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5 best free online yoga videos – Inlace recommends

Writer: Meri Frig
Picture: Ona Rihu


Hi there, vacationist! Miss your yoga class? Here are five sites that present great free yoga videos! If you are enjoying some chilltime at home or mökki (the Finnish summer house), or maybe you are exploring and discovering new places, you can find a top-notch yoga instructor online and enjoy a guided yoga practice for whatever you may need or feel like right now. Here are my favourites! Do you know other great ones? Share with us!
X-Meri Frig

Yoga with Adriene

I am in love with Adriene. Oh well, maybe everyone loves Adriene: her online community has millions of subscribers and Yoga with Adriene has been noted to be the most searched workout on Google. Her Youtube channel has heaps of great yoga classes, from ‘Rose Yoga – Heart Opening Flow’ to ‘Yoga for Risk Takers’. I have tried a variety of different classes and I have always felt great after each class, for whatever I needed that moment. I feel so grateful for these classes that I want to share the love. Have you tried YWA yet?

Prenatal yoga with Lara Dutta

I discovered Youtube yoga with this video, when one of my best friends shared this beautiful video with me when I was expecting my son. The gentle practice always makes me feel very happy, calm and grounded. I can definitely recommend it to everyone (pregnant or not!). I did this practice repeatedly and I have heard someone much-smarter-than-me say that it is advisable to do the exact same yoga practice repeatedly, to get the best out of the practice. What do you think?


Lululemon, the apparel retailer/ globally known trendsetter, presents yoga videos with top-notch yoga instructors. The instructors are Lululemon ambassadors and yoga influencers, doers and makers. You can find videos that are suitable for all levels as well as some more challenging power yoga classes. The classes focus 100% on the practice rather than the ambience.

Meri Mort

If you are not new to yoga, you will enjoy Meri Mort’s ‘Yoga of Freedom’, a yoga video that may serve better as inspiration than an actual class, since it is without instructions. It makes you want to dance in and with the rain and enjoy a playful yoga practice. The Helsinki-based yogini encourages her followers to BREATHE, BE BRAVE AND CREATE.

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful offers lots of content around yoga as well as fitness, vegan food, and guided meditations. I like Juliana’s yin yoga videos, especially after a workout such as running. The video also serves as a cheap & environmentally friendly way to travel to an exotic beach for 30 minutes…

let's talk about kundalini

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne & kundaliinijooga helsinki

(body, mind and soul)

kundalini yoga helsinki - Kuldip S. Khalsa

Sometimes the timing simply just feels so right it becomes a little magical.

So was the case with the quite university drained me getting a surprise invite from Kundaliinijooga Helsinki to spend a weekend with yoga teacher Kuldip to learn the basics of kundalini yoga - yoga that combines the elements of mind, body and spirit.

Before the course I had only heared the concept Kundalini Yoga flow by, but never got a grip of what it actually was all about. It was in the 1960s when yoga guru Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini from India to the West. Kundalini yoga has roots that reach over a period of more than 2000 years and has been in constant development ever since and been amended by its practioners. Like Kuldip told us yoga shouldn’t stand still, it’s in constant change molded by its practioners. He encouraged us to learn the basics, but also to try to let go from what we’ve learned and see what works best for ourselves. I really loved that idea. I mean just to think of something that has been alive and evolving over a period of 200o years, formed and shaped by generations - sounds pretty miracelous right?

The introduction course that I attended was held on 2 days and it covered all from body (in which we went through motion but also talked about food and diet) to mind (meditation) and spirit (in which we learned about chakras, and the deeper connections of yoga with the soul). Kuldip had a nice way of teaching in a way that made the sometimes quite abstract things appear as something that could easily be adapted to our everyday lives. It was an inspiring weekend and Kundalini Yoga is for sure something I’d like to explore more in the future too.


Now at the start of the new year I’ve made myself a promise: I want to find my way back to routines. Routines that support my day to day hustles and allow me to thrive, be productive, feel nourished but most importantly connected to myself in a peaceful way in which I find that yoga really helps me. I’m trying to make room for standing still, and I think the course was an eye opener to find more keys and ways to do so. Keys and ways that are easy to hold on to.

