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saskia robertson - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: saskia robertson

Saskia is a freelance creative based near London. She grew up on the Isle of Wight by the sea, but moved to London when she was 17 to kickstart her dreams of being a creative. 

When it comes to creating Saskia is a multi-talent. From minimalistic fine line illustrations, to logo design, product photography and album covers (!) - the list goes on. You can find her portolio at sassrobcreative.

Saskia loves doing anything that lets her use her imagination - whether that’s drawing, reading, listening to music, or people watching from a cute cafe.

We love Saskia’s unique style of drawing and were super happy she wanted to be part of creating our calendar for 2019. Saskia’s illustration of Frida Kahlo is the face for July, and we’d love to hear the story behind why she picked this wonderful woman. Let’s get to know Saskia:

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration.
Who is she and how does she inspire you?

Frida Kahlo has always been a huge inspiration of mine - she stood up for what she believed in, was very daring in her approach to life and art, and wore fabulous clothes.

She went through a lot in her life, from her accident when she was a child which affected her hugely for the rest of her life, to the obstacles faced by being an outspoken woman in that time, to her high-strung husband. But despite all this, she created beautiful, insightful artwork and her legacy will live on forever.

I think everyone needs a bit of ‘Frida’ in them, to have an imaginative and daring outlook on life is what makes us different.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

I’ve loved drawing since I was young, always doodling and experimenting with different materials. My Grandma is an artist and I used to spend my summers painting with her in her conservatory or in the garden, so art has always been a part of me. I love trying to convey the subject of my drawings without too much detail, sometimes so much so that you can’t always tell from first glance what the image is depicting.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Have the courage to live a life true to yourself" 

What would your dream job be like?

I love being freelance as it gives me the freedom to travel and the ability to be in charge of my own schedule. I’ve got some exciting plans in the pipeline for the rest of 2019, including launching my own brand which I’m super excited about!

List 10 single things that make you happy:

1. Sunshine

2. Books

3. Dancing

4. Drawing

5. The Beach

6. Travelling

7. My loved ones

8. Animals (especially Flamingos!)

9. Creating

10. Clean Sheets

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

When I’m stuck for ideas I love going on a walk, either down by the canal near my house or to a cafe where I can people-watch and have a change of scenery.

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

I read so many books I don’t think I could possibly narrow it down to just one! But I do absolutely love Victoria Hislop’s books, I think my favourite has to be ‘The Island’. I also love Jodi Picoult’s books.

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

California - Charlotte Cardin

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

How Deep is Your Love - Bee Gees

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

I loved visiting Thassos - it’s known as the Emerald Isle, due to it being covered in trees and nature. It’s very rarely visited by tourists, so the towns and surroundings remain untouched and some places haven’t changed in decades. I love nature and culture so this place was perfect for me.

Be sure to explore Saskia’s work:



louisa schwartz - meet the illustrator

Writer: Emma Ranne
Picture: Louisa Schwartz, @ectomorphe_

Every month we introduce you to one of the young creatives behind our Inlace Calendar for 2019. Last month went by so quickly that this month you’ll be treated with 2 interviews. Happy days!

Louisa is someone who’s work I’ve been admiring for years. I first run into her illustrations a couple of years ago when following my friend Miia’s adventures with her on Instagram. I was captivated by her unique style and use of bright colours. When Louisa agreed to make a drawing for our calendar, I was beyond the moon.

Louisa is a 24-year-old French illustrator, who would define herself as an illustrator but in reality sees herself as just someone who likes to create stuff related to illustration. She like to draw, to take pictures, to create products for her Etsy shop and to make videos for her YouTube channel. She also has a Patreon where she gives tips and advice to people who want to get into freelancing. ‘‘I’m a creative mind and I always need to create’’, she says.

I hope you like our interview with her as much as I do. Be sure to check out Louisas beautiful illustrations and collages on her instagram!

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration.
Who is she and how does she inspire you?

I’ve drawn Simone Veil who is a role-model and a powerful woman. She was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp and she fights her whole life to protect and defend women. As a politician she legalized abortion in France back in 1975. She was a determined and courageous woman and her fight for equality is still highly topical and current even 45 years later.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

I got into drawing like everyone, when I was a kid at school. But when other kids grew up and started to follow new hobbies and passions, I sticked with drawing and 20 years later, this is still my passion. More than a passion actually, I would describe drawing like a need. I need to be creative, I need to draw to feel happy and to be myself.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Last year I went to Los Angeles to the Adobe Max Event with Adobe. I met people who had been working in the industry for years, which made me super shy and I felt like I lost all my confidence. I thought that because I was a newbie in the freelancing world, I wasn’t legitimate. But then someone told me that being a creative is not about your years as a freelancer, instead it’s about years as a creative. I’ve been drawing since I was 4 years old, so I have 20 years of experience in the creative world.

People don’t want to know for how long you’ve been into freelancing or how much money you earn. They want to see your creative soul, they want to see the different experiences and the styles you’ve tried before becoming the artist you are now. And this is what makes you legitimate as an artist.

What would your dream job be like?

