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a little guide to copenhagen

(travel guide)

writer: emma ranne
picture: emma ranne

Apollo Bar, Copenhagen

I spent four days in Copenhagen, and now I’m in love – I put together a tiny guide based on my travel diary to introduce you to one of my new favourite cities.


  • The many neighbourhoods of the city. We stayed in Nørrebro which is a trendy but laid back neighbourhood only a 20 min walk away from the city center. Colourful houses, cute cafes, creative concept stores and lots of very stylish cyclists (like everywhere in this city) - If you like the north you should also check out the similar but a little more grown up Vesterbro. Want to see something completely different from the pretty city streets? Head over for a walk through Christiania, the free town in the middle of the city, to absorb the atmosphere of homemade houses, bohemian eateries and vibrant street art.

  • Glyptoteket - think of a beautiful old building where a magical botanical garden meets a museum for antique statues. Wander around the past eras and enjoy a post time travel -coffee in the dreamy jungle like indoor gardens. (* free on Tuesdays)

  • Kinfolk - pop in at the office of Kinfolk (located in the city centre) to have a look at their tiny gallery and take in the inspiring aesthetics. If you want to buy their books/ magazines this is the place for you.

  • Design dreams at Frama - an old pharmacy turned into a design shop. Quite possibly the prettiest shop I’ve ever entered. If you like me have a weak spot for pretty spaces be sure to also check out the new boutique of Aure Studio - hmmm… still dreaming of their white painter’s jacket which would be the perfect summer uniform for 2019 - high quality organic cotton (the kind that will last a life time ) sourced ethically from India and sewn in Europe.

  • Arken - a gallery for modern art a 20 minute traintrip away from the city. Easy to get to and a great way to see some more of Danmark. In the summer be sure to check the beach too after having your culture trip through the museum.

  • Design Museum - lots of Danish design in a beautiful old building. Another plus side is it’s free for people under 26 (always a nice surprise if you’re traveling on a student budget).

apollo bar copenhagen - copenhagen cafes

food + drinks:

  • Apollo Bar - perfect for coffee or weekend brunch. Their menu isn’t exactly vegan friendly but they’re happy to veganize dishes.

  • Kalaset - cosy laid back dinner, their brunch menu looks amazing too.

  • Kaf - a vegan cake bakery, no need to explain this one more. Oh my.

  • Atelier September - if I could pick a cafe to move in at, this one would be high up on my list.

  • Pompette - a cosy natural wine bar, wish there were more places like this here in Finland

  • Mirabelle - the best (and possibly most expensive) bread I’ve ever had. Such a treat. So worth it.

a bonus list of things I had to safe for the next time:

on travel dreams with plantiful alexandra

writer: Emma ranne
picture: from Alexandra

Alexandra from @plantifulalexandra

A few months back we had the chance to meet up with our lovely German friend Alexandra to grab a coffee and have a chat. We first got to know Alex through Instagram where we’ve been following her insanely yummy looking (like really!) food creations pretty much ever since she started with Instagramming 3 years ago. We love Alexandra’s style of adding personal stories to her photos and look up to her skills in communicating her thoughts in such an authentic way through the online platform. This girl has inspired us multiple times.

When we met Alex she had just quit her day job and was about to head on an adventure that included surfing, Bali and exploring life in Australia. While sipping our coffees and matchas we talked about what it was in the first place that inspired Alexandra to hop on this adventure?

‘‘I had known for quite some time that I really wanted to travel and I wasn’t really enjoying the job I spent most of my days at. The job had pretty much just been about saving money for me, and once I had saved up enough I thought it was time to go.’’


What made you choose Bali and Australia?

I’m going to do a surf instructor’s course in Bali which will be my first stop. When it comes to Australia it’s actually their work and travel visa which is great for this kind of situation. Another reason for me would be that I really want to surf, which Australia obviously is quite the perfect fit for. I also know a lot of Instagrammers from Australia and it just looks like a really lovely place (also their vegan food scene, I’m really looking forward to that). Hmmm the only thing is that I’m not really a big fan of too hot weather but it should be all good, haha!

