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nudist drinks

writer: Ona Rihu
Pictures: Ona Rihu
In collaboration with nudist drinks

“fake champagne”

Nudist Drinks is an innovative new-age winery focusing on delicious sparkling fruit wines. I was invited for a tasting at their garage/winery in Tallinn, and after tasting (and enjoying) their sparkling drinks I can safely say I’ve found a new favorite.

When choosing wines I try to go for organic, vegan and dry wines. To be honest, fruit wines had never even crossed my mind as an option for some reason. Probably because I associated them with added sugar and colorants, etc. But Nudist Drinks has given me a whole new perspective. My favorite drink by them, Rabarbra, is simply fermented raw rhubarb juice. It’s 8% vol which I feel is just perfect. Sparkling wine always feels so festive, and I’m all for celebrating life even when there’s no specific thing to cheers to.

I love supporting small businesses, and the Nudist Drinks winery really radiated a feeling of honesty and a love for the craft. There is so much thought and work behind each product, and it’s like you can taste it in the drink. I have a feeling I’ll be serving Nudist Drinks instead of regular sparkling wine in my celebrations from now on..

Other drinks they offer:
Sparkling Gooseberry Wine, Sparkling Raspberry Wine, an Organic Rabarbra Brut and some Apple Ciders.

You can find Nudist Drinks at Brigitta Hernesaari, Bites, Leblon, Beerger, Magu, Ääniwalli & Post Bar.

natural haircare - shampoo favorites

In my journey of switching all of my cosmetics to natural ones, I’ve found shampoo & conditioner to be the hardest match to find. I’ve always had a sensitive scalp, and I’m sure my years of modelling and getting my hair dyed, heat-treated and styled at my job hasn’t helped. Luckily I’ve been able to grow out my natural color, so dying my hair is no longer something I need to think about. Yet, my scalp is still very dry and sensitive. I wanted to share some of my favorite natural shampoos I’ve tried over the years.

Mossa Vitamin Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner*

This vitamin moisture shampoo & condition has worked well for me, allthough I feel like with this shampoo as well as other natural ones, my hair doesn’t stay fresh & clean for more than 2 days. Really good price-to quality ratio, smells amazing!

Lush Shampoo Bar

I bought this when traveling to bali, and I must admit it was very convenient and effective. The big plus here is that it comes without plastic packaging, but the reason I didn’t continue using this is that it’s not 100% natural. Great for traveling and minimalistic packing!

Frantsila Birch & Peat Shampoo and Conditioner*

One of my favorites, this one makes my hair and scalp feel super clean.
I love supporting Finnish brands, and Frantsila is a beautiful family company that’s values I can truly stand behind. Great price to quality ratio.

Attitude Organics Moisturizing Shampoo*

This somehow reminds me of my childhood, a very standard shampoo without any of the nasty chemicals! Makes my hair squeaky clean, and with this shampoo my hair will remain clean for a few days longer.

Rahua Classic Shampoo*

A luxurious, dreamy product. I mean, it has the scent of Palo Santo. Do I need to say more? I love with this brand but it’s a bit on the pricier side. Great if you’re in the mood to treat yourself!

*products given

Writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Catarina Böckerman, ona rihu

all about candles

Writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Catarina böckerman

organic coconut and rapeseed wax candles

The season is truly here - There’s nothing better than cozying up in the light of candles when it’s getting cold outside. I myself am a huge fan of candles - but I only learned about their influence on our health pretty recently. It really does make a difference which kind of candles you burn. Traditional candles can make your indoor-air filled with toxins. Paraffin - the major ingredient in most candles releases carcinogenic chemicals into the air when burned. I won’t go all in on the bad stuff - you can read more with a simple ecosia search.
I am here to offer you an alternative:

Coconut wax candles

Organic coconut wax is a luxurious, delicious smelling alternative to stearin. It doesn’t release any harmful chemicals into your room air but it does throw scent extremely well. It’s naturally obtained from coconuts. We are in love with these Woodlot candles from Kaarna living. The different combinations of essential oils are an absolute treat to smell.

rapeseed wax candles

Rapeseed wax is an interesting ecological and clean burning alternative to stearin and paraffin candles. It burns odorless and clean. These candles are hand poured in Germany from local rapeseed oil reducing the candle's carbon footprint. Rapeseed wax is a new discovery for me, and I’m very happy to have found it! I love these tealight candles because they don’t have metal around them and they burn nice and slow. You can find rapeseed wax candles at kaarna as well.