I’m living my dream life because I’m having my dream job :)

List 10 single things that make you happy:

- My friends, family and my boyfriend

- Hot almond chai lattes

- Traveling

- The golden hour in the summer

- Late night talks with creative pals

- Japanese food (and especially a good ramen)

- Flowering trees during spring

- Starting a new sketchbook

- Flea markets and thrift shops

- Petting random cats on the streets

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

I like to go into the city and observe people. Different personalities and behaviours are something that inspire me a lot. I love people.

What is a weird habit you have?

I talk to myself when I’m alone :)

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

I couldn’t find an English version of it but in French it’s called : Les clés du Secret by Daniel Sévigny. (The keys of The Secret) It’s basically a book about the law of attraction, how to apply it, how to be grateful and more positive. It definitely changed my life.

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

- Daryl Hall & John Oates - You Make My Dreams

- Around the World - Daft Punk

- Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

New Zealand in 2017. A must-see !

Be sure to explore Louisa’s work:
Instagram: @ectomorphe_, Youtube: ectomorphe, Patreon: ectomorphe and Etsy: ectomorphe

viki - meet the illustrator

writer: Emma Ranne
photo: from Viki


It might be June but we still want you to meet our lovely calendar illustrator of May. Viki is an incredibly talented illustrator. Se also inspires us with her creative Insta content that’s focused on sustainability and veganism (also, her recipe posts always make us hungry!). We we’re over the moon with this girl wanting to join our calendar project and are super excited for you to meet her too. Without further rambling, here is Viki:

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers.
Who are you and what do you like to do?
I’m Viki, an artist and content creator currently based in Scotland but originally from Luxembourg. I love going on long walks in the forest, in the mountains and around the beach - Scotland is perfect for this. The stereotype that it’s always raining here is definitely not true and today is even quite a hot day. I love coming up with ideas for making art, creating recipes, and I have a true passion and dedication for sustainability. To switch off from the realities of our nearing extinction, I eat peanut butter, mediate, listen to music, do yoga and recently started bouldering. 

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?
This is no other than Virginia Woolf (1882 – 1941). One of the big names in modernist literature, she was incredibly powerful and influential for the female empowerment in her times. If you haven’t read A Room of One’s Own, I highly recommend it. It’s an important feminist piece. I find Woolf fascinating in so many ways! She was so provocative for her time, not only within literature, or for women, but also for the LGBT community. Woolf’s views on sexuality were very liberal, which is especially reflected in Orlando where the main character undergoes sex changes and the lines between gender and sex are blurred. I could go on for ages about my love for Woolf and her writings! But I guess you get what I mean and why I love her writing so I’ll stop here.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?
I have been drawing since I existed probably. I honestly can’t remember when I wasn’t holding colours and drawing my time away as a child. My mum showed me how to draw humans, houses, flowers, and all the other basic things and I always had lots of colours that I could use.

Every time I draw or paint, I just feel like myself. I feel like I do exactly what I want to be doing in life. I don’t know how to describe that feeling but it just feels natural. When I don’t draw for a while, it feels like I’m really hungry and need food and when I start drawing it’s like I finally get to eat something that I craved and I feel totally satisfied and happy. Maybe that sounds odd but it’s the best I can do to describe it.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Life isn’t as serious.
And: ’It’s all about the balance.’ 

What would your dream job be like?
Making my living full-time with my art and passion projects. I only work with likeminded people who have a love for genuinely wanting to do good for the world. 

List 10 single things that make you happy.

  1. the sun

  2. my life partner

  3. tea

  4. cacao nibs 

  5. plants

  6. the sea

  7. dancing

  8. drawing

  9. cosy blanket days 

  10. eating pancakes and cake in the morning

  11. and the smell of roses

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?
In nature I feel the most inspired. But it depends, sometimes I feel inspired by just sitting in a cafe and watching people or lately I’ve been trying out different activities and places that I wouldn’t usually do or go to. It’s fun, you should try it too! Like I went to this science museum today and had so much fun there which left me with a wonderful feeling. 

What is a weird habit you have?
I had to think about this one for a while. In my childhood room I got this mirror that I always need to cover before I go to bed otherwise I can’t sleep. I started doing this because I had really bad nightmares as a child and then I read somewhere that mirrors can take away your good dreams and bring you bad ones instead, like they can catch you or your soul which makes you having nightmares. Since then I have the habit of putting a blanket over my mirror. 

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?
That’s a hard one but it has to be To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. It’s is my all-time favourite book and you should read it. A book that I recently read and totally love is Norwegian Wood by Murakami. This guy knows what he’s doing, I couldn’t put the book down, it was that good! And I haven’t had that feeling in ages. 

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

Lying Has to Stop - Soft Hair

Venus in Fur - Velvet Underground

Not Your Kind of People - Garbage

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:
The cliffs in Arbroath here in Scotland - it’s so incredibly peaceful there. But that’s just one beautiful place, there are so many more places that I love and that I’ll explore in my life time. I just think it’s important to look around and see what surrounds you already because there’s so much beauty everywhere if you just open your eyes. 

