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5 tips for how to survive the winter

writer: Emma Ranne
picture: Emma Ranne

Eira, Helsinki Winter

Here in Finland we only have a couple of hours of light during the gloomiest months of the winter. Not seeing that much of the sun and missing out on those few hours of light when at work or school, will of course have some effect on your energy levels. 

How can you boost your winter time energy to keep you going no matter how dark, cold and wet it is out there? We gathered our best tips, that work for us when (most of the time) thriving through the Finnish winter. 

Now it’s of course starting to get lighter and lighter day by day, but I though this would still be nice to share with you even though we’re about to shift from winter to spring soon.


1. Chase the light

Try to catch those few light hours by going out during the day. Even if just for a tiny 10 minute walk (if school or work is holding you back), it will make an instant difference. It doesn’t even matter if the sun isn’t out, just the fresh breeze and that bit of natural light will do.


2. Cozy up

Accept the winter as it is and make the most out of it. Horrible weather outside? Gather your friends, light up some candles and host a cozy little curry night. To add some extra fun you could throw in some board games as well. It’s completely ok (and very much human) to not feel energized at all times. Allow yourself more sleep, take it easy, and try to create some extra coziness whenever and wherever you can.


3. But stay active

This is as important as to allow yourself to get cozy: stay active. Go for a walk, hit the gym, do some yoga. When your blood gets flowing and your heart pumping you will soon feel reborn. Chase those endorphins even though you might need to push it a little on those pitch black rainy mornings.


4. Vitamin D

This is something I should definitely up my game in and take better care of. In the summer vitamin D comes provided by the sun, but in the winter you can’t quite rely on that. Don’t forget to introduce vitamin D supplements to your daily food palette during the darker months! In Finland the recommendation for adults varies from a daily 10-30 micro gram vitamim D boost, from the start of September to the end of April. Vitamin D supplements aren't always vegan so be sure to check that with the pharmasist. Here's one good option by Terranova.


5.  Light therapy

We Finns just don’t give in and go on with full ‘‘sisu’’ when it comes to the darkness. If there’s no sun light to wake us up, we’ll just take care of it ourselves. Light therapy lamps have during the past few years become a gadget found in almost every Finnish home. It’s a lamp that is as bright as natural light, and can be used in the mornings and during the day to wake up your body and make it believe it’s day and not night (as that’s what your body thinks when it’s dark out there). The thought of having an artificial sun might sound a bit sad, but even though my slightly critical preassumptions I’ve found this to be one of the most effective tools to tackle the winter dip.

By now I’m just really really looking forward to the warmer months. I miss the sun, long days and my summer warderobe. But hey we’re getting there!
Meanwhile…What is your favourite winter survival tip?


let's talk about kundalini

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne & kundaliinijooga helsinki

(body, mind and soul)

kundalini yoga helsinki - Kuldip S. Khalsa

Sometimes the timing simply just feels so right it becomes a little magical.

So was the case with the quite university drained me getting a surprise invite from Kundaliinijooga Helsinki to spend a weekend with yoga teacher Kuldip to learn the basics of kundalini yoga - yoga that combines the elements of mind, body and spirit.

Before the course I had only heared the concept Kundalini Yoga flow by, but never got a grip of what it actually was all about. It was in the 1960s when yoga guru Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini from India to the West. Kundalini yoga has roots that reach over a period of more than 2000 years and has been in constant development ever since and been amended by its practioners. Like Kuldip told us yoga shouldn’t stand still, it’s in constant change molded by its practioners. He encouraged us to learn the basics, but also to try to let go from what we’ve learned and see what works best for ourselves. I really loved that idea. I mean just to think of something that has been alive and evolving over a period of 200o years, formed and shaped by generations - sounds pretty miracelous right?

The introduction course that I attended was held on 2 days and it covered all from body (in which we went through motion but also talked about food and diet) to mind (meditation) and spirit (in which we learned about chakras, and the deeper connections of yoga with the soul). Kuldip had a nice way of teaching in a way that made the sometimes quite abstract things appear as something that could easily be adapted to our everyday lives. It was an inspiring weekend and Kundalini Yoga is for sure something I’d like to explore more in the future too.


Now at the start of the new year I’ve made myself a promise: I want to find my way back to routines. Routines that support my day to day hustles and allow me to thrive, be productive, feel nourished but most importantly connected to myself in a peaceful way in which I find that yoga really helps me. I’m trying to make room for standing still, and I think the course was an eye opener to find more keys and ways to do so. Keys and ways that are easy to hold on to.

