cabbage miso coconut soup

(vegan & gf)

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Red Cabbage, miso and coconut soup

Cooking Playlist:

Ok so hold on before you read any further… like we all know every recipe needs a soundtrack (or if that wasn’t a thing already, now it is). Anytime I’m cooking soup it’s Soup for One by CHIC. Heh.

Like confessed many times before I’m all about soups, especially Sunday meal prep soups. Today’s recipe is extra vibrant, very budget friendly, nutritious and most importantly super delicious. To be exact. It’s so delicious I dropped everything I was doing to get the recipe out here for you to try as soon as possible. So without further rambling here it is:

cabbage miso coconut soup


  • 500g red sliced red cabbage

  • 100g (frozen) cauliflower florets

  • 1 medium sized red onion

  • 2 stalks of celery

  • 1 tsp of each: coriander, ginger and mustard seeds

  • 2 tbps tamari

  • 100g coconut milk

  • a generous tbsp of miso paste (I used red miso)

  • a squeeze of fresh lemon and some olive oil


  1. Cut your onion and celery, heat a sauce pan and lightly cook the onion and celery in a drizzle of oil until they start to soften (about 3 min). Add your spices and cook for a few more minutes.

  2. Add the cauliflower and about 100ml of water. Cook until the cauliflower is at let’s say medium (if you use frozen cauliflower, just wait until it melts a little).

  3. Add the cabbage and 800ml of water , bring to a simmer and let it the cabbage cook for 5 min. Turn of your heat, add in the coconut milk, give it a stir and cover with a lid. Let the soup rest under the lid for 5 more minutes before adding in the miso and lemon and giving the party a mix with either a stick blender.

  4. Check the taste, add more spice if needed and serve with some seeds and fresh herbs.