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the art of slow mornings

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Banana toast, coffee and flowers

In my perfect world every day would start with the tone of a kind slow Sunday morning. Waking up to warm sun rays and setting the tea kettle on first after some easy juicy wake up yoga while listening to your favourite morning tunes. I’ve always been a lover of mornings and I like to treat mine with care and time. It’s been my mission to add a little bit of Sunday morning feel to every morning and steer away from that early rush that way too easily sticks with you all day long. 

How to give yourself a sweeter start to the day? Here are some tiny changes which you can try to add to your morning routine, just to see what happens. You can experiment and ease them into your life by trying them out one by one. Or of course go full in and try them all at once. Pick your least favourite morning of the week to start with and explore the new tones that you can give it. 

Set your alarm clock a little earlier and instead of snoozing pick a tip or two from the list that fit the amount of time you have. The time indicators are there for you to see how easy you can make some little changes to even the most rushed starts of the day.


tiny Morning upgrades:

5 min or less

  1. Put on some easy breezy morning tunes. Create a morning playlist of your own, or try this one (30 sec). If you have a record player, maybe put a record on to add some extra festive feel.
  2. Leave your phone for now, maybe even put it on air plane mode. You can check what’s going on just a little later.
  3. Make your bed. Straight away. And open the window and let the fresh air in. You’ll already feel a little more ready for the day (1 min.)
  4. Try writing morning pages. Have a journal next to your bed and once you wake up just write down some lines that you have on your mind (5 min)
  5. Morning meditation. Start experimenting with a guided meditation sessions on apps like Headspace (5 min)
  6. Add some feeling to your brekkie by lighting a candle. An easy upgrade for Mondays, especially on those gloomy winter mornings (20 sec)
  7. Add a few drops of fresh essential oil like orange or eucalyptus to your diffuser. If you don’t have a diffuser you could try to add a drop on your skin on either your wrist, or behind your ear (20 sec)
  8. Pick your outfit for the day the night before or make sure you have that back up outfit hanging ready in your closet that works every time. We all have been in that situation where you’ve left home with a chaos in front of your closet and not liking what your wearing.
  9. Tidy up your room. Take the extra 5 min to feel on top of your game when you leave your home and create that cozy feeling for you to come back home to (5 min)

and a little more

  1. Morning yoga. Some easy sun salutations on your own or exploring new stretches with the help of for example this. (15+ min)
  2. Treat breakfast with time (30 min). Try new recipes and on those days when you know you won’t have any extra time for in the kitchen you can try and prep your brekkie the night before.
  3. Read a book. While having breakfast or while slowly waking up in bed. (10 min - 30 min)
  4. Get some fresh air. Go for a morning run and calibrate your energy for the day. If you don’t like running, try an easy morning walk (30 min)


Simple little changes and adds like these can create a whole new feel to mornings, reduce the feel of stress and give a calmer mood to the whole day ahead. Explore and try out. Picture your perfect morning and try to add bits and pieces of it to every start of the day. Once you discover what wotks for you it's time to give it a consistent spot in your morning routine.  Consciously let your love for the early hours grow a little.

5 tips for greener groceries

(zero waste, keepjar)

writer:Emma Ranne
Ona Rihu + Catarina böckerman

Zero waste grocery shopping is quite a challenge, but you can make it a fun one! I've tried to turn shopping for food into a game where I try to end up with as little plastic in my grocery bag as possible. Not always easy, but most certainly worth the effort. Plastic waste is a massive international problem, and every time you are able to avoid plastic it will help to make a difference. Yes, it might be a very small difference, but a lot of small efforts make a bigger impact, so you definitely shouldn't underestimate your power here.

Here are some of easy tips for how you can cut down on the amount of plastic when it comes to doing your groceries.

step 1. Green your grocery list

Every purchase you make has an impact on the environment. Try to choose for the planet friendlier options. Be conscious of the origins of the foods and when possible buy local produce. Minimize the amount of animal products on your shopping list and buy only what you need.

step 2. Avoid plastic packaging

Here in Finland fruit and veg are annoyingly often wrapped in plastic. Try to opt for the unwrapped alternatives. You could also ask your local grocer to add unwrapped vegetables and fruits to their selection if they're missing your favorites. Remember your power as the consumer. 


step 3. Bring your own bags

Bring a big tote bag along when doing your groceries, and smaller net or cloth bags that you can use instead of the plastic bags they have at the shop. If you forget to bring your own bags, always opt for the paper bag instead of the plastic ones.

Our reusable bags are from Keepjar and we absolutely love the practicality (and the look) of them! Keepjar is a lovely brand from Sweden, that strives to make zero waste living easier for us. The bags are made from 100% eco certified cotton at a GOTS certified manufacturer in India which is visited regularly.

step 4. Buy only what you need and plan ahead

Be conscious of the amounts you buy and avoid having to throw away food that has gone off. If you still end up with lots of left overs, try to freeze the food so it keeps longer. Or ask your friends over for dinner. That's always a good idea. 


step 5. Hit the farmer’s markets and bulk shops

If you live near a farmer’s market or bulk shop try to stop by a little more often. This is a great way to avoid the plastic packaging. Of course practicality and transportation are important factors as well, but if it is convenient for you: do it! As a bonus, it'll make a lovely weekend outing.


p.s. The 5 R’s of minimizing waste:

Refuse: don’t buy what you don’t need
Reduce: what you do need
Reuse: what you already have
Recycle: what you can’t reuse
Rot: only what you can't refuse, reduce, reuse or recycle. 