Soy wax candles

Soy wax in itself is is also toxin free and more environmentally friendly than traditional candles. This hygge candle from embrosé is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home with it’s heart-warming natural scent.


writer: ona rihu
picture: ona rihu, catarina böckerman

Korento is a new cosmetics line that aims to provide a high-quality, natural alternative to synthetic makeup. Their products are made in Finland in small batches to ensure good quality. I personally am excited about their products since I’ve had a hard time finding good natural makeup to use as foundation. My skin is very dry, especially during winter and I find that wearing foundation often makes it even worse. Their Cream Foundation is my new best friend when I want some coverage on my skin.

Products used:

berry vitamin cream foundation*

This is my new go-to concealer/foundation. It’s silky smooth and super easy to layer for better coverage.

vitamin infused lip & cheek tint*

Incredibly high-pigmented, long lasting product. I’ll be wearing this shade for all the christmast parties in December!

serum foundation*

I use this to even out my skin tone and pamper my skin. Not very high coverage, so I like to dab on the cream foundation on imperfections when using this.

botanical finishing powder*

This is made of rice flour. It absorbs oils and leaves your skin matte, as a mineral powder would. I use this very carefully, on my nose and forehead. Works as emergency dry shampoo as well!

*products given

why organic and zero waste?


When our grannies were little this was the norm. There was no concept for organic and zero waste, because everything was organic and zero waste. Slowly our values changed, productivity and money became the most valued thing and food became pure money, business. The more money-based our societies became, the less we valued slow farming, slow living, organic foods, and organic living. 

I want to bring you back, to cherishment of slow living, slow foods, organic living, organic foods. I want you to know what you are putting into your mouth, and to the land. I want to invite you to this journey towards a slower phase. 

So why go organic?

You are everything you consume. Starting from social media, your environment and especially what you drink and eat. We are art works. Carefully designed organic beings. When we consume unorganic foods, our chemistry gets fucked up. From our hormones to our biochemistry, to basically all in you. All you are gets affected by the choice of unorganic living. Slowly deep rooted issues will start to occur in our biochemistry. All the toxicity builds up, and the low levels of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in the food will leave it’s nasty mark behind. 

How sensitive we are to these toxins depends from person to person. I’m highly sensitive. First I thought it to be something bad. I just wanted to be like others, be okay with those yummy fries. But then I started to see my sensitiveness as a great blessing. Being sensitive gives you straight feedback from your environment, of the vibrational level of it. If you feel into this, great space and listen, this can become your most powerful superpower. And honestly the way these days more and more kids are born highly sensitive is not a coincidence. Mother Earth is not handling all this rush and toxins anymore. She needs help. You’re her.  Your sensitive being was sent here, so we could honour her again. Honour the slow organic phase of living and being. 

Our societies are still in this great transformational phase and the organic food is still mostly more expensive than the non-organic food. I want to give you some tips on how to be able to consume more organic or choose the least toxic foods and still have money for living as well. 

  1. The dirty dozen list, aka list of the worst toxic usage foods and the least. With this list, you can make sure which products definitely buy organic and which ones aren't as bad non-organic.

  2. If you end up buying from the most toxic list, do a soak with water and tablespoon of applecidervinegar. Let it soak for one hour and rinse well. This helps the removal of the toxins.

  3. Plant your own plants. Especially if you’re blessed with most of the year gardening time. But even here in the north we have the whole summer to garden and store the harvest for the winter ahead. So get inspired by getting your hands to the soil and plant some seeds at for example a communal garden, your balcony or at the cottage.