Are you feeling a spark to add a dash of yoga to your every day routines? Kuldip from Adi Shakti Academy is organising an introductory short course called ‘‘Kundalini 101’’ where you can learn all about the basics. The course is held on March 23rd from 10:00-12:00 at Kundaliinijooga Helsinki. If you’re free and craving some new inspiration, I’d highly encourage for you to book the morning off and cosy up at the studio for some yoga wisdoms. As our reader you’ll get to do the course with a little discount for 20€ by using the code: INLACExKUNDALINI.

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money talk

writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Ona Rihu

I feel like the topic of managing your money is now more present than before, and it makes me extremely happy. I’ve read articles about saving, investing and spending money for a few years now, as it’s always fascinated me. I’ve made all my own money and in the first years of making an income I used to spend it all on fast fashion and eating out. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser I’ve started investing very carefully through my bank and saving a percentage of my income in my savings account and/or my apartment savings account ASP, instead of wasting money on things I don’t need. A part of me wishes I’d started sooner, but I also look back on those carefree years with love. However, there’s been a huge difference in my income now that I’ve started studying. It’s going to be more difficult to save money and to manage it in general, so I’m making this list for myself as a guideline and hoping it can help some of you aswell. x

Step 1 - Make a budget

Whether it’s in excel or an old school notebook, having a clear budget is very important. It helps you see the whole picture of your situation and see your income in detail. This is especially helpful for those who have multiple sources of income.

Step 2 - Track your spending

Write a list of every single purchase you make for 1 week, or as long as you see necessary to get to know your own spending habits. This helps you see where your money is going and how much you’re spending in total. For me this was a real eye-opener, and made me rethink a lot of my past-time activities!

Step 3 - Cut down

Recognize the problem areas you might have and get creative with finding some more affordable solutions. Whether it’s switching your takeaway matcha to homemade, or going on a shopping break, recognize your habits and work on them!

step 4 - save up

If you have any income that you CAN save, do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s 25% of your income or 10 euros per month, get in to the habit of setting aside some money on a seperate account. Once you get into the flow of saving money you’ll notice how nice it feels and hopefully get even more motivated when you see those digits on your savings account. If you need motivation for this, have a prize for yourself when you’ve reached a certain amount of savings.

It’s also important to think about your relationship to money, how it affects you and whether it’s healthy or has something you can improve. I’d like to think of money only as a tool, not something that in itself brings me happiness or a feeling of accomplishment. This way you don’t get too caught up in the numbers and stay grounded. After all, you can’t put a price tag on happiness or health. Even if I’m living on a budget, I try not to say or think negative thoughts about my financial situation. Instead of saying “I’m broke”, I try to say “I’m saving up”. A budget lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t indulge or feel like your life is abundant. This is another great use for a gratitude list. We are all lucky, and we are all more priviledged than someone else, in some way. Try to find gratitude for what you already have instead of lusting after things you don’t have. This way you’re more open to attracting abundance anyway x

let go baby

PICTURE:Ona rihu

Letting go has been my life’s theme lately.  It all started from cleaning my room with a goal of letting go of most of my stuff. The more I let go, the more I started to let go. Soon after I was clearing my emails, deleting all those ‘’I will still read this someday’’ and unsubscribing hundreds of emails. The letting go gave more and more space for the things that truly mattered to me. I started noticing how calm I could be and how simple life could actually be. So let me share how you can start to let go so you'll have space for love, and for things that truly matter for your soul. 

  1. Start with the most heavy thing on your plate right now. What’s the biggest thing holding you back? For me it was stuff. And when I started to let go of it, it was like I was letting go of mental garbage as well. So get that thrift table or donate to recci and start to let go. If you get stuck with this, start small, like getting rid of one thing a day. I promise that letting go gets easier every single day.

  2. Clear your email box! It might feel like not a big deal to have hundreds of emails, but subconsciously it drains you every time you’ll open it. So sit down, open your email and let the delete and most importantly unsubscribe button burn!

  3. Relationships that are not serving you anymore. You must let go in order to create new space for new people. The more you let go of people who are putting you down, the more you’ll attract people who will raise your vibrations.

  4. Like I mentioned when you start to let go of physical things your mental state will change. What happened to me was that the ‘’things’’ I was letting go, started to be more like a metaphor of clearing my mental state. The more I started to have calm and peace in my days, the more I notice negative thoughts that were arising. So one night I was finally in this state of letting go of the mental shit and listed all of those limiting beliefs that has been holding me back my whole life. The list was huge, but made me feel so relieved to let them all flow to the paper. Once all the negativity was on the paper, I wrote to each one of them UNTRUE. Before ripping these false thoughts, I changed them to embowering thoughts. So at the end of the exercise I had a pile of papers within beautiful affirmations. When you do this, you’ll show the inner critic/ the doubter that lives within you, that your limiting belief systems aren’t real. To hyper boost the effect of these new supportive beliefs, say the most potent once out loud every single day. Day by day, something will shift and that something is your inner belief systems. And as we act from those beliefs most of our lives, well it will be life changing.


