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boobie talk part 2


Hey all you breast owning creatures out there. Today I was inspired to talk little bit more about boobs, and the two main actions for your breast health. 

Boobie massage

Our boobs are located on top of our heart, and the location it’s not a coincidence. Us humans we have 2 main points of energy centres. In guys the primary centre is on their penis and the 2nd one is in their hearts. And us females our primary point is in our hearts and 2nd one is in our yonis. That’s why girls are more sensitive, that’s how we were sculptured to be. That’s why it’s so important to connect to your heart point, to your primary energy centre through your boobs.  

Through massaging your breast tissues you’re also releasing all the toxins that may be stored in there. The way our body releases toxins is through our lymphatic system. This automatic detoxification system works through movement. And because our boobs are mainly maid of fat tissues, they are not inhabiting as much in this detoxification system the same way other ares of our bodies. This is the reason why our boobs might collect extra dirt on them, that could create breast cancer for example. And  here  you can find a practical guide for the boobie massage!


Going braless or at least wireless 

On top of boob massage, a powerful self love act is to g0 braless. The bras pressure, especially the ones with all kinds of metal things on them, creates unnecessary  pressure on your boob tissues. This pressure is also linked in some studies to breast cancer, through same ideology I described above about toxins clotting in your tissues. Not only that in mind, but also how relieved do you feel when you get home and release your boobs from those holders. Well with common sense, you holding that kinda tension the most of your day, is not the greatest act of love to your boobs. If bras in some occasion are totally must for that girl power look, I would go for bralettes or the wire bras which are exactly your size. (and go see an bra expert with this one)  So investing in those good bras, can actually save your life. Or learning to embrace your natural state, and go for that free your boob look, which is my favourite. 

boobie talk part 1


Our lady parts are divine. Somewhere along the line it became a tabu to talk about them, even though these parts give life, shelter and nourish all of us in our early years on this planet. I love talking about all things shocking, all things tabu. So one day we could share knowledge without any shame and embrace our lady parts. 

So boobs. Those magical lady lumps on your chest. These magic lumps literally produce liquid gold when you breast feed. It’s been documented that breast milk is ever changing to the needs of the baby. The nipple’s aureola literally communicates the needs of the baby, though the saliva. Before our motherhood years, our breasts are still making sure we stay strong and healthy. As their hypersensitive nature, they constantly communicate with the environment, so our bodies will produce what it needs in order to thrive. How amazing is that? They are literally our power houses. If that doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will. So how can you honour your breast, show love and gratitude to them daily?

How to love your boobs

  • Your environment is a big one. Everything from diet to clothes, to emotions, water, cosmetics and those nasty chemicals we face daily (especially plastic) have so much to do with your breast health (aka your whole wellbeing). Your body will always work it’s best to provide you with thriving being, but at this day and age our bodies just can’t keep up with the constant stressors from within and outside ourselves. So to thrive, our boobs are calling us to let go of everything that’s polluting them.

  • This includes choosing the diet that best works for you (organic is always a more loving choice).

  • Choose to wash all of your textiles with organic laundry options. Outi Les Pyy is the guru of sustainable laundry.

  • Check your water! Here in Finland we’re blessed with good quality water. But still the water quality varies. So if you feel like the pipes in your house are not the best, go for a water filter. And if you’re living in a place where it smells like a swimming pool in your shower, definitely go get a water filter. After all we’re 80% of water. So you can just imagine what the chemicals will to you, and your breasts.

  • Yes chemicals, here and there. Chemicals which are not natural, and don’t provide long term happiness are a no- no. I would say artificial chemicals give us an easy way in and out. The main artificial chemical I want to touch upon here is plastic. Plastic is everywhere. And that’s probably my least favourite thing that’s ever been invented. Especially when they stared to put it everywhere. If we’re not careful, the chemicals from plastic will get in touch with our skin, our bodies and yes to our breasts. A big one to pay attention to is the food and liquid we consume and if there is plastic touching it. So all those plastic food containers, bottles and even teflon (yes, it’s a form of plastic), will leak chemicals into your food and drinks. What makes it even worse is exposing the plastic packaging to heat. You might think, so what does it matter if plastic leaks into our system? Well, plastic actually can mimic as one of our primal hormones, as it leaks into our blood streams it can actually act similar to estrogen. Yes, that’s pretty crazy if you ask me. But this is not recommended as a hormone dosing, cause as there is good and bad estrogen. And yes, this is definitely not the good kind. Besides the quality, most of us females suffer from having too much estrogen in us anyway. High levels of stress, and almost all that is harmful t0 our breast also causes us to produce more estrogen. (Just to keep you with me, our main female body hormones are progesterone and estrogen. We need both, and they work in balance together. They rise and drop one at a time, to create our divine cycles, aka our periods.)

  • You are beautiful. Inside and out. You don’t need those chemicals. Those magic products, which are robbing your money and promising magic in a bottle, that’s far from magic. Bottles that are actually filled with chemicals our bodies don’t need. There’s so much natural cosmetics out there. So many variations to try out. But I would say that minimalism goes a long way, and our supportive self talk is a million times more beautifying than any product out there. Which leads me to the last breast love providing action.

  • What’s the relationships you have with yourself? How do you talk to yourself when you see/feel/hear and be yourself. This is the most crucial point to focus on. All the actions will follow when we start to truly notice how much love we are and provide to ourselves. Your self talk does so much. When you can find a place of love within you, you will thrive and you will be loved, because you are love, my love.