Any tips for someone scared of taking the step?

Just do it. I think you shouldn’t be too scared of following your dream. Especially if you don’t like your current situation and you feel very strong about wanting to do something else be it traveling or starting a new job. If it’s literally just fear that keeps you from making the change, the chances are pretty big that you’ll probably just regret not giving it a go.


Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts?

Of course! I love the content of my friends @laurafruitfairy and @alexasearth. Hmm it’s really hard to just pick a few though.


Where do you source inspiration for your delicious looking recipes?

To be honest I don’t really do recipes. My cooking is more just me throwing things together, hahaha. In the beginning of being a vegan I used Instagram a lot to look for food inspiration. I think it’s just mainly about me seeing other people do delicious looking things and putting my favourite bits from their recipes together to create my own thing.


What would your perfect Sunday (anywhere in the world) look like?

My perfect Sunday… I’d wake up without an alarm around seven. Then I’d do some meditation and some stretching after which I’d have some breakfast outside at my terrace while reading a book and listening to some good music. After the slow breakfast I’d head for a surf as the waves obviously would be perfect. Then after a couple of hours, I’d come home, take a shower and meet up with some friends for lunch. In the afternoon it would be time for a little nap after which I’d maybe do some more surfing as the waves are still great. In the evening I’d meet with people for dinner, have a glass of wine and a good chat. The main point of the day would for it to be really relaxed.

We loved getting to meet Alexandra while she was exploring Helsinki and hope to see her again soon. You can follow up with Alexandra’s travels on Instagram. Seeing all the scenic travel pictures has really made us crave some adventure too.






summer lookbook

writer: Emma ranne
pictures: Pihla Laine & Emma Ranne


I love thrift shopping. To me it feels like being on an ever lasting treasure hunt. Sometimes it can take months (even years) before you find what you are after, but once you come accross the perfect piece, in the perfect size and at an affordable price, you basically feel like as if you have won the lottery. 


since spending this summer at what's your legacy i've come across a lot of new beautiful sustainable clothing brands. As Most sustainable brands are a little pricier i think it's fun to balance it out with the cheaper thrifted pieces. when shopping from a sustainable brand feels more like investing in something i know i'll love for years to come, the fun side of trying and experimenting can be kept in the fashion game through taking more risks when thrifting.


mesh tote bag
thrifted tennis shoes


Dress: The Acey
Shoes: Matt + Nat
Bag: Pihla's UFF find, Helsinki


Dress: Vintage Humana, Tallinn
Bag: Fankadelik vintage, Tallinn
Shoes: my mum's old pair she was going to throw away
Earrings: can't remember but I've had them for a long long time

los angeles favourites

writer: emma ranne
pictures: emma ranne

Gethy Center Los Angeles

In November I spent a couple of weeks under the sun in LA exploring the city.  Here are my tips for what to do and where to go (and what to eat) when in LA. 

How to get around:

LA is a very big city (like very very very big, for someone that’s used to a tiny place like Helsinki). You won’t be able to walk everywhere and most of the locals rely on their cars. However I found that the public transport worked pretty smoothly as a way to get around. Give the local train, metro and bus a try! We also used Uber and Lyft quite a lot. By choosing the version where the driver picks up multiple people  along the way, you save some money plus make it a bit more sustainable as there are more people benefiting from the drive.

Where to stay?:

I stayed at my friend's place in Down Town LA which was quite a convenient location as it was quite in the center of the city and it was easy to go to places from there. If you're looking for an Airbnb, check my top 3 suburbs here.  They all had such a good vibe to them!