And gosh letting go has never felt better. After 2 weeks of letting go my soul feels more peaceful, I smile randomly more, my skin is glowing and my stress levels has dropped dramatically. The more you do this, the more you start to notice things you want to let go. Let 'letting go' be your theme for a while. After this you have created beautiful space for new things to blossom. + to support your ‘letting go’, spray some of that de-stress tonic into your mouth, and notice how it all starts to calm down, drip away from you. Like your heart finally has room to breath, to be.

let's talk about stress baby

writer: Emma Ranne
pictures: Pihla Laine

Sometimes the thing they like to refer to as adulting gets a little too overwhelming. Or maybe it’s your studies or a bump in a relationship that is troubling your mind piece.

Stress is something that probably most of us run into on a quite regular basis in this hectic fast pace world of ours. Primarily stress is a physical response that affects your whole body. Your body basically thinks it’s under attack and goes into fight or flight-mode, which of course isn't the most practical response to most of our everyday stress situations. How to cope with these feelings when you by no means should pick up any kind of physical fight nor run away even though every cell in your body is demanding you to do so?

Stress can hit you with all of its power in a moment’s blink, or it can be something subtler but at least as draining that you carry with you from one day to the other. Luckily as there are plenty of things that may cause us stress, there’s also plenty of ways for us to cope with it. 


4 Tips for long term stress:

  1.   Try essential oils. I’ve started to carry oils with me wherever I go and my current favourite is the blend calm by Frantsila. I first ran into this soothing oil blend at my yoga studio and often tried it out there. Now whenever I feel a bit tense I add a bit of the oil on my wrists and the scent immediately reminds me of my yoga studio. The roll on is easy to pop into your bag, and ever since getting it I've been carrying it with me pretty much wherever I go. 

    Essential oils are oils extracted from flowers, leaves and roots and there are many ways in which you can blend and use them to relief stress. Try to add a few drops of Lavender Oil on your pillow case before you go to bed, add some rose oil to your diffuser when your feel a bit stiff and your day needs a little pick up and use chamomile oil to calm your overthinking mind. The possibilities are endless. I often like to browse Frantsila’s website to get more info on oils and their uses.

  2.   Regularly take a few minutes to meditate and try to do yoga. Close your eyes for a moment and simply focus on your breath. Try to let go of everything else for a minute. Yoga is one of my favourite ways to calm my mind and take a break from the hectic everyday routines. 

  3. Clean your space. I once read somewhere that the tidiness of the space you live in is a reflection of your mind and I think this is true, at least in my case. Whenever there’s a more stressful period at school or work or elsewhere in life my otherwise pretty tidy home blows up into an uncontrollable chaos. I know this sounds very Marie Kondo, but take a few minutes to daily fix up your space. Also it’s one less thing to stress about if your home is tidy, plus I think in the best case and with the right mind-set household chores are almost equal meditation. Especially doing the dishes. Just saying.
  4. This is one of my favourite tricks when I’m feeling super stressed by multiple things:  Brew yourself a cup of tea, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write it all out into a big ‘brain dump’ – list. Once you have it all written it’s easier to see things in perspective and to tackle the things one by one. 
Frantsila Ilta-öljy, calming oil blend

Is this an anxiety attack?!
– what to do when stress hits you out of the blue and with full power

  1. Ok ok. It’s all alright and it will be better now that you noticed things are getting a bit too overwhelming and tense. If possible stop whatever it is you are doing, take a deep breath in and let it all out. Repeat breathing in calmly counting to 10 until you feel a bit better.
  2. This might sound crazy but try to give yourself a little pep talk, either out loud or in your mind. Try to sooth your mind. ‘’Aww baby, you’ll be fine. You can handle this.’’ Talk to yourself as you would to a friend. 
  3. Breathing again? Good. Now it’s time to put things in proportion. Weigh the facts and try to see the situation from a broader point of view. As long as no one is in immediate danger, everything is fine. Breath. Try to think of a solution to whatever it is that causes you your stress. Break it down and make a plan of very small and easy steps for how you can tackle it.
  4. If you have time to take a longer break of whatever you are dealing with at this point, try to go for a walk. Whenever I feel stressed I pretty much command myself to take a moment, switch my phone on night mode, put Spotify on and go for a long walk. It’s a bullet proof way for me to feel better, and it works every single time. If you feel super tense and you find it difficult to calm down to go for a walk, try to run it out instead.
  5. Feeling a bit better? Before you start to tackle the step by step plan you just made, brew yourself a warm cup of tea. Try herbal blends like chamomile, lemon balm or peppermint that are known to soothe the body. Warm things in general calm our body. Take a hot shower, a warm bath spiced up with some essential oils or heat up the sauna.