Why zero waste? 

When we are living in an society that has recycling under control, it can be blinding, and we might think that as long as we recycle all is good. The thing is that recycling is only the first step, but not the answer. Just because our recycling is working well here in Finland, doesn't mean that's the case all around the globe. There's still oceans and landfills covered in trash.  So if we would honour the resources we are freely provided from the earth, we wouldn’t just use them once and  throw them away and call it recycling. Don’t get me wrong here, I think it's amazing that we have taken the first step, and recycle. But I feel that we are ready for the next one, which is leaning towards a more zero waste lifestyle.


But when we make changes, lasting ones, we must take them gradually. This provides fertile ground for us to grow and evolve from. So be honest with where you are right now: whats your next step? I'm going to provide you with a little list here down below from which you can choose the steps you’re ready to take right now. Remember gradual growth, and you’ll be sweet. 

Zero waste checklist

Change your single used coffee cups, to refillable ones.

Get a lasting glass/alumine water bottle, which you can refill.

Carry a cutlery kit with you: fork, spoon and knife. 

Reusable straw always <3

Go for the reusable napkins over paper tissues. 

Prefer glass, aluminium and paper over plastic!

Carry an extra reusable shopping bag with you. At all times

Quality over quantity. Buy lasting stuff !

Buy your foods without plastic, so carry veggie backs with you and buy from markets which provide plastic free food. Order online Raakatori or go buy from the market hall Hallin luomupuoti

Support your locals. Always choose local over exported. 

Buy your dry foods from bulk stores, and bring your own glass jars with you.

Make your own cosmetics the zero waste way or buy organic cosmetics which are packed in glass/aluminium/paper. 

For laundry get soap nuts, yes they are nuts that wash your laundry!

Buy your clothes from brands/organisations who use recycled materials and/or recycle their clothes. (go check out Recci and Rumeurlabel)

Save your glass containers and use them as food containers. With this hack you'll save the environment and your wallet. 

Go for bar soaps or go for refillable liquid soaps (there's one at Punnitse&Säästä at Forum) 

Ditch the plastic wraps and go for Bee's wax wraps

Go for a bamboo toothbrush or recycled plastic electrical toothbrush, the next time you truly need a new toothbrush. 

When your hair Is crying for a new brush, get a natural brush and a cleaner for it. 

Ditch the single disposable razors for lasting stainless steal safety razor. 


Thank you for being open to grow to heal. We are in this together, as a society. We fall together and grow together. 


kora organics

Writer: Ona Rihu

picture: Ona rihu & emma ranne

A cosmetics line filled with crystal magic, natures own pure ingredients and innovation, might I say I'm in love? 
Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr launched in Finland last week with a new line of amazing products. One of the star ingredients is Rose Quarts, which is used to energize all the water used in the products. Another highlighted ingredient is the Noni fruit, a scrumptious high-antioxidant superfruit that's responsible for that 'Noni Glow' Miranda Kerr has going on. The brand is completely Cruelty free, Vegan and Certified Organic. Let me introduce you to my absolute favorites from the line. 

Energizing citrus mist:

This mist is a delicious mix of Noni extract and Aloe vera, combined with mandarin and lemongrass essential oils. It's a refreshing and rejuvenating little treat to keep on your desk or in your bag for a little pick-me-up during the day, and especially in the morning. Who needs coffee anyway?

Noni radiant eye oil: 

Get this. The roll-on ball is actually made of Rose Quarts! How amazing is that? It's calming and cooling on the sensitive parts of your under-eye skin, and the repleneshing oils do wonders for the skin. 

Rose quarts highlighter: 

The key ingredient is crushed rose quarts. This highlighter is my favorite one ever, it gives your skin a dewy glow naturally and every time I use it i feel like I'm not only glowing from the outside but on the inside as well. 

Noni Glow face oil:

I'm a big fan of face oils, and this one did not fail me. The Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil create a luxurious blend that feels silky smooth on your skin.