effect of these new supportive beliefs, say the most potent once out loud every single day. Day by day, something will shift and that something is your inner belief systems. And as we act from those beliefs most of our lives, well it will be life changing.


And gosh letting go has never felt better. After 2 weeks of letting go my soul feels more peaceful, I smile randomly more, my skin is glowing and my stress levels has dropped dramatically. The more you do this, the more you start to notice things you want to let go. Let 'letting go' be your theme for a while. After this you have created beautiful space for new things to blossom. + to support your ‘letting go’, spray some of that de-stress tonic into your mouth, and notice how it all starts to calm down, drip away from you. Like your heart finally has room to breath, to be.