Honestly, there are so many ways you can deal with stress and there’s no ‘’one kind fits all’’ solution that works in every situation and for everyone. It’s all about trying out different things and creating your own strategy. 

It’s important to take care of yourself and your mind. If things often feel too overwhelming and stress keeps on haunting you up until the point it really starts to affect your daily life, it’s time to ask for help. Talk to your friends, family or a professional about your stress. When shared, your worries often start to feel less bad and other people might come up with solutions you hadn’t thought of yourself. 

natural high healing festival

writer: Catarina Böckerman
Picture: Catarina böckerman, Natural High Healing Festival

Europe’s festival season is here and we are starting it off this weekend 5-8.7 with  natural high healing festival. This conscious festival is all about getting high from love. Oh yes, we’re gonna tap into our higher state of being on this festival. It’s kinda like that meditation you were able to stay in at the end of the yoga class for a couple of minutes, but double that calmness and abundance with a thousand.  The festival is held in the middle of Finland's forests, in beautiful Narvilinna.
"Natural High Healing Festival was born out of pure love of bringing people together in the Finnish summer. Out of love for connection, the one we all long for in one way or another – connection to nature, creativity, the heart, light, and happiness." 
The festival is all about bringing people together in a peaceful 4-day festival where you might feel sparks of magic, find new friends and get to know yourself on a whole other level. 
We hope to see all you beautiful beings there.


Get ready FOR

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Cuddle parties

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Opening the womb

Wild greens

Conscious dating

All kinds of yoga and sound healing


Hot night bar

cleansing your chakras

cuddling sheep and ponies

the art of slow mornings

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Banana toast, coffee and flowers

In my perfect world every day would start with the tone of a kind slow Sunday morning. Waking up to warm sun rays and setting the tea kettle on first after some easy juicy wake up yoga while listening to your favourite morning tunes. I’ve always been a lover of mornings and I like to treat mine with care and time. It’s been my mission to add a little bit of Sunday morning feel to every morning and steer away from that early rush that way too easily sticks with you all day long. 

How to give yourself a sweeter start to the day? Here are some tiny changes which you can try to add to your morning routine, just to see what happens. You can experiment and ease them into your life by trying them out one by one. Or of course go full in and try them all at once. Pick your least favourite morning of the week to start with and explore the new tones that you can give it. 

Set your alarm clock a little earlier and instead of snoozing pick a tip or two from the list that fit the amount of time you have. The time indicators are there for you to see how easy you can make some little changes to even the most rushed starts of the day.


tiny Morning upgrades:

5 min or less

  1. Put on some easy breezy morning tunes. Create a morning playlist of your own, or try this one (30 sec). If you have a record player, maybe put a record on to add some extra festive feel.
  2. Leave your phone for now, maybe even put it on air plane mode. You can check what’s going on just a little later.
  3. Make your bed. Straight away. And open the window and let the fresh air in. You’ll already feel a little more ready for the day (1 min.)
  4. Try writing morning pages. Have a journal next to your bed and once you wake up just write down some lines that you have on your mind (5 min)
  5. Morning meditation. Start experimenting with a guided meditation sessions on apps like Headspace (5 min)
  6. Add some feeling to your brekkie by lighting a candle. An easy upgrade for Mondays, especially on those gloomy winter mornings (20 sec)
  7. Add a few drops of fresh essential oil like orange or eucalyptus to your diffuser. If you don’t have a diffuser you could try to add a drop on your skin on either your wrist, or behind your ear (20 sec)
  8. Pick your outfit for the day the night before or make sure you have that back up outfit hanging ready in your closet that works every time. We all have been in that situation where you’ve left home with a chaos in front of your closet and not liking what your wearing.
  9. Tidy up your room. Take the extra 5 min to feel on top of your game when you leave your home and create that cozy feeling for you to come back home to (5 min)

and a little more

  1. Morning yoga. Some easy sun salutations on your own or exploring new stretches with the help of for example this. (15+ min)
  2. Treat breakfast with time (30 min). Try new recipes and on those days when you know you won’t have any extra time for in the kitchen you can try and prep your brekkie the night before.
  3. Read a book. While having breakfast or while slowly waking up in bed. (10 min - 30 min)
  4. Get some fresh air. Go for a morning run and calibrate your energy for the day. If you don’t like running, try an easy morning walk (30 min)


Simple little changes and adds like these can create a whole new feel to mornings, reduce the feel of stress and give a calmer mood to the whole day ahead. Explore and try out. Picture your perfect morning and try to add bits and pieces of it to every start of the day. Once you discover what wotks for you it's time to give it a consistent spot in your morning routine.  Consciously let your love for the early hours grow a little.


