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Midsommer solstice has always been a celebration for light and fertility. Us humans have a long history with this precious celebration. Midsummer celebration is one of the first original celebrations of humankind. It all started when we the sun was the ultimate life giver. As we light our bonfires, we worship the sun, the fire, the light. 

All cultures bring their own spices into the celebration of the midsummer feast. So let me share with you how we do it here in Finland, and share remembrance to all you natives out there. 

Ukko’s celebration aka Juhannus aka Midsummer feast

The name ‘’juhannus’’ came from catholic church through John the Baptist. Originally our midsummer feast was called the great God Ukko’s celebration. Ukko was the god of weather, thunder and harvest. He was the great god of Finnish original folks. To our ancestors in Finland the Ukko’s celebration was the most important celebration of the year. 

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Then let’s get into the fun staff, traditional midsummer magics. All you need is nature, open mind and your nude body (at least in most of the Finnish magic tricks).

ps. Rumour has it that the magic on the lightest day of the year is extra powerful. 


  1. Collect 9 different flowers, while staying fully silent. So no talks while doing this. Place them under your pillow as you go sleep, and your soulmate will appear to you in your dreams.

  2. You could also just place unknotted birch whisk under your pillow and as you’re sleeping your soulmate will come and bind it.

  3. At the night of Ukko’s celebration, go run naked to a dewed meadow. This dew is very healing, all your spiritual and physical limitations will be cleansed. What comes to love, well after this you’ll be fully empowered and filled with high loving vibration which will attract all your lover soulmates to you.

  4. Traditionally finish folks would burn all used birch whisks and dance & jump through the fire, as a symbol of new-birth. You could for sure do this. But if you’re like me and got not a single birch whisk to burn, burn something else which will symbolise letting go. Write down things you’re ready to let go and burn the paper or even burn some of your old notebooks you’re ready to let go.

  5. Here comes another magic trick which requires you to be naked. Stare naked to a well. Gaze with all of your awareness and you’ll see your next lover soulmate in the well.

  6. Or just go sleep, naked of course and put inside out turned sock only to your left foot. As you sleep the lover will appear to you also.