Be sure to check out Viki’s insta and her art account. Viki also writes lovely articles on her blog

emilia voltti - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: from emilia

emilia voltti - an interview with the young graphic designer

May is around the corner (*like literally, it’s tomorrow*) so it’s about time for me to introduce you to this sparkling creative talent who happens to be our illustrator for April: let’s get to know Emilia Voltti!

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Emilia and I’m originally from Northern Finland but my interest in art (and cheap beer) took me to Czech Republic and from there to Barcelona. Then love to a Spaniard took me to Switzerland where I’m currently living and working with graphic design. In my spare time I drink lots of coffee and watch Netflix.

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?

I drew a French-American artist, Niki de Saint Phalle (1930–2002). I saw her works in an exhibition couple of years ago, and it had a huge impact on me. Her art is about feminism, politics, colours and crazy, playful shapes. I love it so much! Her courage to do things differently and to stand up for her believes inspire me. I keep running into her works where ever I go, and it always feels like meeting an old friend.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

We used to draw stories with my sister when we were little. We used to do that for hours. Unfortunately, that habit didn’t last through my teen years, but I rediscovered drawing in my early twenties. It took me a while to find my own style. Nowadays, I use drawing as a way to express myself.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“ You can always come back home if things don’t work out”. This advice has given me the courage to move abroad and to try new things.

What would your dream job be like?

In my dream job I would: make my own schedules, get to work with inspiring people and interesting projects and maybe make the world a bit better place. 

List 10 single things that make you happy:

staying at our summer cabin,
red lipstick,
my favourite Spaniard,
dad jokes,
being alone and
reality TV.

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

I like going out and observing people, but if it’s raining I’ll settle for a deep dive into Pinterest.

What is a weird habit you have?

I have a special mop for cleaning walls and ceilings. 

Be sure to check out Emilia on instagram: @evoltti and @vosumedia she creates with
a bunch of trés cool and creative girls.

valentina - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: from valentina


It’s March. The days are finally getting longer and the sun rays are coming out a little more frequently week by week. For me it’s officially spring when our days in Helsinki are longer than the days in Holland (where I used to live, thus the landmark). We’re really really close now and it’s only a matter of days and we’ve made it again. Still however waiting for the warmth, but until then I’ll just keep my face in the sun and try to soak in every beam.

A new month also means a new interview with one of the talents behind our calendar. Are you ready to meet our illustrator for March? Let’s get to know the lovely Valentina:

heya lovely, Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Valentina, a 19-year old girl from Germany, currently in a phase of my life characterized by lots and lots of questions. What I know is that I love creating things, learning and growing. The next months are going to be highly exciting for me as a lot of questions considering my future (university, home...) are going to be answered.

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?

Malala Yousafzai is as strong as i can immagine a woman can get. She grew up in the swat village in Afghanistan. At 11 she started writing a blog about how under the taliban girls weren´t allowed to get an education. After being shot in the head on her way to school, she didn´t stop using her voice. Instead she continued to rise it to fight for women´s education until (in 2014 she received Nobel Peace Prize).

Malala has used her experiences and her situation to the advantage of millions of girls worlwide. She is the proof how much can be changed when one single person raises her voice and mostly, that "a woman is stronger than fear". Thinking about her makes me incredibly aware of my privilege and how it is my duty to use it to speak up for human rights and against injustice. 

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

Since I was a child drawing, my pens and papers  have been my safe place. It has helped me - not only with relaxing and expressing myself-- but also in countless moments of boredom.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don´t take everything so seriously!!!

What would your dream job be like?

I want to do so much - run a cafe, work with children and disabled people, arrange exhibitions and draw draw draw. Maybe a combination of all of this-by the beach.

List 10 single things that make you happy:

Sitting in cute cafés drinking tea ,
traveling by train,
cinnamon rolls,
running down the beach,
waking up to sunshine, 
spicy food,
kind people,
eating with my family,
riding my bike in the summer
and sunsets

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

To the museums, the cinema or to sleep.

What is a weird habit you have?

I drink 5-10 cups of tea daily.

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

The end of loneliness by Benedict Wells

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

The Ooz - King Krule
Someone in the Doorway - Ben Howard
Howling - RyX

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

I have unfortunately never been out of Europe so that is why my view is really limited. 
So far Delphi and Athens in Greece - the pure nature and cute houses paired with the strong ancient background are a breathtaking combination.

you can read more illustrator interviews here.

ida ginman - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: from Ida

ida ginman - interview with graphic designer

The new month is here and it’s time to introduce you to our February illustrator, our lovely friend Ida Ginman. This creative soul studies graphic design in Malmö, Sweden while husstling an eco friendly print business and creating high quality informative content for possibly one of the prettiest instagram accounts I know. Ida also hosts a lovely podcast together with yoga teacher Julia Hackzell called Soul Sisters which I’ve been hooked to ever since it came out. Just saying.

Without further rambling, let’s give the word to Ida:

heya ida! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers, Who are you and what do you like to do?

