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march favorites

Writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Ona Rihu

march favorites

March - for me has been a month of self-care, slow awakening towards the spring and excitement of the first sunrays in my apartment. March feels like a transformational period from the coldest months towards sunnier days. I’m feeling more energized, motivated and inspired daily as the snow and ice is melting away from the streets. Taking care of my skin, nourishing my body and preparing for the months ahead where I’m not wearing a turtleneck daily. Here are some products I’ve loved recently for self-care.

Mádara infinity drops & infinity mist *

This unique set is based on a lactobacillus strain and the madara plant. The combination of the serum and mist always leave my skin velvety smooth and protects it against the dry weather, it has made a huge difference in my skin care routine.
“Probiotic lactobacillus strain normalises the skin’s microbiome, protects the skin’s moisture barrier and prevents transepidermal water loss, while the polyphenols from the madara plant ward off environmental aggressors.”

EcoDenta Black whitening toothpaste*

I’m so happy to have finally found a natural toothpaste that is strong enough to leave an incredibly fresh feeling after brushing my teeth. This charcoal-based black whitening toothpaste contains ingredients of 96% natural origin and is ofcourse fluoride-free. <3

Zuii Gradual tan body lotion*

As the turtlenecks get left in the closet, I’m exposing my skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months. Luckily there’s a little magic trick for getting a natural glow effortlessly. Zuii’s range of organic tan products is a lifesaver for anyone like me that feels a bit of glow makes all the difference. Using these products also helps me stay on top of my exfoliate - moisturize game, so it’s a win-win.

Lily Lolo big lash mascara*

Finding a good natural mascara has been a project of mine for a long time now, and I’m happy to say I’ve found it! This mascara helps keep my lashes curled and voluminous. It’s really easy to rinse off and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes at all.


Drawing inspiration from pinterest, I’m finding new ways to wear my thrifted men’s dress-shirt. Tying a thin DIY- scarf around my neck and pairing it with another thrifted treasure - small gold hoop earrings. Easy, simple & multifunctional is what it’s all about! Unfortunately I’ve had to layer this look with some knits on top because it’s been too chilly here in Helsinki, but I’m looking forward to wearing this look the following months as well.

*=pr sample

flower power

writer: Ona Rihu
Picture: Ona Rihu

The festival season is here - and we are ready.

This look is all-natural, gorgeous and unique, perfect for any occasion where you want to be just a little bit extra.
Start with a glowy and well moisturized face, brush out your brows and curl your lashes -your base is ready. 

The key product

here is Babe Balm by BYBI beauty. This product is designed to be an organic alternative to the well known 8 hour cream. It's rich, thick and extremely moisturizing. 
Apply the balm on your cheekbones, lips and eyelids to get an even glow. Then apply a second, thicker layer to those places where you want to put the flowers.

the flowers

I'm using Violets. Their delicate leaves are perfect for this!
Choose your flower and remove the hard stem. The petals might start to separate but try to keep them together and use tweezers if needed.
Place the flower on top of the balm and press lightly so the petals are attatched to your skin. Gently go through the petals with your fingers to make sure they're all evenly coated with the balm and rearrange them if needed. Polish the look with face mist and you're good to go!
Note: You'll have to be a bit careful with this as we are not using glue. The flowers will stay in place if they're "wet" enough and you don't touch them. You might want to keep a pocket mirror with you in case you need to do some touch ups during the day! 

Products used

Babe balm
Supercharge serum
Face Mist


flower makeup - natural