(peace of mind)


Lemonlinesbylib illustration, meditation 

I’m watching Bingin’s endless horizon. Waves come and go, in and out. That’s life, it pushes and pulls. 

I just finished a month long yoga teacher training. I’ve been digesting all the golden knowledge I was shared with. I’ve reflected, stilled myself.  The biggest golden knowledge I was shared with was the power of meditation. When we stand still, go within, we can hear, we can remember. Remember our true being, true self. All the excess noise will fade away. We can remember our reason for living, we can focus, fully engaged to our dreams. Fully engaged in living as our highest self, as our true self.  I felt calm, ease, happiness, bliss, love from stillness. Meditation taught me who I was, what I’m here to learn, what I’m here to do. It gave me the tool of focus and of bliss out of thin air.  So let me share some light on how you can start to remember your true nature. 


To give yourself a focused and peaceful state for the day ahead of you, do your meditation straight after waking up


Let’s get you ready for meditation with some pranayama aka breathing technique

 Come to a comfy seated position. Close your eyes and take a deep inhale and exhale all air out, fully empty your lungs. Do this for three times. This helps your sleepy lungs detox after sleeping. As our pranayama we'll do a mental nostril breathing which helps balance your both hemispheres. From this balanced state, you find meditation smoother and easier. 


Start with  bringing your full awareness to your left nostril and take a deep inhale only from this nostril, and exhale from the right nostril. Inhale right and exhale left. Keep yourself focused and do this for anywhere from 1-4min. End to the left nostril, as this will leave your state of being calmer. 



This meditation will help you remember your true being, help with your focus state and helps you to see life what it truly is. On this meditation we will be focusing on the pineal gland aka your third eye, the remembrance eye. 


Bring your full awareness to the point between your eyebrows. This is the gateway to your third eye. As you breath in, breathe from this gateway inside to your midbrain, where the pineal gland lies. As you exhale bring your awareness back to the point between your eyebrows. Keep drawing this line of awareness as you take deep inhales and exhales. As you do this relax your whole being from head to toes. You might want to help the activation of your 3rd eye with the help of your eyes. If you wish to do this, gently bring your gaze (eyes closed) to the point between your eyebrows. This will start to help you to feel the magnetic force of this point in you. With practice you will be able to activate this point only with your full focused awareness. After 10 deep breaths or so, let go of your eyes and the deepness of your breath. Keep your focus on your third eye and all the sensations you feel, as it’s easier to keep your state calm and thoughtless when focusing to your sensations. Let yourself fully let go, let go of all thoughts, opinions, all that’s not serving you. Just immerse yourself to the moment. Feel your energy, your vibrating being. Let the meditation be whatever it is to you on that day. Let your thoughts arise, accept all, but let them go. You don’t need them, they don’t serve you right now. Just be. 

If you’re only starting meditation, do 1min pranayama and 5 min meditation. As you keep practising daily, to clear your state and to align yourself to your true being, increase the length of it. This will happen naturally. After committing to practice daily, you’ll just sink to he practice, and time loses meaning. 


Patience is the key <3

Let your meditation be as it is. Know that thoughts will arise, and as this happens let them be. Let your thoughts come and go. Know that this is clearing, detoxing of your mind. The more you meditate, the more you’ll be able to stay on this state during the day. You’ll be able to make decisions which are aligned to your own path, you’ll be able to accept life as it is. You’ll stay focused. You’ll remember who you were before the world told you to be something you’re not. Be gentle with yourself. Just practice, it's the biggest act of self love you can do. To stay committed to practice, meditate every morning. Do it for your true self, to the inner child in you. The one who craves love, infinitive love, within yourself, for yourself. Do this for yourself.

women's bank

writer:ona Rihu
illustration: Saara helkala

"Empower a Woman"

"Empower a Woman"

Women's bank is a Finnish volunteer network that strives to provide women in developing countries a chance to become an entreprenour and build a career. 

"Women in Finland are known for their independence and equal status with men. Finnish women were the first in Europe to win the right to vote and the first in the world to be able to stand as candidates at elections. The country’s municipal day care system has since the 1970’s enabled women to work and have careers. Now Finnish women want to give other women a chance to succeed."

In just over ten years, Women’s Bank’s volunteer network has fundraised well over 10 million euros for women in developing countries.
This money is used for

  • financing projects that improve women's income, productive skills and rights. 
  • Microloans, upgrading skills and other activities in support of women’s entrepreneurial activity
  • Other new and innovative pilot projects focused on enterprises for women.