I’m Ida, a twenty-something day dreamer who was born and raised in Finland. Nowadays I’m based in Malmö, Sweden, where I’m studying a bachelor in graphic design. On the side I also do a little bit of freelance design work as well as run my environmental friendly print business Kinder Prints. Besides all the design stuff I’m a introvert who likes her own space, but once you get to know me you’ll see I’m a real giggler. I start most of my mornings with a matcha latte and end my days with yoga. For the past six years my heart has been held by someone in Australia and I think that is where I’ll eventually end up.

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?

I decided to draw Emma Watson. She was my first ever girl crush when I watched her in the Harry Potter movies as a child. As she grew up, so did I. Today she stands up for so many important things and is really using her influence for something good. She’s for example working hard for women’s rights and runs the feminist book club Our Shared Shelf. We need more power women like Emma who’s truly beautiful inside and out. 

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

I was basically drawing before I stared walking. My mom has told me stories about how she was worried about me being dead as I wasn’t making any noice in my room, but when she checked on me I was just sitting there drawing. I lost touch of this in my teenage years, but now I’ve found back to my passion again. I think drawing is a way of brining your inner world out to the physical one. It’s such a simple and raw way of expressing yourself, and at the same time it’s a very meditative state for me. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

‘‘Do what you love.’’

What would your dream job be like?

In the future I would love to run my own graphic design studio somewhere by a beach in Australia and I’d only be working with sustainable and ethical brands. 

List 10 single things that make you happy:

My boyfriend, videos of cute baby animals, breakfast with friends, hugging my grandmas, sunshine, Australian beaches, the feeling after yoga, clean sheets, good coffee and late Summer evenings.

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

For some reason my inspiration (mostly) flows when I sit down at a cafe surrounded by other people. I’m also lucky to live in Malmö which is a very bike friendly city, so I often head out on a long bike ride when my mind feels stuck. 

What is a weird habit you have?

I’m a creature of habits, so I guess I don’t see any of my daily rituals as weird. I do have an obsession of having to make it to at least one cafe every day, otherwise it’s not a good day. 

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

On the Emma Watson note, I love all the Harry Potter books and I feel like I should read them all again. One book that has definitely made me think about life in a different way is Melissa Gilbert’s book Big Magic - I’d recommend it to everyone!

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

This is such a hard one, but let’s see:

  1. I’ll cheat on the first one: Florence and the Machine’s latest album High As Hope - please take time and listen to all of the songs on her latest album. I’ve never been as me mesmerised. 

  2. Years & Years - All For You

  3. James Bay - Us

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

The world is full of beautiful places, but after living abroad I’ve come to realise how beautiful the Nordic nature in Finland is - all year around

here you can find ida’s blog, instagram, webshop and podcast

meet the illustrator: nina nguyen

picture: from nina
writer: emma ranne

nina nguyen - inlace calendar interview

The new year is here and we feel ready to explore everything that is to come with 2019 - hopefully you do too.

Last month we published our second Inlace calendar which is all about power women - We gathered a group of 12 wonderful young illustrators and asked them to explore and draw the women they admire, or are inspired by. As each month goes by, we will interview the illustrators and share their stories as well as the stories behind their illustrations for the calendar. You can read more about the project here.

So 12 wonderful illustrations by 12 wonderful illustrators. Are you ready to meet who’s behind January? Let us introduce you to this years first illustrator: Nina.

hey nina, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi everybody, my name is Nina and I’m 22 years old. I live in Vaasa, Finland where I work as a Vinyasa yoga teacher and Aerial yoga instructor. I love to travel and enjoy reading a good book. I also enjoy painting, drawing and drinking coffee - preferably with good company.

We would love to hear the story behind the power woman in your illustration. Who is she and how does she inspire you?

I chose to paint Mother Nature as the power woman of January. Mother nature is rooted into her soil where she plants her roots, nourishes her seeds and protects all life around her. She is abundance, she is the bringer, the nourisher, she is home for all plant life.

She inspires me to stay grounded through both good and difficult times. She reminds me to nourish and to be patient with my thoughts, ideas, feelings and the people in my life.

How did you get into drawing, what does it mean to you?

I’ve loved drawing in kindergarten and haven’t stop doing it since. For me, drawing/painting is a way of meditation. I lose track of time and only focus on what is in front of me. I find it very liberating to be creative!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Practice, practice, practice and all is coming”

What would your dream job be like?

Pretty much what I’m doing right now and to work in a creative field.

List 10 single things that make you happy:

Coffee, the beach, chocolate cake, yoga, my dog, the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, rainy summer days, the color green, full moon and mangoes.

Where do you go when you need some inspiration?

I prefer to travel, exploring new places and culture. I think it us the best way to get inspired! But when I’m broke I go to Pinterest… hehe!

What is a weird habit you have?

I talk in my sleep and in different languages.

What’s the best book you’ve read so far?

“A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara

3 songs that we should all put on our playlists?