Are you feeling a spark to add a dash of yoga to your every day routines? Kuldip from Adi Shakti Academy is organising an introductory short course called ‘‘Kundalini 101’’ where you can learn all about the basics. The course is held on March 23rd from 10:00-12:00 at Kundaliinijooga Helsinki. If you’re free and craving some new inspiration, I’d highly encourage for you to book the morning off and cosy up at the studio for some yoga wisdoms. As our reader you’ll get to do the course with a little discount for 20€ by using the code: INLACExKUNDALINI.

MindInlace mediayogaComment

(peace of mind)


Lemonlinesbylib illustration, meditation 

I’m watching Bingin’s endless horizon. Waves come and go, in and out. That’s life, it pushes and pulls. 

I just finished a month long yoga teacher training. I’ve been digesting all the golden knowledge I was shared with. I’ve reflected, stilled myself.  The biggest golden knowledge I was shared with was the power of meditation. When we stand still, go within, we can hear, we can remember. Remember our true being, true self. All the excess noise will fade away. We can remember our reason for living, we can focus, fully engaged to our dreams. Fully engaged in living as our highest self, as our true self.  I felt calm, ease, happiness, bliss, love from stillness. Meditation taught me who I was, what I’m here to learn, what I’m here to do. It gave me the tool of focus and of bliss out of thin air.  So let me share some light on how you can start to remember your true nature. 


To give yourself a focused and peaceful state for the day ahead of you, do your meditation straight after waking up


Let’s get you ready for meditation with some pranayama aka breathing technique

 Come to a comfy seated position. Close your eyes and take a deep inhale and exhale all air out, fully empty your lungs. Do this for three times. This helps your sleepy lungs detox after sleeping. As our pranayama we'll do a mental nostril breathing which helps balance your both hemispheres. From this balanced state, you find meditation smoother and easier. 


Start with  bringing your full awareness to your left nostril and take a deep inhale only from this nostril, and exhale from the right nostril. Inhale right and exhale left. Keep yourself focused and do this for anywhere from 1-4min. End to the left nostril, as this will leave your state of being calmer. 



This meditation will help you remember your true being, help with your focus state and helps you to see life what it truly is. On this meditation we will be focusing on the pineal gland aka your third eye, the remembrance eye. 


Bring your full awareness to the point between your eyebrows. This is the gateway to your third eye. As you breath in, breathe from this gateway inside to your midbrain, where the pineal gland lies. As you exhale bring your awareness back to the point between your eyebrows. Keep drawing this line of awareness as you take deep inhales and exhales. As you do this relax your whole being from head to toes. You might want to help the activation of your 3rd eye with the help of your eyes. If you wish to do this, gently bring your gaze (eyes closed) to the point between your eyebrows. This will start to help you to feel the magnetic force of this point in you. With practice you will be able to activate this point only with your full focused awareness. After 10 deep breaths or so, let go of your eyes and the deepness of your breath. Keep your focus on your third eye and all the sensations you feel, as it’s easier to keep your state calm and thoughtless when focusing to your sensations. Let yourself fully let go, let go of all thoughts, opinions, all that’s not serving you. Just immerse yourself to the moment. Feel your energy, your vibrating being. Let the meditation be whatever it is to you on that day. Let your thoughts arise, accept all, but let them go. You don’t need them, they don’t serve you right now. Just be. 

If you’re only starting meditation, do 1min pranayama and 5 min meditation. As you keep practising daily, to clear your state and to align yourself to your true being, increase the length of it. This will happen naturally. After committing to practice daily, you’ll just sink to he practice, and time loses meaning. 


Patience is the key <3

Let your meditation be as it is. Know that thoughts will arise, and as this happens let them be. Let your thoughts come and go. Know that this is clearing, detoxing of your mind. The more you meditate, the more you’ll be able to stay on this state during the day. You’ll be able to make decisions which are aligned to your own path, you’ll be able to accept life as it is. You’ll stay focused. You’ll remember who you were before the world told you to be something you’re not. Be gentle with yourself. Just practice, it's the biggest act of self love you can do. To stay committed to practice, meditate every morning. Do it for your true self, to the inner child in you. The one who craves love, infinitive love, within yourself, for yourself. Do this for yourself.