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inlace dream list pt.3


inlace dream list pt.3

Dear Santa,

Thank you for this year, all the magic, love and lessons it brought to me. Thank you for the souls you sent on my way, for them my heart is ever grateful. Thank you, thank you and thank you. As the year is wrapping up, I’m ready to let go, let go of it all that holds me back. All the shit that I was holding on to, help me let go. So I can unlayer, unlayer myself to the most authentic form of my being. To help me unlayer, here are some tools that would assist me on my journey. So dear santa, I wish for love, deep love towards myself, towards all life. I wish for sun, being nude on an tropical island, an island I can call home. I wish for working my emotions through flower drops. I wish for sexual healing, feminine healing, to let go of all that baggage I’ve carried for centuries in my precious yoni. To help with her healing, I wish for the golden lotus deep dive into my mystical sexuality, a new crystal wand for the exploration and for soothing her some yoni oil. Let 2019 be filled with pure authenticity, from myself and from every soul this planet inhabits.

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inlace dream list pt.2

Hey babes! The holidays are here, and we wanted to share some ways to share love. Christmas is much more than presents, it’s time to be with our loved ones. It’s time to cozy up, and have radical self-care moments. It’s about forgiveness, acceptance and letting go. So we can let the love in, be the love we wish to receive. There is many ways we can show our love, show our acceptance. This year i’m calling you to think outside of the box..actually just burn the box and watch how the limiting ways of thinking burns in front of your eyes. I’m calling you to think how you would like to show your love. On this dream list, we’ve picked some of our favourite conscious gifts. If you feel like buying some of these Mother Earth loving brands, remember to pack them on biodegradable packings. But beside these awesome material gifts, how bout giving something non-material. How bout giving love, through giving your time to someone you love. How bout giving a gift card to share your gifts, share your presence. Cause most precious gifts, are the gift of our magical presence, our deep ‘in the now’ presence.

How ever you choose to give and receive love this year, I hope you do it from your heart.

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inlace dream list pt.1


ona dream list.jpg

Dear Santa… I made this moodboard out of pure inspiration and appreciation for beautiful things in life. I dream my winter months will be filled with candlelight and the scent of essential oils. I dream to wear white linen and handcrafted earrings that make me feel like a goddess. And what’s more goddess-like than gliding a rose quartz roller across my cheeks for instant refreshment?

Embrosé, rose quartz roller - Linenfox, juta jacket - bulba, diffuser - frantsila, jasmine essential oil - juliette laloe jewellery, mati single earring - kaarna living - rapeseed wax candles