Mama, You Been on My Mind – Jeff Buckley

We Can Fly – Niteshifters, Simon Tellier Remix

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to:

So far, it’s Lanzarote.

you can find nina on instagram here to follow up with her adventures, yoga and art -
our 2019 calendar is available via embroselife

thelma köhler - meet the illustrator

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Thelma Köhler

Thelma Köhler is a Helsinki based artist, known for her stunning illustration works. Last autumn Thelma followed her dream and set up her own company, through which she’s now able to do what she loves for a living. Besides her art works both digital and on paper, Thelma has also done some work in fashion design. A few weeks ago I sat down with this lovely lady who’s the artist of this months calendar drawing. We cozied up with some coffee and talked about art, following ones career dreams and conscious actions.

Hi thelma! Can you please shortly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! So my name is Thelma, I’m 22 years old and I live here in Helsinki. I’m working as an artist in the fields of visual art and uncommercial fashion in my own company. 

Oh that’s super cool! Tell us more about being an entrepreneur. How did you get into it and how does it feel?

It’s very rewarding! Being an entrepreneur is not the easiest career path, but it really gives you the freedom, which is amazing and I get to do exactly what I want basically. I have both my own projects like an art exhibition that’s coming up soon and a clothing line I’m working on with Emilia Gustafsson. Furthermore there’s the custom orders regarding both paintings and illustrations and sometimes also garments.

can you Tell us more about your art: when did you get started?

Well it’s pretty much accidental as I don’t know what else I could see myself do. It’s always been a part of my life and something that comes very natural to me. Drawing is something that’s always been with me, and I realise it’s quite a luxury for me to be able to do it for a living.

Thelma Köhler - Scorpio Inlace Calendar 2018

Where do you source your inspiration?

Oh that’s a difficult but interesting question. Hmmm… well, thinking of my upcoming exhibition for example, the inspiration is gathered mainly from dreams. I have very visual and vivid dreams, which are authentic pictures that can’t be from anywhere else. I also get inspired by people and their interesting presences which I want to communicate through my pictures as well.

Do you have Any big artist crushes?

Oh yeah I have! Definitely Salvador Dalí. He’s always been inspirational to me with just his art, his charisma and all of that. My grandfather used to collect his lithographies, so it feels sort of like a family thing. I love the expressiveness of surrealism and it has a certain type of dark mystery which I really appreciate.

What would you do on a perfect Friday?

That really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just love to be around people and connect with friends, whereas on other nights I’d rather stay in, read a book and eat good food at home accompanied by my cat Francis.

What is your favourite quality about yourself?

Oh that’s a difficult one. Hmm I’d say either my perseverance or my intuition. They’re both things that have got me where I am now, and something that has proven to be of great value.  

Which conscious actions do you wish more of us would take?

I’m a bit partial with this one since I’m vegan myself, but eating plant based is of course something I’d wish to see more people do. It has changed my life personally. I also wish that people would be more mindful of consuming our planet and others - both animals and other people. 

Tell us about a childhood dream

Oh actually that’s very funny when I think about it, since it’s basically; living in a big city and to be able to create. Besides, I don’t think I’ll ever be a penguin trainer… I’ve kinda given up on that dream but that’s alright, haha!

What are your Top 3 tunes at the momen?

1. Corporation by Jack White 

2. Calm Like a Bomb by Rage Against the Machine 

3. the album Maxinquaye by Tricky

Check out more of Thelma’s art work on her website: and her Instagram

meet the illustrator: anna mäki-jyllilä

Writer: Emma Ranne
ILLUSTRATION: Anna mäki-jyllilä

Libra illustration by Anna Mäki-Jyllilä, Inlacemedia Calendar

Me and Anna met up on one of this autumn’s stormiest afternoons up until now. While the trees were bending in the breezy autumn storm we snuggled up with some hot tea and coffee at cafe Blossom to hide from the cold. We had a cozy discussion about current inspirations, summer memories and spirit animals. I had a lovely time getting to know this young lovely illustrator talent:

Heya, Can you please shortly introduce yourself?

I’m Anna, 19 years old and I’m from Helsinki. I really love drawing and writing which are both ways for me to express my thoughts and ideas. Besides that I enjoy reading a good book and watching movies. Lately I’ve been loving to tune into my home and build a space out of it that feels like my own. I like to see my home like a kind of art work, a collage of things and pieces that are meaningful to me. Also I recently started my 2nd year at uni studying architecture.

Oh that’s really cool, how have you been liking that?

I’ve been enjoying it a lot! Of course there are some elements to it that are not so fun, but for most of it I’ve really liked it. My interest for architecture has just been growing during the past year. 

What are you most excited about this autumn? 

I have some ideas that I want to explore more through both drawing and writing. This past summer I’ve been thinking lots about what the things are that actually feel of importance to me, and what it is that I in the end want to devote my time to. After the first year of uni, I realized that I needed to find a balance where school work wouldn’t consume all of my time. It’s easy to get lost in that world, especially since the things we study actually are very interesting and exciting, but I think it’s really important for me to have time for my own projects as well. I’ve been playing with the idea of maybe publishing some more of my work, and to explore new channels for doing so. That’s really been inspiring me lately.

I like to see my home like a kind of art work, a collage of things and pieces that are meaningful to me

What is one of your favourite qualities about yourself?

Hmm, I have always had a need for trying to understand things. I’m curious about learning about the worlds of others, to gain more knowledge about different concepts. I love to explore things in my thoughts in order to understand them better. I’d say that’s one of my favourite qualities about myself.