The Pink Wall, Los Angeles

Top 3 places for art

  1. The Getty Center
    Even if you’re not too much into the more traditional older art I’d give this place a visit. The building is every architecture lover's day dream. I basically just spent a morning here looking at the building from every possible angle, and snapping pictures of the changing light and shadow patterns that the sun created on it. Yeah that was a really good morning.
  2. MOCA and the Broad
    Both of these are the place to go if you like modern art. For the Broad I’d recommend you to look beforehand though. I didn’t get to go because the exhibition was sold out for the month.
  3. The Stair Streets of Silver Lake
    Silver Lake is a fairly hilly area with lots of stairs around. Most of these are painted with cool street art. There are lots of maps with walking routes you could choose to explore these (+get a good leg workout at the same go)


Santa Monica Beach at sunset

Top 3 places for thrifting:

  1. Sleeper, Silver Lake
    A place full of treasures that I found by accident. It’s quite tiny and a little hidden, but they only have gems of vintage clothes and all in all the vibe to this place is really good.
  2. Melrose Trading Post
    A groovy market with vintage, local designers, natural beauty products, crystals, food and live music held on every Sunday.
  3. Reformation Vintage
    If you love the brand Reformation, you’ll love this one. Be sure to also check out the flagship store of Reformation that’s on the next block. Probably one of my favorite sustainable clothing brands around at the moment. 


Acai Bowl at Butcher's Daughter LA

Top 3 places for food

LA is the place to be for vegan foodies. There was so much to explore that it was almost overwhelming (haha but still it was great!) Here are some of my faves.

  1. The Butcher’s Daughter
    My favorite for sure from menu to interior. I ended up going there twice even though it was all the way in Venice. Their Acaí bowl was probably the best one I’ve had so far.
  2. Grand Central Market
    A vibrant market hall filled with tiny food stalls from pretty much every cuisine you can think of. There were lots of vegan options too.
  3. Wild Living Foods
    As good as their name promises. A fully vegan place with a super creative menu. Too bad I discovered it on my last day, otherwise I probably would have gone back for another visit or two.


I loved the positive and creative energy of this city, and would love to go back someday!

5+ tips for minimalist packing
Palm trees and blue sky

writer:ona rihu
picture:ona rihu

Packing your life away in a suitcase is stressful. Whether you’re going away for a week or two months, planning is key in every situation. Use these tips to make your luggage more functional and easy to manage. 

1.Pack clothes that work with all kinds of outfit combinations

 A sweater that looks as cute tucked into jeans as it does as a cover-up at the beach. A fake leather jacket you can rock on a late night out, and also warm you up when layered with other pieces. For me it was all about light materials and layering. Also, you're going to have to ask yourself if you really need 3 different skirts and 5 different kinds of trousers. If you get bored of wearing the same outfits you can always accessorize with belts and jewelry!

2.Use packing cubes.

They don't have to be spesifically made for packing, they can be shoe bags, toiletry bags, use your imagination! If you can't find enough, raid a friend's closet. They save space and keep your luggage organized.
Tip: Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It saves space!

3.Soap nuts

Soap nuts are an excellent, cost efficient and environmentally friendly way to do laundry. You can use them up to 5 times and always get a squeaky clean result. + they don’t take that much space and you won’t have to worry about having extra liquids when flying. Get into a habit of having a laundry day every week or so, and you’ll never run out of clean clothes.


minimalist packing.jpg


4.Opt for multi-purpose cosmetics

This might sound crazy to some people, but I packed coconut oil instead of facial cleanser, conditioner & body lotion. If you’re used to using coconut oil like this it’s perfect. If not, I recommend trying it first at home. I also switched my shower gel and shampoo to soap bars and shampoo bars. If you’re flying with a carry-on, you have to think carefully about what liquids are absolutely essential to you, and what you can live without. You can replace your toothpaste with toothpaste capsules, your liquid soaps with bar soaps and so on. It’s also a lot more environmentally friendly, if you give up disposable plastic packaging.


It all comes down to how much material you actually NEED. Observe your daily habits and try to see which items are not absolutely necessary. I would recommend leaving a little space in your luggage or packing a few tote bags incase you want to buy something on your journey. When packing an item of clothing, think about how well it works with everything else in your luggage and what kind of outfits you can build with it. Finally, you can make a list of all the clothes you’re thinking of packing and see the overall picture.