These donations can improve women's lives drastically. To give these women tools to build a career, to become self-employed and more independent is the best gift you can give. The opportunities this program can give to these women can change their lives for good. And for these amounts that we can so easily spend on a day out on the town, you can make a huge difference in someones life. 

I am guilty of getting caught up my everyday life and drowning myself mundane thoughts about what to have for dinner etc. And that's okay, sometimes your heart needs to rest for a while. But it's also important to remember the magnitude of everything around us. There is a lot of injustice in the world, and there is something that we can do about it. Even if it's a small thing to you, it can mean a lot to someone. Let's not close our eyes. 

So, what can I do?

  • With 15 euros you can pay for daycare so that mothers will be able to attend training.
  • With 30 euros you can enable a woman to receive vocational training, in other words get a profession.
  • With 50 euros you can support the business training of a woman.
  • With 75 euros you can gift a microloan to start a business

Read more about Women's Bank and their mission here



vedic astrology one on one

Illustration: valentina


Vedic astrology.&nbsp;Plan your future according to the stars.

My first experiences with Vedic astrology were in the jungle somewhere near Ubud, Bali. This man only knew my name and birth details, but told me with specific details about who I was for a straight hour. I felt calmness and shock through the insights I had just received from this man. There was something special about hearing my story, past and future, through someone else’s words. After I landed back home to Finland from my adventures, I craved astrological support and a website called Farfaraway popped in front of me. This guy was also based in Bali, which felt like a sign, after all it was a place where I had experienced t a fair amount of my adventures. I signed up for his online reading and got even deeper within my astrological journey. He has been supporting me with his knowledge ever since I came back to Finland and didn’t have a clue what’s next. 6 months passed and Bali called me back and obviously I had to meet the person who’d been supporting me from the other side of the world. Let me introduce you to Gaurav, the guy who reads the stars for your personal development. 


So what’s the purpose of Vedic astrology?

To help you in your life. It shows what phases you’re in, so you can play your cards right at the right time.


How did you end up doing Vedic astrology?

Through my own hard times back in 2007. I understood that astrology could solve life problems and support me with my life decisions. One big key while I was learning more and more about astrology, was to not engage to all that that’s out there, but rather to create my own personal understanding of it. After gaining some confidence with my practise I tested my skills to real people, to test that what I was doing actually worked and wasn’t just a theory. 


So planets in space, what do they have to do with our personal lives?

When we’re born we are charged with specific energies, according to how are planets assembled at the specific time and place we’re born into. This makes all of us uniquely charged individuals with unique life purposes. In astrology this is called your birth chart.


So what’s the difference between Vedic and the most common western astrology? 

The biggest different is that they look at the zodiacs differently, Vedic is based on the moon and the western is based on the sun. The basic principles are the same, but the mathematics differ. They say the Vedic has been around for thousands of years, compared to western. But there’s a place for all, and it’s your personal choice which one suits you the most, or rather which one serves you the most. 


There’s these houses in astrology, what do they mean? 

The houses in Vedic astrology represents the different areas in our lives. When we understand in what planets rules our houses, we can use this knowledge as a map to help us with our lives and take off the burden we might carry with us. When we know it’s not the best time for a certain thing we know to focus on something else and this way use our energies wisely. We can't change the time and how things are folding, but we can take off the stress and stop over complicating things. 


The Houses :

1st personality & physical body

2nd finances & talents

3rd communications, learning & siblings 

4th home, mother, emotions & habits

5th creativity, pleasure seeking & art

6th daily work & health and wellness 

7th relationships of all kinds 

8th transformation aka death, rebirth & sexuality

9th travel & philosophy 

10th career & father

11th friends & humanitarian interests 

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How do you use astrology?

I use astrology to see if it’s good time and place for me to do things. For example I plan my business through using astrology, to know when it’s the right time for specific things. This way I can be sure that I’m supported and not wasting my energies. Basically I use astrology to get support with the most critical choices you have in my life. 


Does my chart change when I travel?

When we relocate ourselves, the planets changes their places in our houses. Which basically means that if in Helsinki our marriage house is having hard times, when we relocate ourselves the energies in our chart changes and makes our love life easier. It’s always about looking what’s your objectives. If you’re focused on making money, it’s about looking in where there’s gonna be supportive energies to have positive cash flow. 


What’s the first step towards getting into Vedic astrology?

  1. Know your birth details, where and when were you born. Accurate time with city and country. 
  2. Make some research by yourself, to find out if it makes sense to you. Check out your moon, sun and arising sign, and see it that makes sense to you. When these 3 are combined together, it tells the person’s personality. 
  3. You can google by yourself to create an astrological map for you or get a reading online or offline.
  4. When doing your research it is important to understand that the perspective is everything, yours and the one who is providing information to you. Cause there’s always the good and bad in life, and in what you will sit on will be determined by what you focus on. So make sure that the person has a positive perspective behind their knowledge and that you’re positive with yourself as well. 