Favourite summer memory:

I just had a thought about this the other day to be prepared to answer since it’s the classic question to be asked whenever seeing someone after the summer, haha. One really good memory is an evening on which I cycled to the sea along a new route to meet at the harbour with a good friend of mine. It was lovely to see the familiar city from a new perspective. I had some chocolate truffles with me that I had brought with me from my trip to Italy, and she had brought very sweet fresh plums since it was right at the start of plum season. We talked and talked and I got a lot of new ideas. It was a very beautiful evening.

What is your relationship to drawing?

It something that I’ve always been doing. Sometimes more, sometimes less. These days I feel like whenever I haven’t been drawing for a while I start to feel a bit lost. It’s an important way for me to express things, to think and to feel feelings. To me drawing is for a big part about trying to organize and express feelings you couldn’t do with words. If writing to me is to think with care and thought, drawing would be feeling feelings with care and thought. 


 A book that everyone should read:

I recently read H is for hawk by Helen Macdonald, which I really think is worth a read for most of us. It explores the relationship between us humans and the nature in a really captivating way. It’s all about how we people tend to value the nature through ourselves. We either aim to benefit from it in one way or the other, or we give it value because we see it as something beautiful. The book is a good reminder for us to see the nature as something worthy and valuable on its own. It’s its own world and beautiful even without our valuation for it.

An inspiration of yours:

My friends inspire me a lot. I’m also inspired by things and places, and the thoughts that people bind to them. I love the idea of how memories, that in a way are so fragile to be forgotten, can be kept alive in small concrete pieces.


What is your spirit animal?

Ohh that’s a difficult one, but I think I’m going with hedgehog!

Be sure to have a look at more of Anna’s art on her Instagram-accounts
@annamakijy and @artisteanna



meet the illustrator - Maybelle Jones-Nettey



I sat down with this absolutely gorgeous crab lady, who illustrated July's illustration for us. Her presence is strong and grounding. You can feel her passion to make this world more authentic and community centered. Let me share our afternoon talk from spirit animals to creating a more conscious party scene in Helsinki. 

To change and shake the idea of perfectionism. The stretch marks and curvy figure were all very much intentional. It’s time to embrace all of us. It’s time to stop idealising perfectionism. 

3 favourite feelings?

Trust, to be trusted by others. 

Community, to be part of a loving and supporting community. 

Taking care of others. 

Your favourite quality of yourself? 

Persistence, in moderation though. I always aim to be persistent with my goals and in life in general, but I'm a huge advocate for knowing when to stop. We can easily  be so obsessed over the destination that the journey totally loses its meaning. I would say it's Sisu with enjoyment and common sense. To enjoy  being in the moment.

Childhood dream?

Oh, Diana Ross. She was my idol, probably still is. I used to dance to her music all day. She is just magical. 

Spirit animal?

Whales. Just think about it, sing, swim and eat all day long. That's a good life over there. They are also very communal mammals and community is so much, so important. 

Favourite Summer day? 

In order to truly get the most of the moment, it would have to be spontaneous. A day at sea, would deffinately  warm my heart and relax me. 

Conscious actions you wish all of us would take?

To question it all. To question the social norm and ask what do you want? Are you  speed racing through life, being someone that someone told you to be. Give yourself time.

Safe space dancing spot? Share a little bit about that, 

We  wanted a safe, community kinda space where everyone would have the freedom to be as they are without unwanted attention or harassment. We also wanted to encourage and support emerging artists and increase diversity  in the local party scene.  We created MYÖS to experiment in collective ways  of organising events and workshops. Each one teach one -for us by us. Our second event is actually on Wednesday, come join us. 


meet the illustrator: gemma driessen

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Gemma Driessen -

I'm super excited to introduce you to my lovely childhood friend Gemma. We go way way back and used to race on our bicycles around the Dutch medows while referring to ourselves as Gem'n'Em (yes, that was our team name).

These days Gemma is a super talented illustrator, who studies industrial design in Holland and who's always ready for a little adventure.  Without further talking, let's get you more familiar with this girl behind June's calendar illustration.

Hi Gemma, can you please shortly introduce yourself to our readers?

Alright! I am a 21-year-old integrated product design student. I love making things, especially cute things: I draw, paint and make ceramics. I am passionate about sustainability, and I want to work in that field after graduating. I am a vegan and live with my boyfriend in the Netherlands. I love bouldering (climbing) and I am super proud of my arm muscles  haha, as a person who always hated sports being strong is very new to me. 


We know you draw a lot. Can you tell us the story of how you got into drawing?

As a kid, I always drew a lot, but I got more serious about it during my first year at uni. I started a daily drawing project, I had a sketchbook and my goal was to fill one page every day until it was full. The goal was to fill the page and it did not matter if it was pretty, or if I spent a lot of time on it, as long as there was something on the page. I loved the process and my progress during this book so much that I started another one after that, and another one, and another one. That was the start of me drawing (almost) every day for the last 3 years.