I always fly wearing the clothes that take up the most space, and carrying all of my valuables in an extra tote bag. 



la on the map

writer: emma ranne
pictures: emma ranne

Venice | sustainable travel guide

In late September I dreamed one night that I was on a holiday somewhere under the sun. The next morning, when I woke up to a grey and rainy Helsinki I couldn't help but feel a bit of a longing to new adventures. Later that day I came across a really good flight deal from Helsinki to LA.  I decided to take it as a sign. So I sent my friend a message to ask whether I could come over like I had promised her for the past 4 years. And that's how my probably most impulsive trip so far got it's start. But at that moment it just really felt like the right thing to do. And I think it was.

In November I found myself under the Californian sun, exploring the mood of the city taking things day by day. I loved adventuring around the different neighbourhoods of ''la la land'', trying to blend in as a local. This is a guide to the places where I found myself secretly dreaming of staying a little longer.



sustainable traveling | venice skaters

Venice is a bohemian and laid-back beachy suburb known for its health food cafes, skaters, artsy atmosphere and of course the beautiful sandy beach right at the Pacific Ocean. Take a train to Santa Monica from Downtown LA (it takes about 40 min and it’s super easy!) and take the stunning boardwalk walk from Santa Monica pier to Venice. You could even rent a bike and cycle there since it’s not too far.

In Venice check out Abbot Kinney St. for the cute small shops and cafes. Have lunch at the Butcher’s Daughter (my new restaurant crush) and maybe grab a coffee from intelligentsia on your way back to the beach.

Before heading back to Santa Monica (which you should definitely do during the sunset. The red and purple shades add a whole new magical level to your walk along the coast line. Let me tell you.) There are tons of talented skaters at the beach. I went to Venice twice and at both times I spent like an hour just looking at their tricks. It was hypnotizing and I secretly wish I knew how to skate. Too bad my balance is really off when it comes to me and boards on wheels. Oh well.


Echo Park | sustainable LA

Silver Lake + Echo Park

If I were to live in LA, I would definitely opt for Silver Lake as a location to stay at. I love the creative vibe this area has to it. It’s located 15 minutes away from DTLA, but the atmosphere is a lot cozier and you kind of forget you are in a very big city. If I were to describe it with one word I’d say that it feels more neighbourly in a sense.

Silver Lake has a lot of cool little shops, cafes and restaurants to browse. Just walk down sunset Blvd and just pop in the shops you come along. Even if you weren’t going to buy anything, most of the shops have very cool interiors worth a check, and I thought it was so stunning to see lots of products made by designers and creatives that this area is known for. Support the locals!

Also check out Echo Park if walking around in this area. I loved the houses near Echo Park Ave, and there were a bunch of cool shops and cafes there as well.


Butcher's Daughter LA | sustainbale travel guide

Arts District

Arts district is a creative corner, right in between DTLA and little Tokyo. Again an area with an laid-back and innovative atmosphere to it (haha, you probably already start to get a hang of the kind of places I like).

Lots of cool galleries, small shops with local design and clothing, cafes and definitely pop in at the ice cream shop Van Leeuwen, for delicious vegan flavours. It’s quite a large area to explore and you could easily spend a whole day here just soaking in the atmosphere and letting your daily dose of inspiration flow in. 

top 3 thrift shops in paris

writer: Ona Rihu

Paris, among other things, is filled with gorgeous vintage shops in various price ranges. Visiting these 3 shops is a great way to get to know the city, as they all have multiple locations around Paris. I recommend checking them all out and finding your personal favourite.


Jacket from Free'p'Star

Hippy Market

Hippy market is definitely on the pricier side, but has some really unique pieces in their collection. Super cool funky 70’s vibe, which I love! They are also committed to being 100% recycled and 100% ethical. Definitely worth a visit. 

Kilo Shop

At Kilo Shop pricing is done by weight. These cool shops are filled with treasures and beautiful good quality clothes. They have huge selections, so get ready to spend some time digging!

Both jackets from Free'p'Star
Berets from Hippy Market

Thrift Shopping in Paris Free'p'Star


The cheapest option of all. Free'P'star has some very affordable clothing as well as a selection of cute jackets and other things. It's by far my favourite, since it has that authentic thrift-store vibe to it. New clothes are coming in constantly, so you can visit as often as you like, and not see the same garms as you did the last time.