Do you use astrology everyday?

No I don’t use astrology every single day. I just need to see the picture of my life for the next 2 to 5 months and plan my life accordingly. This makes it easier to focus to the bigger picture and stay away of the superstitions of daily astrological movements, like how planets are assembled every single day. I only see which planets are effecting my life to most and make my decisions accordingly. 



Saturn is teaching us some life lessons 

Jupiter is educating ourselves 

Sun is showing some limelight to us 

Mercury is helping us to show better communication 

Moon is our feelings

Venus is our sensuality

Mars shows us our courage

Uranus are responsible for the breakthroughs 

Neptune is our intuition 

Pluto is the change 


APPLY  THE LITTlE THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED, RATHER THAN LEARN TONS AND APPLY LITTLE.  It’s important to combine your own natural thinking process to what you’ve learned, rather than fill your mind with someone else’s thinking process. Using your natural common sense is a big key of using astrology as your map in life. To hear what your common sense, aka intuition, is telling you, practice meditation daily. If you have no control over your mind and you’re letting your mind wander and you’re really restless then your common sense can betray you. Bring more peace and quiet in to your life. 


Dive a little deeper, (relationship astrology - vedic)


Personal readings,

5 goddess rituals for your morning



Jurlique Finland body oil

1. Take time for yourself

We all have busy lives at times, and it’s totally fine if you can’t take an extra hour for yourself every morning. But having that one extra hour really makes a difference in your mood and productivity for the day, even if you only do it occasionally.

2. Stay offline

Allow yourself to wake up slowly without any distractions from social media. Let your mind wander and make the choice to have a good day. Try to avoid using social media for one hour after waking up. Checking your social media first thing in the morning gives your brain an endorphin rush, basically reward for doing nothing. This will lower your motivation to get things done during the day since you’ve already started your day with a reward.  

3. Ground yourself

Grounding yourself is key to having a productive day. Whether it be yoga, meditating, sun gazing, getting in touch with nature or all of the above, being in the moment allows you to listen to your true intuition and set the tone for the day. 

4. Cleanse & moisturize

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Pampering yourself and giving your skin some well-needed attention gives your subconscious mind a signal of self-love and self-worth. Use products that are made from high-quality natural ingredients, and don’t feel bad if you can’t always DIY.  There are plenty of gorgeous organic cosmetic brands out there, like Jurlique for example. Treat yourself with their luxurious antioxidant oil blend and your skin will thank you later.

5. Hydrate & Nourish

Taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your mind. Your body is your vessel, and if you feel unwell it will reflect on all aspects of your life. Start your morning with hot lemon water and let the vitamin C nurture your system. Proceed to have a healthy breakfast filled with nutrients to reward yourself for taking this time to nourish your goddess self. 

This article was made in collaboration with Jurlique

inlace calendar 2018

writer: the inlace girls
pictures: catarina böckerman

inlace helsinki kalenteri
inlace 2018 calendar PDF

While tuning our feminine energies into creating, we got inspired by the idea of creating a calendar filled with female empowerment and a dash of astrological magic. Collaborating and brewing ideas with others is something we love to do, and soon the idea had developed into a group project with some creative girls from around the world, making this calendar come alive with their drawings. And here it is, the final piece and we are thrilled to share it with you!

We really hope this calendar will inspire you as much as it has been inspiring us while putting it together. You could see it as your energy empowering guide for 2018. Every single month has its own magical horoscope lady, to spark you with some fresh thoughts and secret super powers for the month to come. To just add that extra pinch of magic into it we decided to pour some astrology on these pages. Just to dig a little deeper. Our lovely Catarina has lately been swimming in the cosmic ocean of Vedic astrology, and she wanted to share bits of what she has been discovering with you. Vedic astrology has taught her that we actually carry energies of all the horoscope signs inside of us. So instead of only resonating with the sign of the month you were born in, there's way more for you to discover and to embrace. It's all about different infusions and balances. You could look at it in this way: every month's horoscope lady will mirror her specific energy on you. Take it in, feel the magic and let things flow.

We are so thankful for the whole process of putting this calendar together. A big thank you goes out ot the lovely girls that hopped on board with us and made it happen with their stunning drawings. Every month we'll be introducing you to one of these stunning ladies through tiny interviews. You can read January's interview with Sanni here.

Now it's your turn to get creative and make this calendar your own. Print it out, maybe add some colour and doodles, and give it a spot on your wall. We'd love to see your calendars come to life!