Usually, one of the hardest things when it comes to anything creative is to find time and inspiration. What would your tips be for overcoming this?

We can't change how much time we have in a day, so if you want to spend more time drawing you should do less of something else, this could be watching less Netflix or scrolling social media less. But maybe you don't have any time you can easily make free in that case you could try to combine it with another activity, like drawing during lunch break or train commute. But sometimes it is also okay to accept that it is just not a priority for you, so you should not feel too bad about it. 

If you really want to do it regularly I suggest picking a time or couple it to another activity you do every day. For example, you always draw after dinner, during lunch, when you get home etc.  I used to do it before going to bed as a nice way to unwind. Maybe it works best for you to find accountability, by post every day on Instagram for example. Also make it as easy as possible to start, have your materials accessible, have them at a place you often are so you don't have to put more effort than necessary in getting started. 

when it comes to inspiration, I'd say just draw something, don't go scrolling on your phone for inspiration that is a waste of precious drawing time. As Andy J Pizza says: "Creativity is like Breastfeeding: the More Your Pump, the More it Flows!" haha. I often get inspired by things I drew before. Combine some things you like drawing or enjoy in real life. Draw about things that make you feel good whether that is cats, tea, yoga or feminism. And don't be too harsh on yourself, if you don't like the drawing you made, just make a better one tomorrow. And never compare your work to others.


What important lessons have you learned during the past 12 months?

I thought hard about it and these two came to mind:

  1. You can make/do almost anything you want, just google or find a video explaining how it is done. I learned to cut my own hair, make a puppet for stop-motion animation, replace a part of my shower that was broken and so much more just by watching 10-minute videos. 
  2. You have time, I listened to an interview with Lisa Congdon recently about her new book about older women starting new careers and becoming successful. We still have so much time ahead of us, the path you choose now does not have to be the path you will be on for the rest of your life, so don't worry too much about whether you are making the right decisions.


And what is inspiring you lately?

Lately, I have been super into pottery, I make planters, cups and vases with happy faces on them and I love it so much! I have been putting them for sale in my Etsy shop and I actually sold one!,  to someone in the UK and I am really happy about it!


What would your theme song be?

I have been enjoying old songs lately, it's really hard to choose but if I have to pick something maybe Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys?


And my favourite question to ask people: what are 3 of those little random things that give you joy?

  • Sunshine
  • the smell of cinnamon
  • the leaves on the trees (I missed them so much in winter)


Check out Gemma's Instagram and website to see her work. Her drawings are the cutest! Also there are still a few ceramic pots left in her Etsy shop, shop one while you can.

may by eliisa loukola

writer: emma ranne
picture: from eliisa

Eliisa Loukola - Inlace Calendar 2018

Oh hello there May, we've been looking forward to you! It's time to introduce you to our lovely illustrator of the month, Eliisa Loukola, who drew the illustration for May in our calendar. Eliisa has always been drawing and is currently studying fine arts in the Netherlands. We wanted to hear more about what is bringing her inspiration these days and what her relationship is to drawing:


Hi lovely Eliisa! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you like to do

Hi! I am a 20 year-old Fine art student, currently studying in Academie Minerva in the Netherlands. I love all things art (surprise, surprise), like going to museums, galleries and finding out new techniques and crazy ideas to try. I enjoy going on long walks and discovering new places here around me and abroad. I love a nice talk over some coffee or a nice drink, haha. 


What is your relationship to drawing and how has it evolved over the years?

I honestly can't remember not drawing. I've gone to different art classes and schools since I was six, and it has always been an important part of my life. Although drawing is not my main technique anymore I still love it and try to draw everyday.


Where do you gain the inspiration for your art?

Everywhere! People, nature, old buildings, fleamarkets.. But what I find most interesting is the idea of feminity, what's considered "girly" (in a "good" or a "bad" way) and what's not. A bit weird maybe but it's an infinite source of inspiration!


What important lessons have you learned during the last 12 months?

Take a leap into the unknown! Last August I moved into the Netherlands without knowing anyone there, and it has brought me so many great new experiences and I've met wonderful new people! It really pays off to leave your comfort zone!


Name three of those slightly random things that give you joy:

  1. A good thunderstorm! The power of nature is incredible sometimes. 
  2. Seeing cats around town! Especially if I get one to come close enough to pet
  3. Getting a nice new canvas or fabric and starting fresh! 


What would your theme song be?

Youth by Daughter ! Found the song when I was fourteen and I keep coming back to it six years later.


P.s  Be sure to check Eliisa's art work, here.

meet the illustrator: Pihla Laine

Writer: Emma Ranne
Picture: Emma Ranne

an interview with Pihla Laine - Inlace Helsinki

Every month we're introducing you to the girl behind the month's horoscope drawing in our calendar. Today it's time for us to introduce you to our gorgeous friend Pihla Laine.

Hi Pihla! Can you maybe tell us a little about yourself and what you like to do?

So yeah my name is Pihla, I’m from Helsinki and I’m about to turn 22 next week. I love food and cooking and anything relating to it like discovering new cool cafes and restaurants around town. I also really enjoy reading, watching movies and all that cozy kind of stuff. Oh and artsy stuff! Like going to interesting exhibitions and events. Traveling is something I’d love to do more! But right now it’s more like me just dreaming about it...

