nudist drinks

writer: Ona Rihu
Pictures: Ona Rihu
In collaboration with nudist drinks

“fake champagne”

Nudist Drinks is an innovative new-age winery focusing on delicious sparkling fruit wines. I was invited for a tasting at their garage/winery in Tallinn, and after tasting (and enjoying) their sparkling drinks I can safely say I’ve found a new favorite.

When choosing wines I try to go for organic, vegan and dry wines. To be honest, fruit wines had never even crossed my mind as an option for some reason. Probably because I associated them with added sugar and colorants, etc. But Nudist Drinks has given me a whole new perspective. My favorite drink by them, Rabarbra, is simply fermented raw rhubarb juice. It’s 8% vol which I feel is just perfect. Sparkling wine always feels so festive, and I’m all for celebrating life even when there’s no specific thing to cheers to.

I love supporting small businesses, and the Nudist Drinks winery really radiated a feeling of honesty and a love for the craft. There is so much thought and work behind each product, and it’s like you can taste it in the drink. I have a feeling I’ll be serving Nudist Drinks instead of regular sparkling wine in my celebrations from now on..

Other drinks they offer:
Sparkling Gooseberry Wine, Sparkling Raspberry Wine, an Organic Rabarbra Brut and some Apple Ciders.

You can find Nudist Drinks at Brigitta Hernesaari, Bites, Leblon, Beerger, Magu, Ääniwalli & Post Bar.