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why vintage denim?

writer: ona rihu
Picture: Catarina böckerman

I love denim. You can combine a pair of jeans so many ways, yet one of the simplest ways seems to work for me the best. A good white T-shirt and a pair of square-toed shoes goes a long way. I’m almost exclusively wearing vintage denim these days, and I wanted to share why.

First of all, it takes an obscene amount of water to make one pair of jeans. Just one. Also many fast fashion brands actually make the jeans material much thinner, making it break more easily and lose it’s elasticity.
Another reason is I’ve started to pay attention to the material of my clothes, to reduce releasing microplastics into our waters when I wash them. Natural materials like cotton are much more long lasting, environmentally friendly and honestly, comfortable. Not to mention easily recyclable!

Also, I don’t feel like i need to wash vintage denim that much. It doesn’t catch stains easily, doesn’t wrinkle or lose it’s shape. If anything, it only gets better when you wear it and don’t wash it. It gets softer and sort of shapes itself especially for you. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Finding good vintage jeans is kind of like finding a soulmate. It’s 4eva.
I would search in different vintage stores, especially when you’re traveling in Europe. You can also find some good ones onine, like mine!
I got these from Radhica Vintage, a Finnish curated webshop for cool vintage finds.
I’m collaborating with them and giving you all a code for free shipping! Just use “onadoes” at the checkout and wait to receive your goodies. Available for one month (21.9-21.10.18) (Finland only)
Hope to see you rocking your vintage jeans too <3