’’Oh yeah! If you could go anywhere right now where would you go?’’

Oh gosh... Definitely somewhere I haven’t been before. Maybe to a place outside of Europe like Australia or New Zealand. I have wanted to go there for so long!


What is your relationship to drawing? 

I have always drawn. My mum is quite an artsy person, and so I’ve been growing up in an atmosphere where me and my sister have been encouraged to draw and paint when we were kids. I’ve always had quite a wild imagination and I feel like drawing is a way for me to express that world inside of my mind.

Nowadays I don’t draw that often though, because well you know, I tend to be too busy to find time for it. But I wish I could, and actually I will start doing it more often again!


Our calendar is all about growth. How did you grow as a person last year?

I think last year was THE year of growing for me. I don’t think I’ve ever grown that much as a person in such a short period of time. I think I realized I really had to come to terms with myself and with a lot going on in my life I had to grow as a person to be ok with those changes. I finally really learned to accept that it’s  totally ok for life not to always be on that same safe track. It has its ups and downs and it’s all a part of the deal.

I also met a lot of new people which I’m really really really glad about and feel like bonding those new relationships also taught me a lot. So yeah meeting those new people and starting to come to terms with myself were really some sort of breaking points for me.


If you could give your 16 year old self some life advise, what would you tell her?

I think I would tell her to not care so much about what others think of you.  Yeah I know that’s such a cliche, but especially at sixteen I think it would be very important to be reminded of that a little more often. At 16 you’re kind of in that age where you start to get more independent and start to explore the adult world. Because so much is changing in your life you easily feel a little insecure and maybe even like other people are judging you. But then in the end it’s only you who’s judging you. I would just tell her  ’’ Go rock the world, just as you are.’’


What is a strength of yours?

I’d say I’m quite good with people. I feel empathy very easily, I’m a good listener and it’s easy for me to ’’read people’’. I think it’s quite a good skill, because it’s important to well you know get along with each other’s and learn to understand different people.


Tell us about something that has been inspiring you lately?

I just finished the book The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle), and I have to say it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever read (and she reads a lot). I would really recommend that book to anyone. Yeah I really think everybody should read it. 
Well I just honestly think it’s such an eye opening book. If you have any struggles with being in the present and tend to forget about the now you should really consider giving it a read. I know again such a cliche, but it’s so important for us to be reminded of how the life we live happens now. Not in the past or in the future but right here at this moment. 


Lastly but not leastly...What has been playing on your Spotify lately?

Well that would definitely be BROCKHAMPTON! (*both burst out in laughter* Me and Pihla have been ridiculously into this band lately) I don’t know what it is but their music just suits right about every situation from walking on the street to just you know chilling at home, washing some dishes. It just really boosts your mood.

Check out our horoscope inspired calendar for 2018 and Pihla's drawing for February here.


Meet the illustrator: Sanni Lehtonen

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Sanni Lehtonen | Inlace Calendar

Sanni Lehtonen, @sarkasmisanni


The illustrations in our Inlace 2018 horoscope calendar were made by a lovely bunch  of pretty awesome girls (if you haven’t come across it yet, you can download the free PDF here). Every month we’ll be introducing you to the girl behind the drawing and ask them little questions about what’s grooving for them right now. 

Well who’s behind the stunning Capricorn illustration for January? We met the very lovely Sanni Lehtonen over a cup of coffee at Kuuma and had a little chat with her.

Hi Sanni! Could you maybe tell us a little more about yourself and what you like to do? Hi! Hmm well I’m Sanni and I’m currently living in the Netherlands, where I moved this fall to study psychology. I really enjoy arts, obviously, and I like 90s movies and vintage. So you actually draw a lot? Yeah. Or well I draw as much as I can. Lately I haven’t had as much time for it as I’d like because of my studies, but I try to draw as often as I can. 

What is your creative process like when it comes to drawing?
Haha well usually it’s just me getting a random idea, which can spark from for example me seeing a cool picture.  Then I often make a quick sketch and continue with the drawing when I have more time.

Please share a favorite book, artist, or musician that has recently affected you. I met this guy from Bristol while in the Netherlands who listens who knows a lot about the electornic music scene there and introduced me to it. Together we've been exploring the electornic music scene of Amsterdam. I can’t name any specific artist, it’s more just like me finding a new cool music genre.

Could you tell us about a lesson you recently learned.
Hmmm… a lesson I’ve learned. Well this fall I’ve been meeting loads of new people through uni, and I’ve really learned how to be more open in the sense of getting to know new people. Previously I haven’t been too good at like socializing and stuff, but now my skills around that have really developed which is cool.

And what would you say is a strength of your’s?
I’d say I’m pretty straight forward with other people, but also myself. I’m quite open minded and I tend to analyze myself and the opinions I have on things and where they come from. 


Thanks for the chat! Just one more question: what tunes have been playing on Spotify lately?
Ohh my playlists have mainly been hiphop lately, I really like OutKast for example!