P.S. To give love to Mother Earth, we recommend for you to print your calendar on recycled or FSC certificated paper. Thank you! x

on gratitude

Writer: ona rihu
picture: catarina böckerman

writing gratitude lists

How to find gratitude?

We are all beyond privileged. Many people realize this, but few of us actually express our gratitude daily. The fact that you can read this means you’re more privileged than a majority of the world’s population. But I’m not here to preach. We all have baggage, been in unexpected situations and experienced losses in our lives. But if we choose to dwell on these things, we lose the light that drives us forward.

There’s always someone who’d love to have your “bad days”. There’s always someone who would kill for your job. There’s always someone who wishes they could do the things you do. Don’t take yourself for granted.

Gratitude begins in you. Feeling grateful and content is the ultimate form of happiness you can achieve. Ambition is great, but what are achievements without gratitude? An endless cycle of always craving for more, never feeling satisfied.

Expressing gratitude every day is a small step you can make for your own wellbeing. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll see yourself feeling happier and happier and realising all of the amazing things you have in your life. You’re in charge of your own happiness. Nothing can take that away from you.

Energies attract energies. If you’re constantly complaining, speaking badly of others or feeling sorry for yourself, you’re sending out a low vibration and negative energy to the universe. Do you think you’ll attract positive things with that attitude? Try to get rid of these habits, and replace your negative thoughts with more positive ones.

Writing gratitude lists is a great way to express gratitude and to bring life to your thoughts. Write down the most simple things you’re grateful for. Your morning tea. The soft pillow that you get to sleep on every night. The fresh food that nourishes your body. Your capability of taking care of yourself. These are all things that should bring us great happiness, but we’re being taught to think that nothing is enough. Our constant need for new things takes away the joy of simply enjoying what we already have. So start writing gratitude lists every day. Also have a read through those lists every now and then, and try to truly feel gratitude in your heart. You’ll quite likely notice a difference in your mindset right away. Say thank you, smile more often and give others compliments. It will not only make your day a little better, but theirs too.

7 sustainable resolution ideas for 2018


Boheemi Sisustus | Inlace Media

Whether you like the tradition of making new year's resolutions or not, having goals and striving for a more sustainable lifestyle is important. It keeps you motivated, and accomplishing goals is simply a great feeling. Here’s some inspo for your resolutions this year. 

1. Make it count.

Make your first investment. Even if it's a small amount, investing is a great way to support ethical and sustainable businesses.

2. Sign up to an art class

Try out ceramics, nude painting, anything.

3. Produce less plastic

Make a few simple steps towards a more environmentally friendly life, whether it’s giving up plastic bags or switching to bamboo toothbrushes. Also focus on recycling the waste you do create. Learn more about the your recycling opportunities and start sorting your trash!

4. Start writing a journal/gratitude list.

Writing down what you’re grateful for has a huge impact on your mood. It’s a great way to ground yourself and feel happier instantly. Writing a journal helps you process whatever it is you’re going through and get some clarity to your own thoughts.

5. Go plantbased, if you haven’t already.

It’s 2018 and red meat has been classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation. Get on it, people!
Check our tips for how to get started with this one.

6. Get your vitamins in order

Get your b12 and vitamin D sorted, girl!

7. Travel

Traveling teaches you so much about the world. Being able to see new countries is a valuable experience and also helps you feel grateful for everything you have back home. Doing some volunteering work or a Workaway is a great way to travel with a smaller budget. 




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make 2018 spark with magic

writer: ona rihu
picture: emma ranne

find your magic

This post will help you clarify your goals and intentions for the new year. Grab a pen and paper, answer these questions for yourself and make a detailed plan on how to become to the ultimate version of yourself in 2018.

Step 1: Gratitude

List the things that you are grateful for right now, in this present moment. Also make a list of things that happened during 2017 that you're grateful for.

Step 2: Goals

List down the things you wish to accomplish in 2018. Try to be very specific.

Step 3: Getting there

How are you going to achieve these goals? What steps do you need to take in order to move towards them? Make a detailed step-by-step guide for yourself on how to achieve your goals.

step 4: Setting intentions

An intention is something you wish to embody. Not to be confused with a goal which is something you wish to achieve. An intention can be, for example, to live truthfully, be forgiving, spread positive energy etc. Set your intentions by writing them down.

step 5: Visualize

Now visualize yourself in the position you wish to reach during this year. Write down what kind of routines you'll have, what your days will be like and what it will eventually feel like once you've achieved the things you just listed.


 Congratulations. You have discovered the tools that you'll need to become the best possible version of yourself this year. Return to your lists whenever you need some extra inspiration and new motivation to stay on track and work towards your goals.