7 non-thing gift ideas

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Vegan Porridge Brunch Party

In Finland Valentine's Day is actually called Friendship Day. Here the 14th of February is dedicated to celebrate all the lovely gals we have in our lifes, and I just love it. I mean friends are the soul of life, who wouldn't want to celebrate something as great and meaningful as that?  

Here are some small non-thing (aka. minimal in material) gift tips, for how you could surprise your friend on Valentines Day (or these days also referred to as Galentines Day... how sweet is that!). Actually you could surprise your friend with one of these on any day, just to remind them of how much you actually enjoy having them around for your endless giggles from inside jokes, shared secrets and tiny everyday adventures you keep on looking back to. 

1. a break for the mind

Invite your friends over for a good old spa + chill night. Cook some delicious food, have the ingredients ready for some DIY spa masks (you could try our aloe vera mask), light some candles, put on a chill play list and brew a pot of your favorite tea. 


2. a bunch of memories

Time to look back in your photo and video archives with pictures from past adventures. Fill a USB stick with your favorites and surprise your friend with a ticket to memory lane. You could also fill the USB stick with your favorite tunes and turn it into a modern day mix tape. Hmmm... or if you don't want to download music, you could make a Spotify playlist dedicated to your friend. Fill it with songs that remind you of those good times you've experienced together,  write some of your favorite stories down and give a hand written note to go along with the tunes.


3. time for some zen

Take your friend to your favorite yoga class. If you're both into yoga you could try something new together like aerial or hot yoga if your haven't done that before. If your friend is an aspiring yogi book a nice basic class as an easy start to it. 


4. a paint + wine night

Do your friends like to get creative? Or maybe they would but never have the time? Invite your friends to come over with their favorite art supplies and have a bottle of wine ready. Put on some good tunes and let your imagination and crafty souls go wild.


5. your favorite book

Do you have a book that you’ve read like 100 times and that even after all those reads keeps on inspiring you? Give it to your friend to have a read along with some notes on why you like this book so much.


6. a tiny garden

It’s almost spring and time to get your gardening game on. You could get your friend some tiny pots (one idea is to use old glass jars or tin cans), some seeds of for example your favorite kitchen herbs and instructions on how the get the greens rooting. 


7. your recipe secrets

Get a cute notebook and fill it with your favorite recipes. Maybe even paint some nice pictures to go along with them and write down some memories you have of the recipes with stories to go along with them. Who wouldn’t like to receive a one of a kind recipe collection? That's what I thought.

I hope you have a stunning Valen/Galentines Day!
Stay lovely.

DIY businesscards
DIY sustainable business cards

Making your own business cards is incredibly easy and cost-efficient. You only need a printer, some ink (preferably plant-based) and some recycled carton. There are plenty of templates online, but if you have a Mac the easiest option is to use the template straight from Pages. 


1.get your materials

Find some recycled or fsc-certified paper to print your cards on. You can usually find this in your local craft stores and book stores. We got our recycled paper in Helsinki from . Plant based ink can easily be ordered online.



The fun part. Use your imagination, make them as wild or as minimalistic as you please. Remember to make 2 designs. One for the front of the card, preferably a logo and a small description. The other side should have all of your contact information. 



If your printer can't print double-sided documents, simply use the same paper twice. Draw a small mark on a corner of the paper so you know which way to put the paper in on the second round! Also, if you don't have a printer or know anyone who does, most libraries have printers you can use. Be careful when cutting the cards and follow the lines of the template.

Voilá! You have made your very own sustainable business cards. This method is perfect for you if you don't need hundreds of cards and like to get crafty! 

mother earth loving milk

(vegan, zero waste)

writer: catarina böckerman
picture: catarina böckerman


I was born with a highly sensitive body, and the fact that I was born into a milk industry country made me consume a lot of milk. The overconsumption of processed milk really got my body screaming: no more. It all started from lactose intolerance, which then led to other sensitivities. This got me really questioning what I was consuming. Was it normal to consume milk that didn't really belong to me, but to the babies of the cow? After a lot of researching my heart was determined to go vegan. It all happened gradually, and milk was the first thing I dropped out of my diet. But what did I switch to?

This baby is tasty like no other and you won't leave your belly feeling funny when consuming it. One recipe will give you lots of options to pick from. If you feel like something more light choose oats for your base ,but if you like it a little more creamy I would opt for something nutty like almond milk. So get creative and open your world to Mother Earth loving milk. 



  • 1 dl of nut, seed or grain of choice
  • 1l water


optional flavouring: 

  • cacao, maca or any super goodies you feel like (couple of teaspoons)/
  • berries (a handful)/
  • spices (a sprinkle...or more if you like yours spicy)





You can make a nut bag out of any natural cloth. I used an old linen top from zara.So instead of throwing unused stuff away, create a new life for them!


  1. First you may choose your favourite nut, grain or seed to make your milk from. If you chose nuts, seeds or whole grains, soak them overnight to make them more tummy friendly. In this way it will be easier for your body to digest them. 
  2. In a blender mix 1dl of your chosen base ingredient with 1L of water. After the blending you'll need to separate the pulp from the milk. You can use a nut bag and strain the mixture through it. (save the pulp! It's great for smoothies/porridges)
  3. After the straining, bottle up the milk, and use it within 4 days of making it. (I used this gorgeous female glass bottle that I thrifted, but you could literally use anything. Old wine bottles or any glass bottle that will fit in 1 liter of goodness in it). 


So that's how easy you can enjoy cruelty free milk, that’s made with your love,ENJOY.