moon time essentials

writer: Jutta joki
Picture: Ona Rihu

As I’m typing these words I’m on my period. And I am loving it!
After years of seeing my menstrual phase as the necessary evil I have now found new respect for this phenomenon that makes me so wonderfully feminine. This is my love letter to “that time of the month” and an invitation for you to change the way you see your period. There is a deeper meaning behind our bleeding. It is a sign of us being able to birth whether it be new ideas, projects, or a baby. And with birthing there comes pain, both emotional and physical. Our moon time can stir up emotions of frustration, anger and discontentment. That is why it is a sacred time for deep reflection and evaluation. As we are shedding our uterine linings, we will benefit from thinking: what else can we shed? The things we want to release and let go of begin to surface. I find that this state of introspection (where both brain hemispheres are equally active) enables transformative, deep work. I find it easier to concentrate and immerse myself in new ideas. I tap into this clarity and wisdom. In chinese medicine, period pain is considered as stagnation of blood or energy. I have yet to crack the code to a pain-free period, but in the meantime I make sure to get my needs met with plenty of self-care.

This is how I navigate my moon time:

moon time

3 mellow days –

I do my best to schedule three days for doing nothing, but resting and making myself as comfy and cosy as possible. This usually looks like a pillow and blanket fort with an ample suply of comforting warm drinks. I will lighten my work load as much as possible. I make alone time my priority and ensure I have fewer social engagements if any.

nourishing, warming food –

This is important on the week leading to my cycle and also during my period. Opting for warm meals with grounding root vegetables and healthy fats is a good idea. Steering clear of cold smoothies and other cold food/drink is imperative.

thinx period panties –  

As one preferring to flow more freely, instead of a period cup, I opt for other sustainable ways to ride my crimson wave. Period panties are my #1 way to go. They are super comfy and work well on my lighter days. On my heavy days I use washable organic cotton cloth pads in addition as needed.

raspberry leaf and nettle infusion –

herbal infusions are a great way to add minerals and some plant magic to your period. I use raspberry leaf to tone the uterus and nettle to replenish the iron lost during the bleeding.

oat heat pack –

I use an oat heat pack to keep my lower abdomen warm and cosy. It increases the blood flow, eases cramps and feels oh so comforting!

essential oils and magnesium spray –

a lot of essential oils have warming, cramp relieving and hormone stabilizing effects. I usually go for clary sage, basil or francincense. I dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil and rub it on my stomach using slow, circular movements. I often add magnesium spray and top the whole thing off with the heat pack. Period bliss!

journaling and tarot -

journaling is the perfect use for that inward energy during menstrual phase. I concentrate on intuitive and reflective writing. Sometimes I like to throw in an impromptu tarot card session too.

This is something I find works for me. Something else might work for you. Be sensitive to your own individual needs and care for yourself gently. Even if you are not currently experiencing a normal female cycle (missing your period for some reason), I invite you to be sensitive and alert as you too might also find a more introspective time of the month. Whatever the case may be, let yourself soften, turn inward and celebrate this special time of the month.

BONUS TIP: If you want to undertand your cycle better, I highly recommend the book Womancode by Alisa Vitti.